I think we can all agree that Fall is already going way too fast! I literally blinked and September was over. But I must admit I’m excited for next month, lots of fun activities going on, and last year I was somewhat robbed of my October because of my surgery recuperation. So, let’s embrace Fall y’all and get to favorites!


Side note before I get going, not a favorite but glad to have it over with is Stella's surgery to get spayed. She had it done on Tuesday and seems to be recouping nicely. This pic was on the way home from the Vet.

1. Family Fun Day

What a joy last weekend was! I had been thinking for the past few weeks that I would have all three of my boys in one spot at the same time and we were going to do family photos since it may be the only time our one son was home from Baltimore before the holidays. However, our youngest was unable to come home due to an important exam and car trouble and we weren’t able to finagle anything soon enough. But so great having a day with dad and I to buzz around the lower Michigan area and what fun we had we tried several new places which was a blast.

The most fun of the day was an old bowling alley that they have refurbished and turn into not only bowling but a hard cider taproom called Peat's Cider Social! It was so awesome for Mr. Nine and I because it was like walking back into the 80s. Bowling sucked of course but boy did we have a good time!


Then the next morning they got to have breakfast with Giga!

2. In My Element 
It’s no secret I love me some mums and pumpkins and this day at one of our local farmers markets, I was in my element. All the mums were blooming, (although I buy them closed to keep them longer) and it was a beautiful day to snap some cute pictures in my Gibson Look mock neck luxe top! The sleeves and neck ruffly details are so cute and I just love this color! Great seasonal transition Top HERE
Use code: ANDREA10 for 10% off everything a Gibson Look.

3. Cozy Earth

All my favorite brands today! It’s no secret that I am a big fan of Cozy Earth and own lots of their pajamas, loungewear, and bedding!! This week they launched two new colors in their bamboo sheets and are they ever beautiful and LUXE! Navy, which I got in an olive green shade. also, I cannot believe I never had one of their fabulous robes! It is so soft and flows on the skin just so sweetly just like all of their garments. As always, you can use code:

CLOUDNINE40 for 40% off everything 

on the Cozy Earth website here, one of Oprah‘s favorite things ever!

4. Chunky Sweater

The Free Assembly line at Walmart is one of my favorites and it has been touted as one of the best well-made lines there and very equivalent to couple big name brands like Madewell. This Chunky Sweater is a cozy Fall favorite, and the cool color way is unexpected. There are some other great options as well.

5. Misc. Fun


BOGO BABY! Let me tell you, I love these BOOTS, under $45 and even less with the sale going on this week! I tried these on in a local Target when Kellyann and I were together and immediately ordered my size. Then, I shared it over on TikTok and it got almost 110,000 views, people love these boots, they keep selling out but they keep restocking, they come in five colors!



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Indiana weather in the Fall and Winter just screams “Let’s Wear a Shacket!” I never thought I’d like Shackets but last Fall I feel in love with them and have been adding several to my wardrobe. 

I recently received these 3 from Social Threads and had to share them with you. They are different patterns, weights, and lengths. I also like that most Shackets tend to cover your butt for modesty.


I will often throw on a cute Shacket for a walk too. There’s always plenty of room and they keep me warm and pair easily with some workout leggings.


This First One of my favorite color! Pink! The shade is lovely with the hints of red and yellow in it. This one is the lightest weight of the 3 and a little closer fit which I like. The brand is Steve Madden which is always a win!

Shacket HERE // Henley HERE // Boots HERE & HERE // Necklaces HERE // Earrings HERE // Jeans HERE

Oh the soft, cozy, and fuzzy! This One just feels so good on! I would say it is a good solid medium weight and really keeps you warm! I love the black windowpane on the bone color and it goes with so many of the boots I have in my closet. Great front upper pockets on this one.

Shacket HERE // Cami HERE// Boots HERE // Earrings HERE // Earrings HERE

What? Is it a coat? I’d say this is a long Shacket and really fabulous! I think I will especially like this in the Winter

It’s so fun and looked great with the faux leggings and cute booties! Why we’re on these boots….they are one of my favorite, affordable finds of the season!

Shacket HERE // Leggings HERE // Henley HERE // Boots HERE // Earrings HERE

Click HERE to see the reel I threw together with these cuties on Instagram.


