Happy Friday. I really don’t have much my friends. It’s been another icky week and the motivation to blog is not strong, lol. But I always manage to have a few favorites! So, I hope you enjoy them what I could scrounge together, lol. It actually was a good mix, lol.

1. Dresses

This DRESS! I shared it before but it’s such a FAVORITE! One of the things I love most about it besides softness and affordability, adjustable straps, and the length is that I don’t have to wear a bra with it if you tie it just right in the front at holds the girls up. BUT what I don’t like is that I cannot find this dress, lol! It’s lost in my closet somewhere. 

This DRESS is one of my favorites and a big compliment getter, lol. My favorite outfit this weekend covers my leg wound. And wear these sandals all the time.

2. Flowers

My flowers have brought me extra joy and not for the reason you think this week. We’ve had tons of rain, so I haven’t had to spend 45 minutes watering every night. Trust me I don’t mind but it is nice to have a break now and then.

Supertunia Vistas from Proven Winners 
in snowdrift, jazzberry and bubblegum.

Calibrachoa otherwise know as million bells (single purple and double pink)

AND some from Trader Joe’s for Inside.

3. My Loves

This Guy, This Girl… watching the comedy Platonic on the back patio! Have you seen it? Short episodes, hated it at first, but gotten so funny!

But on Wednesday Stella got sick, we think a reaction from her Simparica for tick/flees and heart worm prevention, Had to go to the vet and get all fixed up with fluids, Bless her heart! Rethinking giving her that anymore!

on our way to the vet

4. Yearly...good report

I went to the Dr. too this week and had a good exam and blood work report. Eating those dates ( see my post about it HERE) is still working as while my total cholesterol number was up a bit, my ratio was even better than last year because my HDL (good cholesterol) was so good. But gosh this is a bad picture..Dr. office lighting be gone, lol

5. Misc. Fun



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It’s no secret I’m a fan of Wooden Ships Knits for many reasons. Here’s the funny thing, their beautifully handcrafted sweaters can be worn any time of the year, but I gravitate more towards them in the summer months because of all the beach and relaxing vibes they give off! But of course, don’t get me started on all the Christmas festive goodness. There’s literally something for everyone and I adore how they look and feel on. The fit is always perfect.

You know how much I love the beach and aren’t the colors in this SWEATER just perfect! So many styling possibilities and all the shades just remind you of water! Love the Multi V-Neck cotton drape.



Wooden Ship’s obsessive attention to finding the best fit, to creating lasting quality, and to providing stellar customer service - all combined with their love for cool, casual-chic style - has brought them many devoted followers.

Wooden Ships is more than that - they are also wild about beautiful meals, spontaneous road trips, long novels, and great music. Just like us, they like to hike, bike, explore, and grow.

They are passionate about family, friends, community, our planet and giving back.

It’s all connected. It’s what most of us want.

You know I like to get my Fourth of July festive on and could this FLAG SWEATER be any more perfect! Whether you’re having a picnic, watching the fireworks, or if it’s a cool day at the parade, grab this Americana sweater, and you’ll look dynamite!


You can also use Code: CLOUDNINE

Either code in this post will work for a discount for ya

at Wooden Ships Knits

So many FUN sweaters to be styling!!

Star Blanket HERE









Happy Friday my sweet babes! It has been the most glorious weather here this week! We had a major mishap with our pool last weekend, but thank goodness for pool store connections, and our sweet friends that came out and got everything in shape on Monday. Bless them and Bless my Dermatologist....

1. Skin Cancer Margins Clear
....He got all the skin cancer on the first cut. Now I do have a big gouge in my leg but I’ll take good care of it, my friend gave me some wonderful healing cream, and hopefully there won’t be too big of a scar.

One day post times.....STAY AWAY FROM TANNING BEDS

2. Nail Polish
Oh, and many of you asked about the nail polish I was wearing when I shared my leg and an Instagram story. It’s my favorite especially for the toenails from Essie called watermelon. Found the BEST Price HERE.

3. Walmart Clothes Finds

I see everyone sharing Walmart clothes, but I haven’t really found that many this year except for these two. This TOP is the prettiest shade of blue by Sofia Vegara. Only $20

Top HERE// Shorts HERE // Sandals HERE // Necklace Set HERE
And This Dress is under 18 and oh so flowy and cool with pockets!

4. Flowers
Just a couple of my current posies.
Proven Winners Superbena Sparkling Amethyst

Proven Winners At Last Rose

5. Misc. Fun



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Happy June my loves! I hope this sweet summertime is treating you great! I tend not to buy as much stuff from Amazon in the summer, but the things that I do buy are used often and definitely keepers! Here are a recent purchases to link-up with the fabulous Tanya and her monthly Prime Link-UP!


