Happy Friday and I bet you all have happy hearts and stuffed bellies. Lots of goodness today. Some life happenings and sweet gift ideas. Tuesday, I brought you some fantastic AMAZON fashion gift ideas. Today just throwing a few more ideas your way but some recent fun as well. 

1. Chicago
As you may know, Mr. Nine and I went to Chicago for an overnight on Sunday. We walked around town, ate at Shake Shack, went to the Christkindlemart and had some warm Gl├╝hwein, took a nap and met friends for the Chicago Bears game, it was a chilly late night but so fun! The next morning, we had our favorite breakfast at West Egg and heading home so Mr. Nine could get to the office. Here are some highlights. 

2. MERRY Sweater
Oh how I feel so festive in this Merry Sweater. It will be great for lounging and for wearing out. 

And let’s talk about my new favorite UGGS I have on with the sweater! Wouldn’t these make a great gift. I’ve never had a short pair before and love them so much. As seen in the photo below, they can be worn up or down.

Chunky Knit Blanket
These chunky blankets are everywhere and I am in love. I got one for the Christmas Bedroom that I'll be showing you on Monday. Normally they are like $200, bbt I found some for under $100.

Barefoot Dreams Blanket...My color is Baaaack!
I've mentioned this blanket before and it is a treasure. My color (ocean/cream) has been sold out forever but it is back!! Yes, this blanket is pricey but that is why it will be such a special gift. You'll see mine in the mug picture below. Whoever you give this too, 
maybe even yo-self (lol)..will feel so special! 

Let's Talk Meat...
I know, I know, a ground meat tool as a gift? But I have  wanting this ground meat chopper for awhile now. So cool and such a tedious when you are chopping up the ground beef, turkey or chicken with a spoon.

5. MUGS 
You can never go wrong with MUGS as a gift, I know I can never have enough and have showcased them many of times on the blog before.

Adore this one from Pottery Barn and on sale for like $5!!! Lots of Letters 

These are the BEST, I saved mine Mr. Nine got me "For Good" for like ever. JUST DRINK outta favorite color Yeti stuff! Will keep your coffee warm all day...great "man" colors too!


My mom got me this one and it is still one of my favorites, just love the pink and it has been through the Dishwasher many times and the pretty gold writing has never came off. Plus, all the mugs are on sale this week! You can get 2 mugs for under $10! 

Another favorite of mine and included in the above sale, this this jumbo Mama Needs Some Coffee one from my dear friend Kellyann. I just love the look and size of it!

Now, Mama Does need some coffee!
Going to be hanging with my sweet family today! 
My your shopping and tummies be full this weekend!!

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  1. Oh I love that chunky knit blanket and under 100.00 that’s a great price ! I’m a sucker for a great mug - that Mama needs some coffee is the greatest one yet ! Thanks for sharing, I’m doing my fair share of shopping this morning ! Have a great day Andrea !

  2. Looks like a fun time in Chicago!

  3. Oh what fun you had in Chicago. (I have those Bailey UGGS in dark brown...but I haven't worn them in 6 years, since leaving MN) Yeti mugs are what I've been gifting a lot lately. They are awesome. YES, YES, & YES to all the cozy blankets!!! Happy Black Friday sweet shopper! XOXO

  4. It looks like you had a blast in Chicago! I love all of these fun gift ideas, I am really struggling to get my list together this year!

  5. Your Chicago trip looked so fun--I'm jealous-I love it there. Your Merry sweater is sold out or I would have bought cute!

  6. Those pictures of you and Mr. Nine in Chicago are fabulous! You are the most precious football fan! What a fun trip in your favorite city. I use my mug every morning! It is the best size for my morning coffee!!
    Have a wonderful day sweet friend!

