Well, if you ask me, the Labor Day weekend is always the last hurrah of Summer. It looks like a decent one on tap and one full of pool time, one college boy home for a wedding, and loads of college football including our beloved Notre Dame Fighting Irish kicking off Monday night. Hope you soak up a little dog days of summer yourself. 

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What was supposed to be a delightful Day Date on a Delightful Summer Saturday turned into a Horrible day for me because of 3 little words: Key Lime Martini! They are my FAV and got excited the new to us restaurant had them, but I drank em’ so quick that Mr. Nine had to take me home to a spinning evening and postpone our other destinations. Lesson LEARNED SIP Them not DOWN them, lol. And have a partner who understands and buys you lots of crackers.

Before I downed that thing, OH larwd!

I did get to wear a fav dress, lol
Shoes HERE

Top HERE  ~ LOVE this one for Fall

Hat HERE// Tee HERE // Shorts // Shoes HERE

My dear friend Laura first sold me on the leopard Skirt. She styled hers with A Dolly tee and I thought a pop of pink would go good with my eyelash tee. Just love how it turned out and so comfy!

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5. Misc. Fun
Posts of the Week 
Wednesday ~ Transitioning Fall with Caite & Kyla

Beach Trip
I’ll be doing an entire future post on the little beach getaway I took my mom on this week. We had a lovely, relaxing time and even tasted a little wine! Yep, I like to rhyme like that, lol. 

Anchor Beads
Earlier this week on Insta I shared my new ANCHOR BEADS with a bracelet stack and gorgeous necklace. I care so much about this company because 10% of their sales go to cancer research in honor of the late Georgia, who passed away from cancer in 2015. She’s the precious little girl of the sweet owner, Amber. Anchor Beads honors the memory of sweet Georgia. They’re beautiful just like she was. 
Through tomorrow, you can still get 15% off your entire order with code: CLOUDNINE 

Oh Snap
First of all, what a brilliant name for a snack and second, these are the crispest pickle slices I have ever had in my life!  

Pink Tile Wall 
I forgot to share this pink bathroom wall in my Pink Favorites Edition last Friday. Beautiful!

Have FUN, Be SAFE & May Your Long Weekend Be SWEET!

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It is no secret that I love me some Boho! Free Flowing, pops of interesting aesthetic and boho vibes makes me fashion giddy. And I was overjoyed to find a company that I believe are Boho Babes! Caite & Kyla create clothing to live in, to walk into a room with confidence and say: I’m here, let the fun begin! 

Today, I am bringing you three of my favorite pieces from their company! You do not want to miss the sweet boutique ran by the sweetest ladies! Their home base is in Florida and you can just tell by their pieces that they live life to the fullest! They care about comfort and quality and their pieces are handmade, most with the most beautiful embroidery!

I will be living in their pieces all Fall as there are so many styling possibilities with each one and all so cozy! They are the perfect pieces to transition into the my favorite season too. And I love what they say about The "Caite" woman: 
"The CAITE woman has a free spirit, is a lover of art, travel and all things handmade!  She is a woman who is adventurous, enthusiastic and loves life, and she is always noticed when entering a room!"
I love how the styling came together with this first too. This is from the division Love Kyla and the coral stitch embroidery is what won me over! How cute does it look with this belt, it’s a BoHo meet western vibe!

Next up is this darling and super soft DRESS! I just loved throwing the light tan vest over this gorgeous dress. I think I’m going to wear a longer long sleeve cardigan over it when it gets cooler. I really hope you can witness the embroidery in person, as the colors are so beautiful!

How fun is this long pink Dress/Tunic for a Fall transition? It is ever so cozy, with the greatest oversized fit and fantastic pockets! I’ve already styled this a couple different ways, but I thought it looked so fine with the over the knee boots! 
You can even add a cute belt. And it will be darling with leggings. It’s even cozy just to wear around the house and lounge in. The same color thread was used for the darling front embroidery and I wanted it to showcase itself without a necklace.

I have a few more Caite & Kyla pieces to show you so make sure you check them out because I bet you’re going to wanna stock up on some cute pieces for fall. I have so many possibilities for these cute items and it makes me so happy!

You will not be disappointed by the designs, comfort and love behind all the 
handcrafted Caite & Kyla pieces. 

All 3 Caite & Kyla pieces c/o but all opinions and styling are my own. Remember, I only promote what I love!!!




Not only do I love saying the word shenanigan, but I love being a Shananagator. Yes, that’s a totally a word, see quote at the bottom of this post! So, this tee is pretty much perfect for me.

