Happy New Week. Yeah, this post isn’t really about the outfit, Although I am majorly crushing on this Summery shade of green. The ruffled eyelet sleeves sealed the deal and that the lace up wedges from Old Navy and Charming Charlie bracelets I already had, made this work so sweetly. Yet, what I want to talk about is envy. Remember I told you on Friday, Love Wins with my Graphic tee. Well, it really does and things like envy and jealously only cause hurt, especially for the person feeling that way.

I’m sure you’ve heard the phrase “Green with Envy” or the one about jealousy called “The Green-Eyed Monster.” Envy or jealousy is a negative emotion that surfaces when you compare what you have to what others have. If left unchecked, it’s a good way to make your life miserable. Jealousy can make you feel hard and this type of victim mentality can be damaging to your physical and mental health. Envy can foster distress, lead to resentment, and set us on the road to depression. 

I have always been one of those people who is plum tickled for every great thing coming people's way! I get excited about other people's happiness or excitement. Of course, there have been times in my life here I may have said "Oh I wish I had her hair or boobs!" Or “I wish I had a Bentley." I mean, we all have at some point but that's so silly. No matter how bad we may have it at times, there is always something to be grateful for.

You'll feel better if you are thankful for the blessings and successes of others. Delight in the Joy of those you love and those you don't. It fills my heart to see other's happy and it breaks it when they are not. 

 There was a time in my life years ago where I was in despair but it was love that won in the end and always will if you fill your heart with positivity instead of woe. 

Stay focused, positive, and happy for those who are doing amazing things or having amazing things happen. Because guess what? I bet you are too! You just have to BELIEVE that and recognize the positive and small joys in your life. 

NOW, go Tackle this week with PURE LOVE!!!



Happy Friday and crazy to say the last one in July. This week has been uneventful. Gearing up for Back to school and college while still soaking up Summer. Hope you’re enjoying the season and like many of us, looking forward to Fall and cooler temps after Mother Nature went Crazy again! Should be cool enough here to sit out on the Lanai that I shared with you on Monday. Now, Let’s Talk Favorites!

Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side
On Wednesday, I showed you my adorable On Cloud Wine sweatshirt. Well, I’m excited to tell you more about the sweet bloggy friend who gave it to me. It's Sarah from Foxy's Domestic Side! LOVE this girl! This amazing southern California beauty is not only sweet, funny and gorgeous but she is super smart and let's just say VERY important but "It's Classified!" She is also a Blended Blog Sister, crafty, can cook and oh so domestic! She is a Go Go Go girl like me and the light of the lives of her family and friends! 
This girl is one of the BEST organizers I know. LOVED her post on Organizing your home. Sarah’s family is the absolute cutest. See her awesome post on Picking Family Photoshoot Outfits because their family photos are precious. Another fun post of Sarah's is How to Make Mom Friends. It's such a goodie because Sarah is one of the most genuine, happy friends I know. Sarah and her hubby are a pure joy and I love that their anniversary is on my birthday! They are the epitome of a strong and sweet marriage and she wrote a great post about Love Being a Choice HEREShe has the most beautiful hair, can style and braid it a million different ways and is a beauty product expert in my opinion. Trust me when I say you come away happy from reading Sarah’s BLOG and even luckier if you get to meet her. 
Just look at this gorgeousness!

Sarah and I in Toronto, May 2017

Cheers and Thank you for my Sweatshirt
sweet friend! 
Outfit from Wednesday
ON Cloud Wine Stemless Glasses HERE

2. Favorite Summer Foods
I always love seeing what other people eat so here is some of my summer goodness this week. Each one with some fresh fruit or veggie.
Peaches and Greek vanilla yogurt with a little of my homemade Crunch 

My Homemade Pasta Salad

Ice Cold Watermelon and Feta Cheese 

Guess it’s Graphic Tee week, lol. Especially Love the saying “LOVE WINS!”….because it truly does!! This reminded me of Sarah too because she had a similar Love tee on her BLOG this week. This Rock and Roll All Night one has my heart And My Mom is totally in Love with this Beatles Graphic Tee.
BUY TEE HERE // Sandals HERE // 
Capri's HERE // Headband HERE

Buy TEE HERE // Shorts HERE // Gingham Slide Sandals HERE

4. Another Cute Sweatshirt 
  Sweatshirts are just so easy to throw on. Before vacation, I got this Striped One from Old Navy. Only wore it for this picture because never got cool enough but these evenings here are cooling down so I'll be wearing it a lot. It’s on major sale right now and the colors in the little pineapple are so cute! 

5. Misc. Fun
Sunflowers from a Friend
A friend came over for lunch this week and brought me these gorgeous sunflowers.

Future Lake House? 
It’s no secret that Mr. Nine and I hope to live in Northern Michigan part time on the Lake someday. He found a GREAT house plan we are filing away for when that time comes. With closet modifications of course, lol. Isn’t it cool! 

