Sometimes you just want to feel elegant, you want to wear a sophisticated, romantic outfit that makes you feel like a girl! Maybe even like a Princess. I e always been enamored with the femininity and elegances that designs by Chicwish exude.


Who Is Chicwish for?

Chicwish is designed for anyone who is looking to add some affordable, classic options to their outfit rotation. So much Style exudes form the Chicwish pages.

On the website, the brand boasts over 5,000 “blogger approved” styles that cater to a wide range of preferences and tastes. You’ll find long and flowy skirts, mommy and me sets, and sophisticated pieces perfect for the workplace.

If you’re not exactly sure where to start, the brand offers clear subsections that make it easy to filter your search. I love how they put various outfits together with each piece too.

Let’s talk about this versatile sweater coat/cardigan (the Coatagin). You’ll see it later in this post in another color, but look how I styled it casual. I’m literally own this in three different colors! I am wearing an extra small/small.


The knit dresses from Chicwish are of such high-quality! They are a great weight, and always made so nicely like This ONE with sweet little details like this accordion hem, black contrast on the tan and gold buttons.

Why do I LOVE Chicwish?

I love Chicwish for several reasons. The biggest reason being the vast selection. You can find so many cute pieces including event pieces like a dress to wear to a wedding or showers. Yet, they also have fun everyday pieces and I love the feminine touches. Things are affordable and well made. Textures and fabrics are fun especially their knits and fun tulle skirts. The selection of outerwear is fabulous too and things I keep in my closet forever. The 

Off the Shoulder Top and Swing Midi Skirt

I’m featuring below are some my favorite pieces from my last order and so fun!  

Let’s talk about this dynamic duo! You know I love my off the shoulder, obviously. And I paired it with one of the most darling skirts I’ve ever seen! The twirl factor is off the charts. It says if it has its own hoop underneath. GORGEOUS!

What are some perks to shopping Chicwish?

1.        Wide selection of trendy, classic and femine women’s and mommy & me clothing available

2.        Offers a range of accessories

3.        Affordable prices and hosts frequent sales

4.        Ships internationally

5.        Free returns and free delivery on orders over $50

Look how classy this off the shoulder Mesh Sweater and Jacquard Skirt are. The black and gold is so pretty. This would be a lovely wedding guest outfit. Been showcasing the sweater a lot, it paired great with some faux leather black pants.

What Should I know About Chicwish Sizing?

Everything I got from Chicwish fits TTS. Most items range XS-XL. Some items come XS/S S/M or L/XL. Each garment has the sizing details listed which helps determine which size you should order. 

I have stressed before that it is important that you take your measurements because not all sizing is the same. As long as you do that, you should be golden. Their policy is you can return your items within 30 days from the date the item was shipped to you. Returns are FREE for US and UK customers. YAY! A fee of $8 will be deducted from your return credit for customers in other countries. This seems to be similar to how many other retailers conduct returns. I know, I for one and always happy when a company offers free returns.

(Out of about 4 dozen pieces I have gotten from only one item was too small and one too big.)


Ahh, will you look at these romantic pieces! I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again Chicwish has such romantic flare behind so many of their styles. The pleated ruching on the KNIT TOP is so fantastic and creates such a unique style. Of course, you know I love my tulle skirts and This One with the coral pink and small silver beading on it is absolutely adorable. And then top it with another one of those fabulous Sweater Coats in coral and you have such a great outfit for so many different occasions.

As you can see, I will be shouting the praises of Chicwish every season with the style, quality and designs they keep putting out! Many pieces can be worn in several seasons. There truly is something for everyone and every occasion. And The prices are so affordable, and the quality of these items is great! Every order really surprises and impresses me, and I will keep coming back for more and more.


Which outfit or piece is your Favorite??


Hope your week is off to a great start!!! 

I'm still in the sunshine state soaking it up!

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It’s definitely a fun Friday because I’m currently packing and getting my spray tan on the jet out again tomorrow. Check my Instagram stories for where.

1. Bowling
Mr. Nine and I had not been bowling in two years! We forgot how fun it was. Years ago I was on a league for one season. I’m really not very good, but I surprised myself especially with the first game. And boy did Mr. Nine ever surprise himself by bowling his best game ever and beating everyone, lol.

2. Twins
Oh, these beautiful girls! Look at these little Denim Jackets that my mom got them when they were born. Absolute angels and pure joy, can you believe they will be five months old next Wednesday? 

And About last night
Rocking Girl Dino Jams

And Pop Nine's Hat

3. Shamrock Front Porch
No need to do an entire post on the shamrock front porch this year for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve scaled back my holiday, decorating back a little bit, except for Christmas, lol. But I like how simple it is and how the shammy placement turned out.

4. Outfits Lately

Besides, my, I think these two pieces are my favorite spanks of all time! Just look at the bone color of those twill crop pants, I’m taking those on my trip along with this. When I shared these two pieces on Instagram, several of you told me, you bought them right away. So much to Love!

 Don’t forget to use my code.


Sweatshirt HERE // Pants HERE // Sneakers HERE

I literally had not been in a Target dressing room in months. Ironically, the only thing I tried on was this adorable shirt, and a couple tees. This did come home with me, so cute with the tie in the front.
Top HERE // Leggings HERE // Sneakers HERE

What I wore bowling
Vest HERE // Shirt HERE // Leggings HERE // Necklace HERE // Loafers HERE

5. Misc. Fun

You get a body butter, you get a body butter, and you get a body butter! That’s what Oprah would say! You may remember, I shared with you the Fount Society skincare line a couple weeks back, but now I’m sold on their body line, which includes one of Oprah‘s favorite things, the body butter! It is decadent and divine And so moisturizing! I also love what’s called their Dynamic Duo, which is a body serum and body oil. It hydrates your skin so well! Use my code ANDREANINE20 to get you some HERE

Stella Mae and mama matched, how Cute!


