Messy Bun, getting stuff done, EUROPE here we come!! 

Well at end.

Happy first Friday of spring! It’s about here my friends, and I’m over the moon Excited! But as always, lots of great Friday favorites!


1. Pink Houndstooth & Legally Blonde

You may remember from last Friday that my mom and I attended the weekly blonde musical and boy was it good! We had a wonderful meal to start at a new to our area restaurant called Fat Bird, where they made special (AND delicious) "Bend and Snap" cocktails just for the musical weekend!! 

I wanted something very Elle Woods (Reese Witherspoon’s character in the movie) to wear to the musical and boy did I find the perfect outfit! The piece underneath is a DRESS and then I ordered the JACKET separately. I thought of taking that jacket to Europe, but not sure. It’s a beautiful pink, kind of orchid color with cream. Went to the bathroom and a girl said "SO Elle Woods, love it!"

AND the Shoes: Cecelia New York

Because of the weather, I was unable to wear these beautiful Cecilia New York shoes called The COOPER to the musical, but they will be on repeat this spring and summer because they are so beautiful. The ribbon ties also come in a solid color so you can switch out. So well-made and I love the Lucite heal. 

2. Purple Slip Dress

Isn’t that a purple for you! So in love with this beautiful Purple Slip Dress from Peppered with Leopard. My dear friend, Lisa owns this cute online boutique, so full of colors, great trends, and pretty pieces! Check out the entire site HERE.

3. Trench Coats
A Trench Coat, especially in the Spring, is everything! Trying to decide if I am taking both or not? This first Black/Brown one is so chic! 

This Tan One is the BEST Quality I've seen, 
will have forever in my closet!

4. Paris Shirts

Of course, some beautiful Paris items got me even more in the mood. This first T-shirt was a beautiful early birthday gift from my mama! Isn’t it darling with the little macaroons, Eiffel Tower and bicycle? Get tee HERE!

She also got me a beautiful Scarf and Card Set with a Paris motif also from Amazon.


This Soft Sweatshirt, I will wear a lot. It’s from Abercrombie, slightly cropped, and like I said, super soft! Of course with some Navy Spanx Air Essentials Pants! (Use code: CLOUDNINEXSPANX)

5. Misc. Fun

My sweet Mr. Nine got me a new pink suitcase, an XL carry-on called The BIGGER Carry-On to go with my pink carry-on bag. I love it I have course I will be packing my big marble suitcase for checking. You may have seen on Instagram, my stories for my sweet friend Jill from Doused in Pink created a fabulous travel capsule wardrobe for me. She is providing some amazing Virtual Styling Services. Check them out. Also got these new LUGGAGE TAGS!




My sweet precious girl being sick! Sweet Stella Mae vomited and had diarrhea all night last Sunday night. We got her into the vet right away Monday morning and she got admitted to the ICU, where she stayed for the next couple days getting intravenous medicines and fluid. As I write this, she is home and stable but with my subacute care and our trip is a little bit up in the air. The good news is she’s making improvements each day so please pray for our sweet baby and us!

Have a Fabulous weekend Friends!!

Cheers! Merci!

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Happy Fresh Week and the week of SPRING! Whoohoo! Many of you have asked for my skincare routine so here we go! And no, I didn't plan on using "Nine" of them lol.

Let tell you one of my top skincare tips and how I minimally took care of my face most of my life. I guess I felt like barely any product was the best method, lol.


Water has always been my number one! Keep that skin hydrated by consuming plenty of water! For years and years, all I did wash my face, NO PRODUCTS. Then because my beautiful grandma used it, I used a little Oil of Olay moisturizer. It wasn’t until a few years ago that I developed more of a skincare routine. 


This current routine has been working for me for quite some time now so no plans in changing it up yet! AND I do get Botox every few months but don’t see me getting anything else done to my face, but I love and recommend Botox for aging skin. I wish I would’ve stayed earlier than 3 years ago at 49! 


In order of Application



My Morning trio of skincare Amazingness!! I have told you many times about how much I love Serovital and those are the 3 products that I start my morning off with! I stand behind these products 110%!

