Hi loves! Even though I love boot season, I tend to buy more shoes in the Spring, I love new sweet pairs of sandals and sneakers especially!


I must admit, Spring transition with dressing is so hard! I know we have talked about this many times. For example, I’ve bought these sandals but weather might still be in the 30s here in Indiana so I can’t wear them yet. I need to add more flats to my closet, but I tend to put away the boots for the most part this time of year but it’s just so hard to know what to put on your body and on your FEET, lol.


But anyway, here are some of my newest additions, mainly neutrals that I’m excited to wear all Spring & Summer! Not shown here but my beloved Braided Flats from Target are still my fav this year. I've worn a couple of these already and I’ve tried them all on and they are all extremely comfortable.

 From top left clockwise

Oh, that lilac. These slide sandals with the perfect kitten heal are so comfy. The pleated top is a twist on the braided trend and I’m here for it! So of course, needed the white too!


These tan casual espadrille sandals from Social Threads will be so cute with shorts and casual dresses and skirts.


A bright white leather sporty sneaker is a must. This is my 3rd pair of Adidas Superstars, and they are sooo comfy. 


These are a great dupe sandal. I have the designer tan ones but these clear ones with rhinestones are all the rage and so affordable!!


These little Canvas Cuties are a staple in Italy. Superga is so high quality. I’m a big fan of Giada De Laurentiis and she’s wears them with skirts and dresses all the time. Kate Middleton LOVES them too!


These braided heels by Dolce Vita are everything! They are called the Stella of all things and I got mine at Leela and Lavender. You can get 20% off yours with Code: ANDREA1


Oh, those pearls. OkaB sent both my mom and I these Slide Sandals. All their shoes are waterproof and so comfy.

So, tell me, what are your favorite shoes to wear in the Spring? What do you gravitate too? Have you bought any new pairs?


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Canvas Cuties


Isn’t it crazy it’s been six months since my double surgeries? Yep, on September 29 last year I had not only a supracervical hysterectomy but an umbilical hernia repair done at the same time! That’s right friends, two-for-one!


I never really went into detail here on the blog about it, just noted that I was having it done and needed your prayers. Many of you were there for me on social media, here on the blog and in life; so encouraging and so uplifting because I’m not gonna lie, I was overwhelmingly scared for the surgery as I’ve never actually been cut on before, lol! I'd been under anesthesia before but not under the "Knife" so to speak. Since I needed both procedures done, it did make perfect sense to have them done at the same time, not only saving money but not having to be under anesthesia twice as well. 

And backstory, the hernia itself was not too bad but it did make sense to repair it as I could sometimes feel it. The hysterectomy was recommended because of a calcified cyst and the fear that that could become cancerous. I had had some cysts that went away on the other ovary but since I was so close to menopause, it just made sense to take it all. Then, when he got in there he found I also had some endometriosis. I had to laugh because even at 50, it did cross my mind: "but what if I wanted to have another child or carry one for one of my kids," lol! What was I thinking? Ha!


The good news is I survived, lol! The other good news is that I’m doing great despite the initial struggles I had post op; so not with the hysterectomy but with the umbilical hernia repair.

 First, let me note about the hysterectomy, it was done by Dr. who I call friend and had a great relationship with when I worked at the hospital. He put all my fears at ease, and he was so amazing, even when I changed my mind that I didn’t want a full hysterectomy, wanted to keep my cervix so they call that a supracervical. That meant he had to make an extra incision a few inches below my belly button and of the four incisions, that is the only one that is still a little bit visible but no one will see it but me and Mr. Nine, lol!

My Surgeons

 Let’s talk about the umbilical hernia repair. It was supposed to be done laparoscopically and also done by one of my favorite surgeons from my time at the hospital. However, somewhat last minute he was not going to be available on the day surgery was scheduled, so his partner stepped in who happened to be the Surgical Director so I knew I was in good hands. However, it was failed to communicate to me that it would be an open hernia repair and NOT laparoscopic which meant a larger incision. This was all thrown upon me five minutes before I was wheeled into the operating room so you can imagine my fear.


I was under anesthesia for more than three hours and because of all this, that meant an overnight stay in the hospital. I originally did not want that to happen, but I ended up being overwhelmingly appreciative that I could stay the night and get the care I needed. One note about anesthesia, I have gotten sick under anesthesia before in the past, heck I had even gotten sick after my colonoscopy a few weeks prior to the surgery but the good news is I had an anesthesiologist who I also knew and he made sure that you didn’t. I’m proud to say no nausea or vomiting which would’ve been excruciating with my incision. The surgery was done at the hospital I had worked at for 18 years and everyone was absolutely fabulous. My GYN made sure I got a private room on the mother baby floor so that I would get better care and not be subjected to Covid patients.