I am a huge fan of electrolytes, especially with sodium. A doctor I follow on Instagram, who is brilliant, says that this is the first thing you should do when you wake up in the morning is drink a glass of water with electrolytes. These LMNT Electrolyte packets are delicious, and I just use a half of packet each morning. a lot of celebrities and people in the medical profession use these. I always feel better when I drink them.


Cordless Robotic Pool Cleaner 

Let me just tell you, this new toy has Mr. Nine mesmerized! The BEST pool cleaner you’ll ever find, and he researched and researched. When I told you about this robot on Friday, I did not realize he was able to purchase it from Amazon and I had several of you ask me for the link. It’s just amazing and actually super cool to watch.


Water Hyacinth Straw Braided Place Mats

I am so excited; we finally got an outdoor dining table and chairs for a section of our back patio. We’re going to be hanging a sunshade over the top with lights and I can’t wait to show it to you when it’s all finished. I do know I have my heart set on some rattan or water hyacinth place mats, and this is a really good price.


Tassel Earrings

I absolutely love any earrings with tassels. I have some similar to these that my mom got me in Florida that are mint, but I really needed a pair of aqua earrings and these tassel earrings are just darling!


Star Blanket 

Oh, my Stars, you know my beloved Fourth of July holiday is coming up soon, and what a Great Blanket for a picnic, to watch the fireworks, to take to the beach. It comes in a blue shade and gray as well, but I just loved the red.


Book ~ The Girl He Used to Know

Another great Summer Read. I do love a hardcover book but it’s great when they go into paperback and if you want to purchase them, much less expensive, and nice to toss into your beach bag; not as heavy. 



I saw this Dress on Shay from Mix & Match Mama & fell in love, especially with how many colors it comes in. The shade is watermelon, and I cannot wait to wear it.


Swim Float

Too funny, I got another New Float ($15), but it didn’t fit right in my above Amazon Collage, but let me tell you, I love it. It’s the same brand that I showed you Last Month but this one lays down flatter and you feel like you’re actually floating on the water with a net underneath you. So relaxing. 

STILL one of my FAVORITE AMAZON TEES above of all time. Lots of colors and just makes ya Happy! AND This Amazing KIMONO!

Happy June Shopping, Sipping, Swimming, Strolling and SHINING!!




Whew, what a great week! Lots of 90 degree temps, a beach town day with mom, Double Fun (see below) pool time AND SO MUCH MORE


1. Chicago & Anni

As you may know, Mr. Nine and I took a Stella Mae to Chicago last weekend for an anniversary trip. She was such a good girl and made everybody smile so much! We had a grand time....

Stella LOVES dining al fresco, lol

and then came back and spent the day in the pool on Monday with Mr. Nine, mesmerized, not by me, but by his new pool, toy, a robotic pool cleaner. I have to admit it is pretty cool.

Pool Robot HERE

2. Chicago and Shelly 

A highlight of our trip with seen, my dear friend Shelly from The Queen In Between! She was one of the first Blogger friends I met many years ago and I have really missed traveling with her! I knew she was in CHi-town, but we did not intend to stay as long our last day as we did, so I did not think I would see her when lo and behold we are walking along the Riverwalk and saw each other at almost the exact same time! I got to meet her beautiful oldest daughter Jordan, as well! I think I see a Blogger trip in our future again!

3. Ultrasound

An absolute highlight of the week was getting to see my twin grand daughters at an ultrasound! It was so fun to go along with the other grandma, my dear friend, Kim, and see those sweet girlies! They were really active! We enjoyed some shower shopping, Having lunch and getting some baby girl clothes. 

4. Real Life Wear

Yes, real life is what it’s about these days. I’m not dressing up unless we’re going out of town like in Chicago which I blogged about HERE.

These are the typical clothes you’ll find me in nowadays.

Top HERE // Shorts HERE

Sandals HERE // Shorts HERE // Top HERE // Bracelets HERE

That includes my new darling, white Sandals from Cecelia New York, called the Emma! They are such fun, so comfortable the best leather and I just love the gold studs on them. 
You can use code Emma15 
through tomorrow to get 15% off the entire Cecelia New York site.

5. Misc. Fun


My mama went with me to a beach town in Michigan to get some Brand photos for me and we ended up having the most delightful day. We shopped, had lunch, went for a walk and to a green house. Didn’t she look adorable!



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