The word shenanigans is defined as:

But there’s nothing secret or dishonest about my shenanigans, I do them in fullout force! And I’m currently on a shenanigans filled partial week in a beloved beach town so be sure to follow on me on Instagram hopefully, for some good stories.

Just look at the shenanigans I got into trying to get these pictures and thinking I needed a strawberry ice cream cone to match my outfit just because it was pink, and I don’t even like strawberry ice cream. What was I thinking when I knew it would melt the minute I walked outside. I basically had to wash my entire arm because of all the ice cream drips! 

This post is not just about this darling outfit! But we can talk about how cute this T-shirt is with the blush pink Tulle Skirt! I feel like the whole outfit gives off and Audrey Hepburn vibe as well.  You should see some of the ways I’ve styled the skirt already, so stinking cute! The fabulous people at Thread Tank are offering my readers a code, CLOUDNINE, good until September 30th for 10% off your ENTIRE order including this darling T-shirt. They have so many cute graphics to choose from!

I don’t know about you, but I am always getting myself into crazy shenanigans even when I don’t mean to. There was the time in high school when my BFF and I stole a blinking street sign to put in a cute boys yard and it was blinking from the backseat in between the two front seats and we thought for sure we were going to get caught. We didn’t, lol. 

Skipping class in college to shop for a dance club dress with two of my guy friends or to eat $1 chicken nuggets at Wendy’s and I don’t even like those now, lol.

Or the time I was wearing yellow jogging pants and sat on a junior mint and walked around with a junior mint stuck to my butt for Lord knows how long?

Never a dull moment around here, shenanigans pretty much happening on a daily basis like when I get stuck in a dressing room in a dress and have to holler at the sales lady that she might have to help me get out of it, afraid I’m gonna rip it and I will have to buy it when why would I buy a dress that gets stuck over my head? Oh, and worse yet, getting stuck in workout clothes when you’re trying to change in your car at the beach, oh Lawd. 

Anyway, shenanigans can be fun, shenanigans can be crazy and my goodness, isn’t the word shenanigans just so darn fun to say? And wear! In the case of this fabulous T-shirt! AND Don't forget Code: CLOUDNINE for 10% off your entire purchase!!


AND I HOPE YOU CUTIES HAVE A GREAT WEEK, maybe even full of some SHENANIGANS of your own!


Happy Friday Friends! I am having a kind of like/hate relationship with this empty nest thing. Thanks goodness these are my favorite months coming up and lots to keep me busy. Thank you for indulging me in Pink Week. Lots more pink related goodness to bring you today too.

1. Baby Shower
My mom and I attended the sweetest baby shower last weekend for my cousin. Talk about overjoyed over the fact that the baby is a girl and of course all the pink love! On my dad's immediate side of the family, this is the first girl since her sweet mama, my cousin Abby, was born almost 32 years ago!

Clockwise, from top left, cousin love, Abby and her man; who is a famous Hair colorist in California, my beautiful mama and the yummiest cupcakes from Craven Cupcakes!

Of course, I couldn’t resist getting the baby girl some designer jeans and cozy UGGs! Just how cute are these friends!


2. Low Carb Snack Idea
I am a snacker for sure! I recently discovered this fabulous low carb snack and my family loved it as well! I did the math, and you can eat 16 of these and it’s only 100 calories! So flavorful! Just Turkey Pepperoni with a smidge of low fat soft cream cheese and a little piece of banana pepper. 

3. Week's Attire
Here is one of my favorite Rail’s dresses, just love the blush/mauve pink stripe!
Dress HERE I love this Long Sleeve Version too// Sandals HERE

Top HERE // Sandals HERE //Bracelet HERE

I was over the moon for this beautiful floral and ruffle dress from Lulus! Have you ever shopped at Lulu’s? Their stuff is so stinking cute! And I found the perfect lace up fuchsia block heel sandals to go with it! They were so comfortable, and they come in four colors!
DRESS HERE // Shoes HERE // 

More Inspo

5. Misc. Fun
Posts of the Week 
Wednesday ~ Tickled Plum Pink

This girl is always on the hunt for fabulous lip glosses and lip balms. Enter Lanolips. This tinted lip balm color is called rhubarb and it’s awesome! Super moisturizing and makes your lips so soft!

Clinique Cheek Pop
Such a pretty and fun blush! I had heard great reviews about this blush. Every pop shade is such pretty pigment and I really love this pink pop color. 


Fall Jacket 
It kind of looks like a pumpkin color but I had to include it. It’s from TJ Maxi and my favorite clothing buy of the week. 
BUY Similar Jacket HERE 

This Outfit
LOVE this look for Fall so much!! What a gorgeous blush pink cardi!



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