One of the few times readers will see me sans makeup

My View for that night

The next few days are kind of a blur other than the fact that it was excruciating every time I got up and down from that darn hernia incision. The hysterectomy portion was a breeze other than my emotions were all over the place and I had a couple days where I cried the entire day. A weighted blanket on the area and ice packs were my best friend! I made sure I did my breathing exercises in the apparatus they gave me as to not get post-op pneumonia. I never knew about that before which is odd. But hey, it works for your lungs! And I lived in nightgowns like this!

5 days Post-op and a lil makeup back on, lol


I had post-op appointments the following week and even my GYN was a little upset that I was not told about the open hernia repair. The Hernia Surgeon thought that I knew and said it was the only way he could repair it right. Boy was my belly button ever scary to look at! But now, I must say it’s not looking too bad! Maybe there will still be bikinis in our backyard pool, LOL!

Comfy yet stylish post-op Dr. Appt. outfit, lol

You know that I was not gonna let this surgery take me down so by day 5, my mom and I did a lap around the pond and within a week or two I was back to walking 3 miles. I didn’t do any aerobics or weightlifting but the cardio was all I needed to stay in the shape I was. I lost 5 pounds after surgery probably due to the fact that they also found endometriosis in addition to the cyst but I said put that back on, lol!

At one month post-op, Mr. Nine and I went on a day date and I was finally able to wear jeans again!

1 month post-op Day Date

Liverpool Jeans HERE

Anyway, the only thing I’m still struggling with post surgery is whether or not to take estrogen or as you may know it as hormone replacement therapy. Since my uterus is gone I only need estrogen and there are pros and cons of taking it. I know women that have and felt really good, my nurse practitioner of 30 years said that she recommends it but I also worry about the risk of breast cancer. So, if you have any info on this for me let me know. I do use a vaginal estrogen cream which helps that situation and I’m just wondering if I’m going about life feeling good when I could be feeling GREAT taking the estrogen?


One more thing I’d like to note, what a blessing my mom and husband were during this time. My mom stayed with us for the first week and took such good care of me, and Mr. Nine too, making us wonderful meals of all my favorite things. She was a godsend and Mr. Nine, so understanding and loving. I literally could not have done it without them. 2021 was definitely NOT our year but I survived and healed and 2022 is looking better..I think, lol.

And thanks to many of you for the cards, flowers and love!!


 from my friend Angie..it was one of my funniest Get Well Gifts

Happy Fresh Week



It was a fun little week around here and while the weather is it going to be as lovely as last weekend, (SNOW) it will be a relaxing one, nonetheless. Let’s get to some sweet spring Friday favorites!

1. Spring Shoes
Leela and Lavender 

I’m so excited to be working with Leela and Lavender and this is my first item from them and I’m over the moon. I had been wanting these Dolce Vita braided heels for a while to wear with everything from dresses to jeans to short just to jazz up the pieces a little bit when I wanted to be dressier than with flat sandals or sneakers. AND how fitting these are called the "Stella!" I’ve heard how comfortable these are and they are indeed! And the great news is I have a code for you for 20% off

 for Leela and Lavender's website! 


I’m telling you, they have so many cute pieces and I’ve been so lucky to find darling boutiques lately like the one I shared with you on Wednesday.

Oka B

Made in the good ole USA, Buford, Georgia, Oka B sandals are the exact shoes you want. This is a 3-generation family-owned business and currently ran by the darling Sara. They are completely sustainable, and you can even send your gently worn shoes back and they will recycle them! Bless their hearts, they even sent my mom a pair. She got the black and pearl Bette's just like I did. We can’t wait to put outfits with them! Water resistant, these are the perfect pool, beach, and summer styling sandals! Look at that pretty Pink Color and sweet navy with bandana bows!

2. Sneak Peek...

Just a sneak peek because I’ve never done Easter porch before. Can you believe it? There will be an entire post coming but I had to rave about these Bows. I got them on Amazon, and they came perfectly intact and are cheaper than if I would buy all the rules of ribbon. I did two of these lanterns and I love them with the little Easter eggs inside. Those are just from Walmart. Full Easter Porch post coming soon....

3. Spring Tops

Speaking of that boutique above, Shop Avara, here is the Mabli Top again that I shared on Wednesday. 

USE MY CODE for 15% off at Avara


I just started a little bit differently here with a hot pink pair of braided sandals and my beloved Meg Jeans from Evereve

These are literally the softest jeans ever!