Use my Code ANDREA15 for 15% off 

and trust me, you’ll never find another brand as good!


TriHydrate Concentrate

First product of the day the minute I wake up! The TriHydrate Concentrate is my holy grail. If I were only to be allow one skincare product, this would be it!

TriHydrate Concentrate is formulated with 3% purified hyaluronic acid in 3 forms. This includes a broad-spectrum combination to reach deeper into the epidermis and hydrate to noticeably firm and plump skin.


I think this 2nd one gives my skin some glow. The ultimate dark spot, the VitaCorrect Solution visibly reduces existing dark spots, plus helps fight the emergence of future spots.

Suddenly Smooth RetinAll

Get the benefits of a retinoid, without the irritation. The Suddenly Smooth RetinAll hydrates as it visibly lifts, brightens, and targets the appearance of even the most difficult wrinkles.


Cerave Eye Cream

This am step is fairly new and I use a different eye cream

In the am than I do in the pm. I love this Cerave Eye CreamThis is especially good for puffiness and dark circles.


Now we begin the nighttime routine. All but the last are done about 7pm at Shower time. 

Cetaphil Gentle Makeup Remover

I used Pixi eye makeup remover pads for several years, but someone told me that the Cetaphil Remover was especially good for eyes, and I knew I would love it since I love the cleanser. I just buy my own cotton pads and it just takes one to remove even my faux eyelash liner.


Cetaphil Gentle Face Cleanser

That is another key, make sure you wash off your make up every single night no matter how tired you are! This Cetaphil Gentle Cleanser has been my holy grail. For at least two decades, I never see giving up this cleanser.

Tretinoin RX

This is another thing I should not have waited on so long for my dermatologist; Tretinoin Cream! You cannot beat this to counteract the effects of aging. I use it nightly after my cleanser. Talk to a Dermatologist about this one.

These last 2 I do right before bed.

Serovital Moisturizer
Another great Serovital product. I admit, I do not use this every single night, but the Deep Moisture Whip is one of the most amazing face moisturizers I’ve ever used. Don't forget my Promo Code: ANDREA15

IT Eye Cream

This is just a nice, thick, great under eye cream, and I like it best used overnight, so it’s the last thing that goes on my face before bedtime! Favorite "it" product is this Eye Cream!!

Sweet Dreams, Sweet Skincare!

Happy Week of SPRING too!!


Happy St. Patrick’s Day my sweet lassies and some lads too. I was going to say Top O’ the Morning to ya but duh you be reading this anytime of the day. I just have a tendency to do my Blog reading in the am, lol.


1. Legally Blonde
I’m actually NOT wearing green for St. Patty’s Day. I’m wearing pinks so sweet because going to see the Legally Blonde Musical tonight. So excited! If we don’t blow away walking into the theater…another stellar weather day predicted for Indiana today. Imagine that, lol

2. Hint of Green

Love this green and white striped, thin  Sweater from J.Crew factory. This might go on my trip with me. Light Blue Top HERE and Veja Sneakers HERE AND Spanx again, the White Twill Crops HERE.

Beloved Pants HERE

Just a sweet little DRESS in Linen so lovely. And Affordable! 

3. Wide Leg Jeans Release
Retro Vibes Here!What would a Friday Favorites be without my beloved SPANX because they just released the new seamed front Wide Leg Jeans yesterday in Indigo and in Ecru. They are so flattering you guys. I got petites so that I could wear them with flats and I also got two of the ribbed sleeveless bodysuits, which are amazing. Go with your regular size in the jeans and size up one in the body suits. As always use my code. 


10% off! 

Follow me on the free LTK App HERE
for much more content.

4. cabi Lately 

The perfect green and white cabi look for today and for spring all season long!

Cocktail Cardigan HERE // Scroll Blouse HERE // 5th Avenue Jeans HERE

One of my favorite cabi jackets worn, the Hobnob Topper  worn as a dress with the Utility Belt

And the most amazing boots I got on major sale from Dolce Vita. I love them. 

5. Misc. Fun


Get your Shammy ON!
Have a Fabulous weekend Friends!!

