Hi Loves! I missed last month, so I’m super excited to join Shay and Schaefer today for what’s up Wednesday! It’s going to be a great Wednesday because I’m having a festive lunch with a dear friend of mine!

1. WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS MONTH: instead of inundating you with lots of food Photos, I’ll just link to some of the treats I’m making for my cookie trays that I’ve shared in the past. I made my monster cookies (I put red and green M&M's in at Christmastime) last weekend to freeze for the cookie trays and realized I've never shared that recipe so including it here:

Monster Cookies

*1 cup brown sugar

*1 cup white sugar 

*1/2 unsalted butter, softened

*3 eggs

*1 tsp vanilla

*1 tbsp Karo Syrup

*1 1/2 cup peanut butter 

*2 tsp’s baking soda

*1/2 tsp salt

*4 1/2 quick oats

*1 cup semi-sweet chocolate chips

*1 cup M&M’s 


Preheat oven to 350°. Cream butter and sugars in a large bowl. Beat in eggs and vanilla, then peanut butter and syrup until well blended. Beat in baking soda salt. Stir in oatmeal until Well blended. Add in chocolate chips, and M&Ms. Drop onto ungreased cookie sheets and bake 10 to 12 minutes until lightly golden. Cool on the cookie sheet for a few minutes and then transfer to wire rack or parchment paper.  

 And making my Sweepstakes Peanut Butter FudgeThumbelina CookiesJust Right Chocolate Chip Cookies, along with tons of others and one thing We will have on Christmas day is Party Sliders


2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: a recent trip with my gal pals to Chicago for a fun overnight. We had cocktails and dinner at two of the most amazing restaurants in Chicago, a wonderful brunch the next morning before the most fun, art experience at Spin Art Nation. If you’re interested in trying this, you can use code THEBLONDESQUAD for 20% off.

3. WHAT I'M LOVING: All Things CHRISTMAS! And most importantly ANYTIME we can see the granddaughters! Yesterday, they turned 2 months old!

4. WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: Oh, you know, hanging out with the most beautiful girls in the world and celebrating our first Thanksgiving with them.! Gearing up for all things holidays. 

Uncle and Auntie got to meet them for the first time. Can't wait for the other set tho meet them...Christmas!


The holidays being over, January holiday dismantle, and Indiana gray skies make me sad. So, I’ll keep busy by organizing!


6. WHAT I’M WORKING ON: Trips on the books. Buying Gifts and Wrapping.

Where I wrap! In the upstairs glam space. It's not as neat right now, wrapping paper and boxes everywhere, lol.

AND GIFT GUIDES GLORE. Bringing you some great ideas if you need the inspiration! I’ve been sharing several on the blog, but here is anther good one! Oprah's Favorite things are always the best and you can get them all on Amazon now. The Bubble Bath is so pretty and smells so good. But first, bought These Glasses for Mr. Nine and I and a couple more for a Party. Such great deals at Personalization Mall and only $10.

7. WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: Having all the kids home, and being able to celebrate the holidays together, the first Christmas for the twins! I’m so excited about hosting a brunch, attending some parties, and hopefully some more holiday lunches with friends. 




Virgin River Part II Starts tomorrow night. 

For All Mankind 


Lessons in Chemistry was so good. 

And ALL The Holiday Baking Shows 


Reading (Wanting  to Read Bright Lights, Big Christmas)

9. WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Traditional AND Modern Christmas songs!


10. WHAT I’M WEARING: Heidi Kagan Wraps!The One Size wrap can be worn as a poncho topper, shawl, vest and you can belt it too! Fur trim and ruffle trims in lots of colors. Stylish and versatile and whoohoo use Holiday20 for 20% off! Which Look is your Fav?

Wrap HERE // Bodysuit HERE // Belt HERE // Leggings HERE // Heels HERE

Wrap HERE // Shirt HERE // Jeans HERE // Pearls HERE // Heels HERE

Wrap HERE // Bodysuit HERE // Belt HERE // Leggings HERE // CUTE Shoes HERE

11. WHAT I’M DOING THIS WEEKEND: Hopefully something festive, lol. I definitely looking forward to a celebrating a boy who has a birthday on the 4th, happens to be the daddy of the twins!



All the Christmas festivities, parties, get togethers, hot cocoa days, curled on the couch, I’m here for all of it!


13. FAVORITE TARGET FIND: I’m going to do something different for this one. Since I’ve been sharing lots of Amazon, with a gift guides, I’ve got the most fun Target find. This BITE ME Mug just cracks me up and would be great gift at only $5!

Tell me what you're up too this Holiday season! 

Love ya!

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Oh those guys of ours! Sometimes easy to buy presents for but often so hard! Never fear, the Gift Guides for Guys is here! These are things I have bought or will buy for my guys! This first guide is all my FAVORITES for him!

TNF Vest

Cannot go wrong with the quality of The North Face. We have coats and vests from them in our closet that are a decade old and still going strong! My family loves this brand! This VEST is a FAVORITE for sure! 


Vineyard Vines

Another favorite brand around here! The performance On The Go Button Downs are about all Mr. Nine wears to work! In fact, he told me he wants all six prints of the new release, lol. 

Callaway Golf Balls

This is Mr. Nine’s favorite brand of golf balls. This particular type are some of the nicest as well! If your man is a golfer, he would love the Callaway Chrome Soft Balls


Ironclad Gloves

Another one that I get Mr. Nine over and over. These are a favorite working glove, whether outside or in the garage, he loves these Ironclad Gloves!