And in case you missed it, 
I'm at the comedy again in 

Have a Happy Weekend 
my Sweet Friends!!



*With a Big Blog Anniversary on the horizon for me, I thought it would be fun to post some of my older content and most beloved. This one was so well received I published it twice, lol. Content is 9 years old but hey, Target is TIMELESS! Maybe you can relate.


Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah. the rush, the deals, the beauty. Target beckons us!! It does, that red bull’s eye is the symbol of life. The epitome of our shopping lusts and addictions! lol.

So, it goes something like this.......

1. You go in for eyeshadow and almond butter.
 It'll take what? 5 minutes? 10 tops?

You come out 1 hour later with a cart full and 

you forgot the darn eyeshadow. 


2. You will not look in the Dollar Spot

Only on your way in, you see those red and white checked plastic hot dog holders and well, you WILL have a backyard BBQ this summer! 

3. AFTER You throw your hot dog holders in the cart, you tell yourself no more, 

But you HAVE to go on the other side and that's where you fight some lady over the last Disco Ball with a pink straw cup for $3! She, as the more mature lady, decides it's not worth the fight. 

You Holler a tiny "victory"!!!!

4. You tell yourself you won't look at clothes


But then you will definitely look at clothes, someone left the "I don't sweat, I sparkle" tank on the end cap. Hmmm, what else is looking cute today?

5. You think to yourself, “But I just looked at the home decor last week."

So, of course, you go look to see if anything has changed. I mean, maybe they got some new outdoor rugs in.


6. You will not go into the hair aisle  

Guess what you're doing tonight? Dying your hair, a beautiful shade of extra light natural blond (got it on clearance) and using a smoothing serum.


7. You pass the nail polish aisle and stop to take a look, even though you have plenty at home.


So, you grab a purple push-up OPI and hot pink sizzle Essie.
Well you don't have these shades yet. 

8. You realize you’ve spent too much time in Target and really need to leave. 

Wait, you have to look at the accessories first! You need a Blue Fedora with a white band to go with your swimsuit.

9. I will not get a fu fu coffee drink, I already had coffee this morning. 

5 minutes later I have a vanilla oat milk latte, roasted red pepper egg white bites and a cake pop, lol. B/C STARBUCKS IS RIGHT HERE IN TARGET!

What did I just do??? I'm good with Target, for awhile.......til next week or Maybe Friday!

Remember Her? Gosh, I miss her!! Mr. Nine always used to compare me to her at the holidays. Oh, the memories. Maybe I'll dress as her for Halloween this year. Bet Target has a costume!

And all the years later, I'm still doing it all, LOL

But really, are you a Target Shopper? 
Any of this ever happened to you?

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"Target: Where people pay more to avoid going to Wal-Mart."



Has it been an extra sweet week of love? Lol! We try and celebrate love each and every single day, but a little extra dose of Valentine’s and Galentine’s is fine with me! Today, my mom and U are going to a new Italian bakery called Caffe Capriccio and I'm getting a lovely cappuccino!! 

1. Twins

These two sweethearts are my forever Valentines! Aren’t they precious! I got them these outfits at Christmas in hopes that they would fit them by Valentine’s Day and they do! Look at Cici on the left winking, LOL! LOVE!!!

We were so happy to spend time with them, their mommy and daddy and another son and his girlfriend last weekend!

I also got them these sweet bunny hats and there’s some cute booties with white pom-poms to match. I can’t believe Easter is March 31st! 

And then the best Valentine's Day of all the spend it with them! Starting them early with flower gardening. LOL.

2. Laura Geller Gift and Product LOVE

Laura Geller’s iconic Baked Balance-n-Brighten FOUNDATION turned 20 this year. Over 7 million compacts sold. To celebrate, Laura sent her Geller Gals a compact and brush along with a giant chocolate heart & a wood mallet to break it open. Inside was more chocolate and a gift card. You can get this amazing light to medium foundation too. The weightless formula is baked for 24 hours and hand-finished in Italy, giving you the easy application of a powder with the benefits of a cream. Color correcting swirls of pigments make shade matching a breeze! I wear the medium. Read This Post when my friends and I met Laura at a luncheon in Chicago last Spring.


3. Money Back

You may have seen my Instagram stories about how I got scammed by one of those companies that pops up in your social media ads. I got the item, but they would not honor the return policy even though I did everything exactly as stated, and it was in the time allotment. I disputed it with PayPal, because the item was also damaged, took photos, and won the case, and got my money refunded! It pays to dispute!

4. Free People Pants

I cannot get enough of these Free People faux Leather Pants. They have a little bit of the flare and are full length. I have a cropped version that I love too but these are dynamite!

Top HERE // Pants HERE// Shoes HERE // Belt HERE // Necklace HERE

Blazer HERE // Top HERE // Pants HERE // Shoes HERE

 5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Let's Look


Even though I am not a fan of the Wizard of Oz, I am a huge fan of Wicked, the Broadway show it’s based on! My mom and I saw on Broadway several years ago and I’ve loved it ever since. I’m so excited for this movie version this Fall!


Aren’t these pretty? $6.99 at the grocery store, can’t beat it for a little bit of color on the counter! and then Mr. Nine came home with some beautiful ones.


Happy Weekend my Beautiful and 
LOVELY Friends!!