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My 17% Irish Eyes are smiling with how cute this Leprechaun Veggie Board turned out! So easy too! I never knew you could buy carrots already cut in diagonal slices and ridged at that! Well, it made for the perfect 
Leprechaun beard for my Veggie Board!

Very few ingredients but packs such a cute punch. I just put a small plate in the middle and you can use whatever dip you like; I used hummus, so his face had a little color, lol! Not so pale, ya know "Karen!"

A grape tomato for the nose, cucumber slices for the eyes, sliced black olives for the pupils and halved olives for the mouth!

The hat is just broccoli, more black olives, green pepper slices for the brim and a rectangular slice of cheddar for the hat “buckle”

 What do you think? Cute? Great way to get kids of all ages to 

eat their veggies too!

Happy St. Patty's Day Week or 
is it St. Paddy's LOL

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It’s time! Target Time, lol! Seems to be Target time at least once a week for me! Even better I’d when 5 of us, the Blonde Squad goes to Target! Even better if we all could’ve gone together! LOL!

Jill had a wonderful idea for a post: what we got at Target for $100! Just like I always love seeing what people buy on Amazon. I also love seeing what people get at Target, one of our most beloved institutions, lol. 


If you read my blog way back in the day, you may remember a post I did in 2015 entitled 9 Things That Inevitably Happen at Target.

It was my post popular post that year and showed my newbie lack of blogging skills, but it was oh so fun and a favorite to this day!!!

Now I want to preface by saying that I did go over $100 but for a very good reason. If you are familiar with Target the Circle, you know that we often get great deals and last week when I went if you spent $125, you got $15 back on your Target Circle. Therefore, I spent $127 and got it lol.

$18 was for Mr. Nine’s Coke Zero (He’s addicted)! Soda pop is so incredibly expensive, so I only get it for him when it’s on sale and I happened to notice it was, so I grabbed him the three cases, so we won’t count that… Boring, lol! I'm addicted to Bailey's but I didn't get this seasonal goodness, just wanted to show you how pretty the bottle is, LOL! (Only in Stores)

I took my mama with me on this trip as my photog and videographer, lol. We had an interesting discussion in the deodorant aisle, LOL. I love the Native Brand of deodorant!

Of course, we had to try some things on. The clothing area is the first place I go. I think they conveniently put it in front at all Targets, lol. I really didn’t see much on this trip clothing wise but when I saw this DRESS, I immediately knew I had to have it because it was just the style I was looking at for my upcoming Europe trip. It fit like a glove. Some dressing rooms at Targets are not good at all, my local one is like trying things on in a shoebox. And another Target Circle Plus was dresses were 20% off so this was under $30!

Years ago, before many of the major tanning mousse is creams and lotions came on the scene, I used Jergens glow, and it worked great. However, a few years ago I got on the Loving Tan Mousse bandwagon, and I am so in love. When I saw at Target that Jergens had come out with A Tanning Mousse, I decided to get it and the mitt, along with the Melanin Glow Moisturizer and see how it compares to the others but is substantially cheaper.

 Of course, I had to get some Easter candy! Mr. Nine loves the Reese's Eggs and we always have to have at least one Cadbury Egg a season! However, I do have a bone to pick with Reese’s, they stopped making the mini Reese’s eggs. The eggs they sell now in the bag are flat (eggs halced) and a little eggs with Reese’s peanut butter in them had the best ratio. I miss those!

And OK, I got a Bottle of My Favorite PROSECCO, LOL!

I loved the Pixi Eye Makeup remover pads, that they used to sell at target, but they stopped so since I love the cleanser so much, I got the Cetaphil Gentle Makeup Remover and it works great! Also got my favorite eyeliner: Cover Girl Perfect Point Plus and Crackers:Simple Mills Almond Crackers.


Check out the blogs of my dear Blonde Squad pals in alphabetical order! Caroline from The Petite Fashionista, Jill from Doused in Pink, Kathrine from Kathrine Eldridge Blog and Laura from I Do DeClaire.

I am so excited to see what they got! 

More on my Instagram Stories today.


I’ll be back tomorrow with the cutest 

seasonal food board you ever did see!

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