Make it a GREAT DAY!!

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Everyone’s doing it…but I was on the Candy Corn decor train years ago… the Cutest, easiest Fall Centerpiece! Vase inside a vase...BRILLIANT. What makes this one extra special, is the Size!! It makes such an impact on your table or counter!

This masterpiece took 12 bags of candy corn to fill.

It’s so darn simply you guys! Just put one cylinder vase inside a bigger one (I liked a Pedestal Vase) it doesn’t even have to be clear as long as it’s flat on the bottom because it will not show with all the candy corn around it. However, I did opt for a clear one. Just place all that candy corn in between the two vases and filled to the top. 

In retrospect I should bout the Candy Corn in bulk not the smaller bags

Not going to lie, sometimes I sneak a candy corn off the top, lol


Simply arrange some beautiful stems of course I added some white velvet pumpkin stems. Both these beautiful stones came from Michael’s. I will link everything here.


Pedestal Vase HERE // Smaller inside Vase HERE// Pumpkin Stems HERE // Floral Stems HERE // Candy Corn 5lbs HERE

Happy New Week Lovelies 

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Oh, what a fun week! Mr. Nine was on a business trip so my friend Kellyann and I see the day to have a girl’s week. Not only did we enjoy time at my house, but we got a Shopping and Fun day on Lake Michigan and a couple days in Chicago to explore and see even more friends! And we stayed in a boutique hotel with robots to bring you supplies. As we speak, she’s probably right beside me and we’re going to have breakfast today at the Tipsy Biscuit!

1. Kellyann Of Course

Yes, talk about a bright light! Such a joy to have Kellyann come stay with me!! She was one of the first true friends I made on this blogging journey. Right before Covid hit, I was supposed to go to her home but of course we had to cancel that along with a trip with our other OG blogger friends. If you don’t read her blog or follow her Instagram, you are missing out! She is a true precious soul, and I am so honored to call her friend! We are very like-minded and I love that! Plus her style is spot on.

She even got to meet my mama!

2. The Other Babes

And of course, when we hit Chicago, we made sure to meet up with all the other wonderful friends we’ve met through blogging.

Wednesday, we shared a day with Jill for shopping and a great dinner!

Thursday morning was a fabulous brunch at Beatrix meeting up with Kathrine, Laura, and Caroline.

So excited to get the pumpkin pancakes.

Then we spent the day on the Gold Coast with Caroline!
Cocktails and Deep Dish Pizza too!

More on adventures with Kellyann and the ladies soon…

3. Friday Fall Featured
Recipe: Butternut Squash, Sausage 
and Penne Pasta Skillet

This is the flavors of Fall for dinner…so Tasty. 

I LOVE a one dish meal!



Just a little snippet of this year’s simple mantle.

4. Clara Sunwoo
It’s no secret I’m a huge fan of the mother-daughter design team at Clara Sunwoo! Isn’t this bright, hot pink sweater just fabulous. They have branched out into beautiful sweaters, and I am loving them! As always everything is no wrinkle and such a great weight. The cropped palazzo pants flow so nicely on the skin! I have a code for you: ANDREA10 and a link HERE

5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Toggle Terrific


Happy first official 
weekend of Fall!!

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Hello friends, Kellyann and I are on our way to the Windy City to have a grand time and meet some more friends but I had to share this better than buttah sweatah!! 

Talk about a cozy sweater! This Sweater is the things that comfy clothes are made of! It is so soft has the cutest little pocket and oh how I love the zipper toggle! I styled it three ways; everything from lunch with the girls to a Fall time day date! This one is a definite keeper!


Lunch with the girls so throw on some kick crop jeans and boots and you’re good to go. It’s early fall so I have the open toe booties but I’m not seeing those so much anymore. Is that trend out?

Necklaces HERE // Earrings HERE

Oh how I love to be cozy at home and this is the perfect sweater for it, the material feels like Barefoot Dreams and if you know about that, you know it is soft as can be! Comfy pants and cozy socks is all you need! My hair is up a lot but it is always up at home, lol.

And last but not least how about a weekend day date! This time I did something unexpected and threw it over a utility jumpsuit, added the Hat and sneakers and it’s cute as a button!

Stella Mae and I wish you the 
sweetest DAY!!