  7. I still have yet to eat at a Shake Shack, and they finally got one in Cleveland so next time we go there I have to hit it up! I'm a sucker for fries- AS YOU KNOW ;) Love all the Chicago pics! We also have that meat chopper and it's SUPER handy- esp for taco tuesday's. You can't go wrong with blankets and mugs for gifts. Hope your weekend is fab, like you. xoxoox

  8. Gimme all the mugs!! Even though I don't drink coffee, I can still drink Diet Coke out of 'em, right?? LOL! I really need to get on the hot tea bandwagaon! Alise and I are suppose to got "Ugg shopping" sometime this weekend. She is asking Santa for a new pair for Christmas, too! I hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving, Girlie, and that everything was picture perfect for your family gathering! Love you! xoxo

  9. You guys are so cute at the game. You look fabulous!

  10. Sooo many great ideas! You are such a great resource from home to fashion and everything in between! The football game looks SO fun!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  11. I love a cute mug and that YETI mug has been on my teaching partner has one and swears that her coffee never goes cold ever. That's exactly what I need for work. I love your round up and Chicago looked like so much fun. Enjoy the rest of your weekend!

  12. There are SO many great ideas here, Andrea! I love the yeti mug, and you can never go wrong with a great chunky knit blanket! I may need to look into that one! Cheers to being one step closer to Christmas!

  13. So many cute things- first starting wiht you! You look adorable in the pom pom hat! I cant pull that off. I did buy a beret though! Love the cozy Merry sweater, the mugs and cozy blanket. I have my Dad's favorite fleece blanket I curl up with each morning.
    jess xx

  14. Now these are things I could use...each and every one of them!!

  15. Ive always wanted to make one of those chunky knit blankets! I would have to buy sooo much of that yard to complete one. I think they are cheaper bought that to try and make one. I love your “Merry” sweater. Looks so bright and cheery. I have a black “Yeti” mug and use it everyday. Its not the prettiest but its the best and I love the big square handle!

  16. My favorite is the blanket! I love the chunkiness of it; will def. have to add to my list this year!

  17. I live the idea of the meat chopper. I have the Yeti tumbler. Would love to get the coffee cup as well. They really do stay hot and cold forever!

  18. The blanket is fantastic! Wow! Enjoy your weekend!

  19. So glad you had a great Chicago trip!! Love Shake Shack! I have the yeti cup (a wedding thank you from my sister) which I need to try some chili and soups in! I hope you are enjoying your weekend girlfriend!

    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  20. Oh my gosh, grey and cream are my daughter's colors! I love that blankie!! And I know she would, too. Its going on my growing longer by the day list, lol!!

  21. Your trip looks and sounds like so much fun! :) I really really like that 'Merry' knit, it's so fun and festive, a shame Christmas is in summer time here!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend! Today we are going on our annual pre-Christmas shopping trip to finish our shopping and get each other gifts which will be a lot of fun :)

    Away From The Blue Blog

  22. Such a fun quick trip to Chicago with the hubs! Love all the cozy winter outfits especially your white coat! You look fabulous in your Christmas sweater and Uggs by the tree. I need to start getting my Christmas decorating on. Happy Sunday beautiful friend! Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  23. I love reading your blog. I wanted to ask about the stepper. Are you still using it, do they last awhile and do you have a certain routine for it? Thank you!

  24. I need one of those chunky knit blankets! Love that sweater on you. What a fun trip to Chicago you had!!

  25. Sounds like you had a fun time in Chicago! So many cute things here! I love the chunky blanket. And your merry sweater is the cutest!

    Andrea’s Wellness Notes

  26. It looks like you had a blast in Chicago! We went to Christkindl mart in Naperville and it was a lot of fun! It was my first time actually!

  27. I always want more blankets even though I have no need for them! And that ground meat chopper is so cool!

  28. Sounds like you had a blast in Chicago! That chunky knit blanket looks so cozy and the meat chopper is such a great idea!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  29. I am totally buying that Merry sweater. I love it. Ha. And that blanket is totally calling my name.

  30. Such an adorable post dear. Looks like you had a blast in your Chicago trip. Love the photos!

    Jessica |

  31. I have so many cute coffee mugs on my birthday and Christmas wish lists! I definitely want to get that 'Hello Gorgeous' one.


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