This has been one of the busiest weeks of the year thus far! And it’s not stopping anytime soon because today is the first day of my big garage sale! I had some friends and family come Wednesday and yesterday but today will be packed and it is always a tiring yet fun day! 

1. Proud Mama of Entrepreneurs and Scholar Athletes
My sweet boys, always something to be proud of. 

My two college boys are totally entrepreneurs and very into business and making money! They have developed a website store where they will be selling men’s accessories like watches, sunglasses, hats etc. They have been working hard on it and it looks so professional, plus it will be great on a resume when they get out of college. I will be sharing details when it is up and running. It’s called RealWorld accessory.

This guy on the left, is wrapping up his senior year and was awarded the scholar athlete award for baseball! I just cannot believe the regular school years are coming to an end!

2. Lambo Love
Our boys have absolutely always been crazy about Lamborghinis! So, it was funny when we saw this yellow one sitting in the middle of a parking lot with nothing around it after Sunday brunch. I was told it was my Mother’s Day present, but in actuality, it really just matched my earrings! And truth be told, they are cool, but I love my vehicle so much better!

3. Week's Attire
Jumpsuit HERE // Earrings HERE // Necklace HERE

Sunshine & Whiskey Tee HERE // Sandals HERE // Jean Shorts HERE

Cardigan HERE //Necklace HERE // Sandals HERE // Jeans // Tee HERE

4. Long Black Dress 
Isn’t this slinky black dress with pockets just amazing and so fun! Of course, it is from Amazon, and under 20 bucks. It is fun to knot at the bottom and this one looks so cute with a Jean jacket or a cardigan.

More Inspo

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In The Garage..Pre-Sale
It's always so fun when friends, family and old neighbors come to the sale early. We have had a lot of fun catching up this week!

Clothing Tag Gun
Many people who have worked retail, know these tag guns. So great for tagging clothing for my sale! 

And I leave you with Garage Sale Funnies

Have a marvelous May Weekend!!
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  1. That’s awesome about your boy’s business! You know I love to hear entrepreneur stories. They must get their love for accessories/business from their mama. I hope you have a great garage sale this weekend!!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  2. I can't wait to see the boys' store when it is up and running. How awesome that they are working hard on it, I am sure it will be great! Maybe they will be getting you that lambo next year ;-) Good luck on the garage sale and have a fabulous weekend!

  3. Yay for your boys and all of their accomplishments! And I love that long, black dress on you! You look gorgeous in it! Good luck this weekend on selling a lot!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  4. You must be so proud of your boys- I think that is wonderful and so inspirational for young people- definitely boys to emulate- you look fab in all of those dresses- lovin' that black one- smokin'! Have a great weekend Andrea :)

  5. Have fun with your garage sale! Love all your weekly outfits. I have a hard time imagining my boys as college boys but eventually they will be (they range 1 to 12 right now).

  6. Wow, I love the boys online store! What an incredible idea! Be proud momma, those three are keepers!
    Best of luck with the sale, I wish I was there to shop it! Lovin all of your fabulous style!!!

  7. Best wishes on your garage sale this weekend, Love! I hope you make LOTS of moula!! Those precious sons of yours! You are so blessed, Andrea! I know you already know this, but I like saying it none the less! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  8. I definitely remember using pricing guns when I worked in a consignment store during college. Good luck on the garage sale and wishing your boys much success on their website.

  9. Good luck with the garage sale! So cool about your boys starting a sales site! Have a great weekend!

  10. Oooh I wish I could come to your garage sale. It looks fabulous, like you! I love a good tag gun too!! Kudos to all of your sons!! You must be so proud (I know you are!). What a nice Mother's Day gift --bright yellow lambo!. :) That is a great slinky black dress but you look great in everything! Happy Friday my pretty friend!

  11. Congrats to all of your boys! That's so exciting! You look so beautiful in all of your outfits, as always!

  12. Your boys are on the right track. Good for them, and I bet my husband will love to check out their site....I can't wait!!
    As for garage sales...we are way too lazy to have them. We tried one a year ago, but it wasn't fun for us. If you're selling your clothes though, I'd be the first in line!!