 Happy Birthday J-LO
And a BIG Birthday Cheers to my homegirl, Jenny from the Block. Here she is celebrating her 49th birthday this week. Look how happy A-Rod looks...and I mean come on-49!!! Major Life Body goals as I am not far behind her! 

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HAPPY WEEKEND...Dance the nights and days away or just chill on the Lanai!

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As you know I with the last name of Nine, Living on Cloud Nine was the obvious blog name choice. I’ll never forget when sweet Shelly sent me a set of gorgeous stemless wine glasses with the words “On Cloud Wine!” Then, a few weeks ago, another Blended Blog sista, Foxy Sarah sent me a darling sweatshirt she made just for me. So in love with this slouchy off the shoulder cuteness. For this post, I was excited to add in a lacy red bralette and my Target Gingham headband. And I am wearing my FAVORITE Capri Leggings of all time from Express. I was going to wear this on vacation but the nights actually never got cool enough. I like how this has a bit of a rockabilly vibe to it. It's a What's UP Wednesday too so linking with Shay and crew too!

Sweatshirt Make your own HERE & (similar) HERE and HERE // Red Bralette HERE// Capri Leggings HERE// Headband HERE // Black Ball Drop Earrings HERE // Sunglasses HERE // 
Bracelet (similar) HERE

Cheers to Wine, cute sweatshirts and blog sisters!

WUW Now, time for some What's Up in the Nine neck of the woods

1. WHAT WE’RE EATING THIS WEEK: Baked Penne Pasta Alfredo, Lots of fruit crisps, 


2. WHAT I’M REMINISCING ABOUT: This guy showed his last 4-H swine at the County Fair 2 years ago today.

3. WHAT I’M LOVING: Hummingbirds coming to our feeder, I have to make more sugar water once a week.

4. WHAT WE’VE BEEN UP TO: Literally watching the grass grow in the back yard and the sod die. They will probably have to replace it as installed it while we were gone and gave no one instructions on watering. Tired of looking at brown, lol

5. WHAT I’M DREADING: Boys heading Back to School.

6. WHAT I’M WORKING ON: Gathering college apartment gear, thinking about organizing the pantry and yes, thinking about fall decor and recipes, lol..Gotta bring Tasty Tuesday back!

7. WHAT I’M EXCITED ABOUT: Maybe a Cubs game, Fall, Football, more Fall.

8. WHAT I’M WATCHING/READING: Just finished up season one of 'The Rain" and starting "Yellowstone" (LOVE Kevin Costner!) And trying to catch up on Younger...only 3 episodes in..LOVE this show!

    Reading: Say You're Sorry

9. WHAT I’M LISTENING TO: Brett Young of course and LOVE Sugarland and TSwift's new song "Babe"

10. WHAT I’M WEARING: Work out in floral print from TJ Maxx and the Zella crops from the sale.

BUY Leggings HERE

11. WHAT I’M DOING THIS WEEKEND: We want to go see the new Mission Impossible Movie, Love me some Tom Cruise!!

12. WHAT I’M LOOKING FORWARD TO NEXT MONTH: This Guy's Football Games...Senior Year and no injuries like last year! Luckily for his Varsity career, he got  Number '9"

13. WHAT ELSE IS NEW: Not a lot right now.

BONUS: WHAT'S YOUR FAVORITE THING YOU DID THIS SUMMER? 4th Week Family Vacation! Can we go back already!!

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I tried to find lyrics to a song to match the lanai love but all I could think of is “front porch sittin.” While I love our front porch, I love the back lanai even better and to be honest, I call it the back porch more often. It is a breezy oasis that I adore. Lanai sounds a little fancy.

This sectional set is so comfy and the oodles of Pillows and lanterns from Kohl’s were purchased during some great sales. LOVE this set too! I didn’t realize you had to get a TV especially made for the outdoors. 

Mr. Nine got the TV from Best Buy and we love watching TV out there. Mornings with coffee are especially sweet and the afternoon breeze up there makes it great for reading and naps for Mr. Nine.

This photo below is the most recent and you can see how big my Silver Berry Vista Petunias have gotten.

 The rug came from Sam’s club and it was my first purchase for the porch and why I added in shades of blue and teal.The punched metal Accent stool is so cool!

Mom go this sweet lil sign for us and the cool citronella candle.

Of course, an outdoor oasis wouldn’t be complete without some coasters (yep with pineapples) and our sea-foam colored YETI Drink Holders are the BEST! 

AND How cool are these solar lanterns from Kohl’s, look at the pattern they make on the concrete floor at night! 

LOVE the Tranquility!
9 Piece Sectional Similar HERE // Similar Solar Lanterns HERE & HERE // Solid Pillows HERE & Patterns HERE // Similar Coasters HERE // Accent Stools HERE HERE and HERE // Teal Blanket HERE // Yeti 20 oz Rambler HERE


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