Golf Cart Decanter Set

This is just plain fun! Whether your man plays golf, or watches it, this Decanter Set with glasses is the cutest thing ever!


Ugg Slippers

Another favor of the family! Especially our oldest son, he wears his Ugg Slippers all the time! Loves them. 


Personalized Glass

You cannot go wrong with personalized items from the Personalization Mall! This Personalized Glass is a particular favorite and of course I love any of the whiskey and bourbon shorter glasses as well!


Soft Sided Yeti Cooler

A must! If you want a soft sided cooler, this is your brand! We literally use this Soft Sided Cooler dozens of times a year, and I cannot say enough good things about it!

Carhartt Sweatshirt 

I’m telling you the quality of the Carhartt Sweatshirts is impeccable! Plus the style is just so darn cute on the guys!


Personalized Cheese & Knife Board Set 

Couldn’t help but add another golf item when it is this stinking cute! Make all his snacks on this Golf Cheese Board!


Monogram Travel Kit 

I absolutely love the site, Mark & Graham, especially at the holidays! Everything is so well-made and such neat personalized items! This Travel Kit is so durable, and your man will love it!


Target Gift Sets for Him

I’ve mentioned how much I love giving gift sets to the ladies before but they’re also a great way to get a man, numerous body care, hair care, beard care, etc. gifts in one. These are all from Target and are such good deals! I especially LOVE The Everyman Jack as a stocking stuffer ($6), meat and cheese too with the Hickory Farms. The Duke Cannon is my favorite and great bang for your buck. The Wood Wick Double Candle Set smells so good!


Next Monday LOTS of Stocking stuffers

I'll be back Wednesday with a fun filled What's Up Wednesday 

Have fun shopping my friends!


I think it’s safe to say that sometimes we get what we really want and sometimes we really don’t, lol! I’ve compiled some guides (the MOST POPULAR OF THE YEAR) here for you of things you might definitely want. Younger Girlies too! SO MANY CUTE IDEAS and the two at the end are NOT for SALE BUT ARE the CUTEST of all!

Well, this first one is several of the things that are on my list this year and a few I already own. I never thought I wanted Apple Ear Buds but I LOVE them and THEY FIT MY EARS! I really want Susan Shaw Necklace and I desperately need the Lip Mask! I LOVE all my Barefoot Dreams Cardigans. I am ordering the Tree Casserole Dish for some Holiday events I am hosting. And HOW CUTE ARE THE Pink Slippers. And Please Men get her at least one Designer Handbag

Beauty Products Gift Sets 
Also, including some beauty sets, of course, along with stocking stuffers. These are always a good idea! I feel Christmas is the perfect time to get the sets so you can experiment with more.

Cannot beat the Price on These from Target
Use as Stocking Stuffers too!

The Princess Bath Fizzers set is my favorite for Little girls! The 6 pack Clay Mask Set and the Hair Clip/Scruncie set are my Favorites.


Stocking Stuffers Too
My Top Three Favorites here (BUT ALL SO CUTE) are the Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer, the Strawberry Lip Mask, the Sugar Cookie Bubble Bath (tin the CUTEST BULB Ornament) and the Bear Loofah.Tarte Concealer Set

Sugar Cookie Bath Fizzer // Mini Eyeshadow Palette // Winter Berry Hand Lotion // Strawberry Lip Mask // Sweet Shimmer Make up Remover wipes // Sugar Cookie Bubble Bath // Bear Loofah// Snow Angel Gel // Eos Candy Cane Swirl Lip Balm // Hello Kitty Socks // Winter Berry Lip Balm // Tarte Concealer Set

Faux Fur Coats For Little Girls

Faux Fur is all the rage, even for the very young set of ladies. Yep, I got these gorgeous little 0-3 month size Faux Fur Coats!  for my twin granddaughters already. How could I not, especially at only $16. Gorgeous! They go up to 24mo. 

I got what I wanted this year!

Healthy Granddaughters!

*Sneak Peek of Newborn Photos*

Can't wait to get some framed!

Have fun shopping my LOVES!



Finished up my Christmas decorating this week. Now to get shopping! Got my beloved 1st of the season peppermint chip shake from Chick-fil-A, looking forward to a fun couple of days and giddy to see the Twins Sunday!

1. Christmas Pajamas & Christmas Socks

All the festive love for the Christmas PJs and let me tell you about the $3 socks from Target! The cutest pair of candy, cane socks, I’ve ever seen look at the bottoms too!

Sweatshirt HERE // PJ Pants HERE

Pajamas HERE // Slippers HERE


2. Sneak Peak Decor
Got some new Peppermint Swirl Plates for the dining room and I’m loving the new JOY WREATH I got for the laundry room from Walmart.

Plates HERE
Working on something for the center

Joy Wreath HERE

3. Outfits Lately
Dress HERE (Code ANDREA10)
Necklace HERE 
Boots HERE (Code CLOUD15)

Jacket HERE (Code FA-ANDREAN20)
Sneakers HERE

4. Gift Ideas
Just a few gift ideas for you. Next week I’m really excited to bring you some guides for one you guys love, the “What She Really Wants!” Going to be listing things that I even want, lol!
5. Misc. Fun


(5 guides for being Cozy at Home)


One of the most beautiful holiday desserts I’ve ever made but it’s been so many years since I’ve done so, I found this picture, and I think this year I might have to make it again. See the recipe HERE.

Thanksgiving Themed of course!

and my Fav...

Grammy got them these cute fits at Target, 
Love that Cat & Jack line!

Have a wonderful November weekend, my friends!