Ah, a life without pink.
Yes, we wished for a princess in
the family mix, but ya know what?
We're okay with it.
In fact, we LOVE raising boys, 3 teenage boys at that!

Sons and daughters are equally wonderful. Some things about boys are easier. Some things about girls are easier. Those of you that have at least one of each can probably attest to that.
 I can only tell you why we love raising these particular boys. This was one of my favorite posts but was before many of you awesome readers came along so I updated it a bit.
Maybe you can relate.

No drama, very little manipulating, no hidden agendas. They seem to get over disappointment quickly. I remember crying and moping for hours when I broke up with a guy or someone hurt my feelings. These boys "bounce"!! We help them pick up their heart, feed em' something good and move on down the road. There is no sugar coating their thoughts and feelings. They "tell it like it is!" If they have to go to the bathroom, it's 
"I gotta go poop!"

These guys have each others backs!!! Occasionally we'll hear a little disagreement but they always work it out. Their conversations when they don't know we are listening are divine. They help each other with homework, go out to breakfast, talk "girls", support each others activities and truly care about each other. My hope is that they will have each others backs......always.
Their tenderhearted loyalty to each other is heart warming.

Sweet little beach boyzzz

We've realized that in raising boys, we are raising future husbands.
We try to explain how to treat a lady. Tell them they will be a team and to assist their wives. I especially appreciate when they hang all the outside Christmas decorations and my husband loves the help too. We tell them how much their future wife will appreciate the little things like this. When they ask if they can cook dinner, which is rare, I do let them jump on it because I know how much a lady would love to have a meal cooked for her. My husband and I show our own love and affection to each other so that they learn to acknowledge their feelings and are well equipped to express them. We want them to take responsibility for their actions, to value compassion and live it daily. These are the boys who will grow into men who'll make loving companions. That's good for the women they marry. Even better for the men they become.

Yeah, the reason why they don't ask to cook is because they say I am a great one. Sweet, yes. I know it seems like a small thing, but some of our best family talks are around the dinner table. If the way to a mans heart is through his stomach, so be it for boys too! For some reason, good, home cooked food makes boys want to please you. If I make a special favorite, like say a Reese Peanut Butter Cake,  Recipe Here they're at your beck and call. When they say "my mom makes the BEST cookies" or "your Ham Chowder is soooooo good", I swoon with pride knowing I am satiating their little bellies.

Look how little, Mother's Day 2010
(Not responsible for the youngest botched haircut #newbeautician #amishboycut)

These boys are on pretty strong paths with what they want to be in the future and I think that drive boils over to the urge to invent things. We love it that they are creative minds at work and not always in front of a TV. They used to be riggers and rig up stuff in the house to scare me, like dropping fake spiders or turning the facet on so the spray wand sprays me in the face. Ha! Now that they're older they've moved onto things like Tesla coils and magnetic stirrers. Patent please! The two older ones may even take Entrepreneurship classes in College. 

What boy or man doesn't love good ole dirt and mud? Little toes exploring mud puddles have now become big toes. As long as they don't track it in the house, I'm good. One of the best items my husband ever got them was MUK boots. Now that two are driving, they'll probably get a little mud on the tires too! Truth be told, I like a lil mud on the tires too!

Plain and simple, these guys make us laugh! Where they come up with some of their antics and notions is beyond me! It's so important to have fun together as a family, especially during these formative years. When we engage in activities with them that we all love, it helps them feel understood and you'll be amazed how the lines of communication open up.
Be silly, let loose, enjoy life!!

  "Raising children is a creative endeavor, an art rather than a science."

FRIDAY FAVORITES.....End of February Edition

What? It's Friday already? How did that happen? I should've been careful what I wished for this Winter. You know how the East half of the country had the big ole snowstorm a few weeks ago? Well, despite a few inches here and there we still had yet to get the big one, like I wanted......that is until Wednesday. The blizzard hit Indiana with no, not the pretty fluffy snow, but the heavy, get stuck, over a foot of snow so now all I'm dreaming of is sun, sand and surf. And I'll probably dream about it all weekend. What are you dreaming of?.....  

1. Mimosa Heaven
Yeah, I could dream about these too but how bout just make them and dream no more. I love a good mimosa but loads of mimosa variation recipes in one place...Brunch Bonanza!!!
13 Mimosa Recipes HERE

2. Fuller House
"Have Mercy!" Let's see, how long have I been waiting for this? Like since the 90's!!! So excited the gang is back on Netflix tonight!!

