Oh those guys of ours! Sometimes easy to buy presents for but often so hard! Never fear, the Gift Guides for Guys is here! These are things I have bought or will buy for my guys! This first guide is all my FAVORITES for him!

TNF Vest

Cannot go wrong with the quality of The North Face. We have coats and vests from them in our closet that are a decade old and still going strong! My family loves this brand! This VEST is a FAVORITE for sure! 


Vineyard Vines

Another favorite brand around here! The performance On The Go Button Downs are about all Mr. Nine wears to work! In fact, he told me he wants all six prints of the new release, lol. 

Callaway Golf Balls

This is Mr. Nine’s favorite brand of golf balls. This particular type are some of the nicest as well! If your man is a golfer, he would love the Callaway Chrome Soft Balls


Ironclad Gloves

Another one that I get Mr. Nine over and over. These are a favorite working glove, whether outside or in the garage, he loves these Ironclad Gloves!


Golf Cart Decanter Set

This is just plain fun! Whether your man plays golf, or watches it, this Decanter Set with glasses is the cutest thing ever!


Ugg Slippers

Another favor of the family! Especially our oldest son, he wears his Ugg Slippers all the time! Loves them. 


Personalized Glass

You cannot go wrong with personalized items from the Personalization Mall! This Personalized Glass is a particular favorite and of course I love any of the whiskey and bourbon shorter glasses as well!


Soft Sided Yeti Cooler

A must! If you want a soft sided cooler, this is your brand! We literally use this Soft Sided Cooler dozens of times a year, and I cannot say enough good things about it!

Carhartt Sweatshirt 

I’m telling you the quality of the Carhartt Sweatshirts is impeccable! Plus the style is just so darn cute on the guys!


Personalized Cheese & Knife Board Set 

Couldn’t help but add another golf item when it is this stinking cute! Make all his snacks on this Golf Cheese Board!


Monogram Travel Kit 

I absolutely love the site, Mark & Graham, especially at the holidays! Everything is so well-made and such neat personalized items! This Travel Kit is so durable, and your man will love it!


Target Gift Sets for Him

I’ve mentioned how much I love giving gift sets to the ladies before but they’re also a great way to get a man, numerous body care, hair care, beard care, etc. gifts in one. These are all from Target and are such good deals! I especially LOVE The Everyman Jack as a stocking stuffer ($6), meat and cheese too with the Hickory Farms. The Duke Cannon is my favorite and great bang for your buck. The Wood Wick Double Candle Set smells so good!


Next Monday LOTS of Stocking stuffers

I'll be back Wednesday with a fun filled What's Up Wednesday 

Have fun shopping my friends!


  1. Guys are so hard to buy for, so this is great!

  2. Great picks here Andrea! I need to get some of those Target gift sets for my boys.

  3. My husband wears Vineyard Vines to work a lot as well and my son likes Carhart. We have not gone down the Yeti path but probably should... I feel like our coolers are not the best quality. Great ideas here, Andrea!

  4. That golf decanter is so fun! Love those Vineyard Vines buttondowns!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Oh My Goodness! Ben needs that golf cart decanter. So cute!

  6. Great list! Why are men always the hardest to shop for haha... Hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving with the fam! XO


  7. Those gift sets for men look great at Target. I love giving them to my hubby for Christmas as I need to stop by there ASAP!

  8. Boy, the guys in your family really make out fabulously,

  9. That golf decanter is so cute! I love it!

  10. Anonymous28.11.23

    My son is getting some Ugg boots for Christmas, but ohh the slippers are tempting for my husband. That Golf Cart Decanter Set is SO cool!


  11. That golf decanter is so cute!!!!


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