Now for a couple little gingham numbers

Will you look at this Coral Gingham! The sleeves are so cute and this is from "The Get" line at Walmart. $22 and oh so adorable! Several of you bought this after seeing it on my Instagram and said you love it!

White Pull on Jeans HERE // Sandals HERE

And this gingham cutie is from Madewell And let’s just say I love how it’s "made," lol, pun intended! The slit on the sides of This Top

and the cute baby doll vibe and 

will keep you loving this lightweight top all spring and summer long. Of course, these tops look great with the front tuck and with shorts as well.

Same Jeans again HERE // Sandals HERE

Beloved Jeans HERE

4. Stella Shenanigans
Oh this girl keeps us on our toes in the most sweet way!
This may have been her best accomplishment yet, almost taking out the trash. It’s just that she was going the wrong way, lol!

So, this role of mesh that Miss STELLA grabbed was to help decorate my Easter porch along with the lanterns you saw above. These rolls of mesh were sitting on the sixth step up on our stairway mind you and that’s the farthest she had gone up then this far, little stinker


Stella must know mommy needs some help with her vision. She brought me daddy’s reading glasses the other day, LOL!

5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Kit Kat Cake
Wednesday ~ Shop Avara


This one is Hilarious..

Have a sweet last weekend of March...whaaat...
My LOVES!! I'll be back Monday 
with a 6 month Post-Op!

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I am over the moon ecstatic to bring you some pieces from a boutique in Dallas, Texas with a huge online presence, called AVARA! We shoppers like to say Shop AVARA and what a wonderful experience it is! Last year, I got this top from them and literally dubbed it one of the cutest boutiques I’ve ever seen!

And everything is so high-quality and affordable. They carry many of the lines that I love at beloved boutiques, they shop the latest styles and trends, have fabulous customer service, and always bring us beautiful color!


The AVARA boutique was started in 2018 by a mom that, after 18 years in the professional world, wanted to get out of corporate America and bring something fun to women of all ages! You will just love shopping online with them because the girls not only get pictures and all the cute outfits, but they do video to show you exactly how the item will wear. I think that is so helpful


First up is one of their most popular tops, the MABLI top. I love this print. You could also get a dress in this pretty print. The colors are absolutely stunning in person and makes this such a versatile top. 

Here I put it with some Liverpool Gia Glider pull on jeans, the softest ever mind you, and some bright colored sandals. The perfect spring and summer outfit. And LOVE this affordable BELT!

Oh, can we talk about this Toni dress? It comes in three colors and is so comfortable! The sleeves are to die for, the striped print absolutely adorable, it’s lined, and it looks so cute with sandals. You could dress it up with a pump or dress it down with sneakers as well.

Necklace HERE

Check out AVARA, use my code For 15% off your first purchase. 


Just wait until you see all the new Spring Arrivals!! SOOOO CUTE!

Happy Wednesday Loves!




Our son’s girlfriend had a birthday last month and she is

crazy about Kit Kat’s! So, I was bound and determined to make her a Kit Kat cake and she was absolutely tickled with it! The cake is so fun to make and even more fun for the recipient to cut. Just put it on a cookie sheet in case the M&Ms fall like they did when I was trying to assemble this cake. Let’s just say don’t try and film the cake for social media while putting on the Kit Kat bars or you might have M&Ms all over the place, LOL!

Her favorite cake is yellow with chocolate frosting, but you could do any flavor cake. The chocolate buttercream frosting just looks nice with the Kit Kats but of course you could change up frostings too.

I forgot to add the cocoa powder in the photo, LOL



            1 box chocolate or yellow cake mix of choice, mixed according to package directions 
            Keep in mind to only fill each of your two round pans 2/3 the amount that you normally fill them as you don’t want the cake too high to not have a pocket for the M&Ms in the Kit Kats. Make a few cupcakes with the leftover batter, mine made four cupcakes in addition to the two round cakes.


            1/2 cup (1 stick) salted butter, at room temperature
            4 ounces (1/2 block) cream cheese, at room temperature
            2 cups powdered sugar, sifted
            1 teaspoon vanilla extract
            1/2 cup cocoa powder 


            36-44 Kit Kat candy bar sticks (9-11 bars)
            24-36 ounces M&M’s


Her favorite color is yellow and thus the yellow ribbon. You could do about any ribbon, and it is optional but trust me when I tell you it really helps hold the cake together and it looks so pretty. LOVE her happy smile when she saw it!
Our Sweet Lauren

These taller gold candles were perfect for 
it so they didn't get too close to the M&M's

I think Hazel liked it too, she sure loves her mama.

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today to see how I did it.