3. New Blogging Adventure
Remember last week when I told you I was the Featured Blogger on the Blended Blog? Well I am proud and excited to tell you act I have joined this awesome group of ladies as a Contributor to The Blended Blog. I hope you'll make it a regular read. The voices these ladies have and the ideas they share plus their love for community and friendship is truly something special and I am honored they invited me to join. 
Cheers to the future!!

And Get ready fashionistas and ladies who like style, starting March 2nd and every Wednesday until June 1st, we will have a Style Perspectives Link-Up where you can link up with The Blended Blog and 15 other Blogs were we show you how we styled that prompt and for some AMAZING Fashion inspiration from ladies everywhere!!!

4.Week's Attire
Hello, wear scarves much? Well, what can I say, I love them and how they jazz up an outfit!!
Vera Wang top, Charming Charlie scarf and necklace, Loft cords

Old Navy Vest , Charming Charlie Vest, Anne Klein leopard flats, Kohl's pants, Loft Chambray shirt.

Max Studio dress, Charming Charlie Scarf and necklace, Aldo boots.

Trouve Nordstrom Sweater, Old Navy scarf, American Eagle necklace

5. POM POM's on Totes
You know how the poofy Poms were in for winter to attach to your purse, I think Pom Pom clusters are going to be "in" for Spring and Summer, especially on totes. Target has some cute ones but isn't this on to die for?!! Here's the thing, 
I found it Here for $144 but then found one almost identical on Etsy Here for $45
May your weekend be overflowing with love and coziness and warmer weather dreaming!!
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With the blush colors coming in strong this year, I was more than happy to add this pretty draped top to my wardrobe. I love the flow and fit of this blouse from good ole' Target. (Under $25!) So well made and perfect weight for Spring. You can buy it Here. I always like to justify my purchases by knowing I will get more than just one look out of them. All I've done so far is change up my pants and shoes and I have to say I like both looks.

I simply added my favorite distressed white skinny jeans (Similar Here), also from Target and my INC Fahnee Riding Boots from Macy's. And how cute are these coffee cups in the leopard print! $1 for 6 at Michael's. So fun!

Next up was my tailored Flare jeans from The Loft (Similar Here) and my beloved Calvin Klein calf hair leopard pumps.
Add in my new matte gold Cocktail clutch I showed you in my Friday Favorites a couple weeks ago, and I'm ready for a casual night out for sushi and cocktails. 

Which look is your favorite with this great Blush top?

Happy Wednesday Beauties!!


Oh my what a party pleaser!! We had these at New Years Eve but take these babies to any party or even a finger foods dinner and your family and guests will love you for these little golden nuggets!! They are so good.

The Parmesan crust with creamy and flavorful center just melts in your mouth. These are good warm or cold but they may not make it to cold as they get devoured quickly right out of the oven.

What you'll need

1 (8-ounce) package cream cheese, softened
1 (5-ounce) canned chicken breast
1 cup grated Parmesan cheese, divided
1 small red bell pepper, chopped
1/4 cup fresh parsley, chopped
2 (8-ounce) cans refrigerated crescent dinner rolls

  • Heat oven to 350 degrees      
       Beat cream cheese and 3/4 cup Parmesan with mixer until well blended. Stir in chicken.  Separate dough into 8 rectangles; seal seams. Spread with cream cheese mixture; top with peppers and parsley. Fold each rectangle lengthwise into thirds to enclose filling; cut into 4 squares. Place, seam-sides down, on baking sheet; top with remaining Parmesan. Bake 13 to 15 min. or until golden brown.

Happy Tasty Tuesday



I'm a pill popper! A healthy pill popper that is. While I hate to take any kind of medicine, vitamins are vital part of my life. A common objection to taking vitamins is that you get everything you need from a healthy balanced diet. However, most of us, while meaning well, do not eat perfectly everyday. It is extremely difficult to get optimal levels of key nutrients from diet alone, which is why I need and want vitamins and supplements for my health. And Guess what? I feel good when I take them and since taking the following 7 daily vitamins, the number of colds and viruses I've gotten has gone down and my energy level has gone up. My doctor endorses them, especially the importance of vitamin D3 because it helps absorb calcium and therefore keeping our bones strong. So important for ladies as we age.

I'm unable to take a multivitamin due to kidney stone formation from the calcium so I make sure to get my calcium from diet only.

Everyone is different and you want to make sure your Health Care provider knows what vitamins you're taking.

Here is the list of what Vitamins I take Daily, Why, The Amount and Brand of choice

D3 - Assist in Calcium Absorption and Bone Strength, 1000 IU, Sundown Naturals   

E - Immunity, Skin and Eye Health, 400 IU, Puritan's Pride 

C - Immune System, 500 mg, Puritan's Pride (In the Winter I take a Emeregen-C chewable or packet a day as well).

