I need your help! I am itching to write a cookbook and the title is already decided: DINE WITH NINE! It was a suggestion from my dear friend, Kellyann from This Blonde's Shopping Bag, who has made many of my recipes for her family. 

The difficult part is this: I have no idea how to compile a book or how to have it published. I can make and do the photography for all the recipes but how in the world to I get it into book form and find publishers to market the book to? Or do you just send the premise and a couple recipes in a word doc to the publishers and they create the actual book? And I have no idea where to look for publishers. Total loss on something I really want to do. Can you help sweet readers?

I know I want it to include the following:
~9 categories or chapters like Desserts, Appetizers, Beverages, Crock-Pot Meals, etc.

~Easy to find ingredients

~Easy to following instructions

~Photos and descriptions with every recipe

~Stuff that real people like you and I make on the daily, not fancy difficult to do recipes.

And for the Fashion portion of the post, I thought you also might like to see my favorite apron. Just love the patterns and the ruffles. It came with a ribbon and flower attached in red which are perfect at the holidays. I loved putting a bright color with it and adding my favorite white jeans and pointy toe black pumps. Had to look fashionable while pitching my idea to ya all, lol. Truth be told, this is NOT what I wear when cooking. No pearls, no white, no get in my way sleeves, no heals...Try yoga pants and a t-shirt, lol!
Earrings HERE // Pearl Necklace HERE // Apron (similar) HERE

Favorite Black Pumps
Beautiful Magenta Tops
Favorite White Jeans
A BIG Congratulations to my Mom who retires today after 25 years with the same organization I used to work for. 
Let this next stage of her life be amazing like she is!!

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I know most of us say this about every month but April really is flying by and I am glad to see it go. It has been the worst Spring weather wise that I can remember but the weekend is finally looking up with 70-degree temps by Monday. What a week it has been…the Royal Baby has arrived, Joanna Gaines Cookbook came out and I finally shared My Walk-In Closet Tour.

1. Wining!!
Well, I was already wining when I got to watch baby boy play baseball in decent weather and Mr. Nine took me to an early dinner at a new restaurant with a raspberry martini. BUT then after dinner we each took $20 to spend in a new casino in our area and in 1 minute on a 25 cent machine, I won $140. Now, we are not gamblers but this sure was fun!! 


2. Nature Where I Live..We have SWANS!!
Well, I feel like we have hit the SWAN jackpot! I love swans and a couple of beauties have descended upon our pond and let me get this close. They are beautiful and I am not only lucky with the nice home we built, but the land surrounding it is perfect for nature loving and walking! We actually have had a couple nice days for me to take it all in!

3. Week's Attire
Treasure and Bond Jean Capris HERE, M22 Sweatshirt, Chuck Taylor Tennis Shoes HERE

Calvin Klein Leggings HERE (Love them!) Nike Sweatshirt HERE, Nike Shoes DSW HERE

Material Girl Blush Slip-on's HERE, necklace HERE, Top HERE

Lush top HERE, Treasure and Bond Sandals HERE, Jeans HERE, Similar Necklace HERE

4. Red Sundress
Earlier this week, I showed you my favorite Jean Jacket with a Jumpsuit. Well, I love them with summer dresses too, especially red. This Halter dress is under $50 and so so cute in person.


More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Target Mug Love
So, I randomly posted the Opal House Mug on Twitter Last Friday as I had showed it to you all in my Friday Favorites. Imagine my surprise when Target liked it and it went on to receive thousands and thousands of views. Crazy what one little cute mug can do and notice, I was enjoying coffee with the Pinks and Whites Cookies! 

Joanna's Cookbook
Need I say more? How bout "Butter my Biscuits!" (The Biscuits are her specialty!)


Sweet Nadine Gifts
It was so sweet of Nadine from Life By Nadine Lynn to make sure my birthday continued the whole month of April by sending me some Pineapple kitchen goodness from Kate Spade. Aren’t they cute! If you haven’t checked out Nadine’s BLOG..hop over pronto, she shares brilliant insights, fun finds, awesome book reviews and recipes and her daughter Zoe is precious as can be!! You’ll love her as much as I do!!
Buy This Kate Spade Set HERE and I'm pretty sure I'm going to need the Pineapples Apron that matches too! Well, better yet let's just love on all the KS pineapple goodness! That watch!