  13. Oh I love your Sunday brunch outfit! And your green cardi! Such a great color on you. And what a clever idea to get a tag gun for your garage sale! We did one awhile back in our neighborhood and I could not figure out a way to keep prices on the clothes, so of course I had to answer a million "How much??" questions. Next time I'm taking your tip!

  14. You certainly must be a proud momma! Look at those handsome future businessmen! I need that amazon dress. Hope the garage sale is successful and you have a marvelous weekend!

  15. Great pic of you and the Lamborghini! That car was made for you. I love all your cute outfits. Love the garage sales signs. Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  16. You are quite the garage sale queen. We had one once and it was so much work with so little return I decided it just wasn't worth it. Yours is obviously a different story. That jumpsuit is so much cute on you than on the website. I'd rather have your car than a Lamborghini too.Happy weekend and don't wear yourself totally out!!! XOXO

  17. Good luck with the garage sale.

  18. Oh wow, definitely let us know when the boys' website is up and running. That's awesome!! Happy weekend!

  19. I love the shot of you and the Lamborghini! I can't wait to see your boy's store when it's up and running! Hope that you have a successful garage sale this weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  20. I know it sounds crazy but I like to hold a garage sale. You meet so many nice people and get rid of stuff that needs a new home! Loving all your looks and I understand about your boys. I have two grown sons that I could not be prouder of. Not only are they basically my best friends, they are amazing fathers and successful in their careers. My oldest son is a Business Analyst for a large corporation and has a daughter (named after me) and my youngest is a doctor of neurophychology and has my grandson. All the years of parenting were so worth it! Fun post!

  21. You've got yourself some clever college boys there! Love the darling jumpsuit and your slinky black number and I ๐Ÿ’˜ your cardi and jeans combo, simple but so effective.
    Happy weekend hugs, Mary x.

  22. Your boys have goooood taste in cars! :) My hubby is such a Supercar fan as well and would have probably tried to break into that Lambo to steal (jk!). And I love that your guys look just like beautiful you! You are so blessed to have boys who love their Mama as much as they do you. So special, and I know you love them just as much. PS..opening your box on Monday :) Love you gorgeous!! Happy Happy weekend!! XO


  23. You guys don't mess around when it comes to yard/garage sales! Wow. Clothes on racks and a gun for tagging them! Impressive. I lay an old bed sheet on the driveway and put the clothes out there. No wonder we don't make much money.

    I went back over your post to see which outfit I liked best and couldn't decide. My instinct was the cute graphic tee and shorts, but that jumpsuit is darling and the jeans are so fun and then you look amazing in the black dress. All winners!! Tried on a jumpsuit today but PC was not at all wowed. I think I need to try them on with heels. Looking for a chambray one but going to check out the link for yours.

    Bravo to your entrepreneur sons. There initiative and business sense will red well on their resumes. Great job, mommy!

  24. Your boys are all amazing! Hope you have a very successful garage sale. :)

  25. Good luck with the garage sale! Want to read all about it! Happy weekend!

  26. Well, perhaps your sons should try and get on Shark Tank. I love that show! I use to have garage sales but not in 10-12 years. I do sell a few things on FB. Hope yours was big time successful! And, perhaps tomorrow can be a day of rest and relaxation for you. Hugs!

  27. That is awesome that your boys are creating their own site!!! Best wishes for success!!

  28. Love that black maxi dress!

  29. So cool that your boys are designing a website! I can't wait until it is up and running. Totally sounds like everything Ian would LOVE!
    That romper is precious on you!

  30. You raised some amazing boys! That's really neat they are starting their own online store! Hope your garage sale goes well!

  31. What fun, love this idea and wished I lived nearer. x Jacqui Mummabstylish

  32. Cute cute cute outfits!! Love them all.

  33. I wish your boys all the best with their business venture. I'd love to shop at your garage sale. I'm sure I'd spent a ton of money.

  34. I really adore that long black dress on you dear! So chic and pretty!

    Jessica |


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