B12 - Energy - (Thank you Dr. Oz), 1000 mcg, CVS Pharmacy Brand

Biotin - Hair, Nails and Skin Health, 5000 mcg, Nature's Bounty

Probiotic - Digestive Health, 100 million Active Cultures, Puritan's Pride

Magnesium - Digestive track - regular smooth sailing everyday if you know what I mean. 250 mg, Nature's Bounty

My Vitamin Stash

Do you take vitamins? If so, why and how do they make you feel?


FRIDAY FAVORITES...Fickle February Edition

Is this weather driving anybody crazy in their neck of the woods? 55 degrees today, dreary and rainy and back to 30's next week. Either be winter or get Spring here like the groundhog said it would be, lol. This illustration got me thinking about magazines. Do you like to read magazines? I love to', but for the past couple years rarely do as so busy. However, it's time to attack the pile high on the table consisting of People, Better Homes and Gardens, Glamour and HGTV magazines. I plan to riffle through and find ispiration from more than just the internet. Growing up my reading consisted of Judy Blume, Charlotte Bronte and John Benton books, and Seventeen Magazine issues stacked from floor to ceiling. 
It was the bible of my teen years!! 

Friday Favorites Here We Go.....

Bonus favorite!! The Blended Blog
I'm so excited to be the Blogger "Featured on Friday" over at The Blended Blog
My sweet friend Shaunacey from Simply Shaunacey asked to feature me and well, flattered is an understatement!! If you have not checked out The Blended Blog...go do it now!!
I must say some of my best Blogger pals are from this group and they are extraordinary women!!!!
Here's the concept:
More excitement to come bout this later.......

1. Sex on a Snowbank Martini
My dear friend Laura sent me this Cocktail Pin this week and I so put coconut cream on the grocery list! I have always loved the Sex on the Beach cocktails so why the heck not one on a snowbank too!! The name alone is hilarious and the fact it's only 3 ingredients, 
I'm in...even if all our snow melted today.
1 1/2 ox Malibu Rum
3 Tbsp Coconut Cream
6 ice cubs
Place ingredients together in a blender.
Blend until smooth.
Pour into a chilled martini glass
Note: If you want a thicker consistency, use less ice and more coconut cream.
For a really fancy drink, coat the rim of the glass with finely shredded coconut! 

You won't find coconut on the rim of mine or Laura's glass...we think it tastes like grass, lol!!
But white chocolate shavings....Yum!!

2. Lionel Richie Tribute
The "Hello" before Adele and Demi Levoto slayed it. And it didn't hurt Luke Bryan sans a song for the tribute too! We didn't watch all the Grammy's but this was my favorite part of the night.
Watch the Tribute HERE

3. Chic Ways to Wear Graphic Slogan Tops
I own a handful of graphic tops. One of my favs here...
Well, because I love pink and the movie Mean Girls  
Top from Kohl's, Shoes Dolce Vita

After I saw my friend Kim in her "Be Nice Please" sweatshirt, I started thinking about how cutely styled some of these tops can be.
Be Nice Please Sweatshirt Here

My favorite look with a tee...boyfriend jeans , jacket and pumps!!

Important saying, LOVE the leggings!

I fell in love with this Mascara and Mimosas top a couple weeks ago 
She rocks this look so well!!

Isn't this little fashionista adorable?!! I especially love the cute slogan tees on little girls.

4. Sophia Kinsella Books
For several years now, I’ve been buying, reading and rereading Sophie Kinsella’s book saga ‘The Shopaholic Series’. 
The series follows sweet Becky as she deals with falling in love, marriage, family, children, friendship, housing issues, and all of this alongside a pretty serious, yet hilarious shopping addiction. Becky is definitely a friend you want to have though because she's got the biggest heart. I relate to her shenanigans so much and find myself laughing out loud! I preordered a paperback yesterday and I'm so excited for it to arrive in a few weeks.  Every now and then you just need a light read, and 
Sophia Kinsella books are always that for me. 

5. Work Attire
Still in-between Winter and Spring....
Target Boyfriend Cardi, Loft shell, Target scarf

Vessos Striped Cardigan Here, BP Black Tunic, Nordstrom, Charmine Charlie necklce

Charlotte Russe Poncho, Loft chambray, necklace and cords

Macy's Sweater Dress, Kohl's stiped tip, Charming Charlie necklace 

I hope your weekend is full of happy times, lots of laughs and love for yourself and those around you!
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