It’s definitely a fun Friday because I’m currently packing and getting my spray tan on the jet out again tomorrow. Check my Instagram stories for where.

1. Bowling
Mr. Nine and I had not been bowling in two years! We forgot how fun it was. Years ago I was on a league for one season. I’m really not very good, but I surprised myself especially with the first game. And boy did Mr. Nine ever surprise himself by bowling his best game ever and beating everyone, lol.

2. Twins
Oh, these beautiful girls! Look at these little Denim Jackets that my mom got them when they were born. Absolute angels and pure joy, can you believe they will be five months old next Wednesday? 

And About last night
Rocking Girl Dino Jams

And Pop Nine's Hat

3. Shamrock Front Porch
No need to do an entire post on the shamrock front porch this year for St. Patrick’s Day. I’ve scaled back my holiday, decorating back a little bit, except for Christmas, lol. But I like how simple it is and how the shammy placement turned out.

4. Outfits Lately

Besides, my, I think these two pieces are my favorite spanks of all time! Just look at the bone color of those twill crop pants, I’m taking those on my trip along with this. When I shared these two pieces on Instagram, several of you told me, you bought them right away. So much to Love!

 Don’t forget to use my code.


Sweatshirt HERE // Pants HERE // Sneakers HERE

I literally had not been in a Target dressing room in months. Ironically, the only thing I tried on was this adorable shirt, and a couple tees. This did come home with me, so cute with the tie in the front.
Top HERE // Leggings HERE // Sneakers HERE

What I wore bowling
Vest HERE // Shirt HERE // Leggings HERE // Necklace HERE // Loafers HERE

5. Misc. Fun

You get a body butter, you get a body butter, and you get a body butter! That’s what Oprah would say! You may remember, I shared with you the Fount Society skincare line a couple weeks back, but now I’m sold on their body line, which includes one of Oprah‘s favorite things, the body butter! It is decadent and divine And so moisturizing! I also love what’s called their Dynamic Duo, which is a body serum and body oil. It hydrates your skin so well! Use my code ANDREANINE20 to get you some HERE

Stella Mae and mama matched, how Cute!


And in case you missed it, 
I'm at the comedy again in 

Have a Happy Weekend 
my Sweet Friends!!



  1. All great things! I really want to splurge on some Spanx! I can't wait to hear all the trip deets!

  2. I am going to have to check out where you are going. And the girls are just too cute for words!

  3. Those five months flew by with the twins! I always think that with other people, but I remember when my own were little and I thought the opposite. Hopefully they're all doing great and adjusting to their new normal! It took me about six months before I felt like I could function normally again with the sleep deprivation, but that's about when mine started sleeping through the night. I loved them being little, but I wouldn't go back to those days for anything! I love having adult "kids" and we love talking to them and spending time together. It's even better when they bring a girlfriend home! Have a great trip!

  4. The denim jackets are adorable!

  5. That last meme is DEAD ON and oh so hysterical! Love your chic outfits as always- have a wonderful weekend beautiful! XO

  6. Have a fab trip!
    It sounds like the bowling was fun and the girls are looking extra cute in their denim jackets.
    Your front porch looks fab! Over here in England we don't do anything like that unless it's for Christmas and a little for Halloween. What fun!
    Those memes did make me laugh out loud.

  7. Anonymous23.2.24

    Oh, we love bowling but haven't been for ages. Rob has a shoulder issue, so it's not easy for him, but I remember the days you had to learn to keep score. Now the computers do it,

  8. Those girls are PRECIOUS!!

  9. Can't wait to see where you're headed! Have a safe trip and have the best time! XO


  10. Oh those babies are so gorgeous!

  11. Hope you have a fabulous vacation! Love the pictures of the twins and can't believe they are 5 months!

  12. Your porch is so cute! Need to try the body butter! Have an amazing trip with your Mom!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. It's been years since I've been bowling. We used to do that a lot with friends and I loved it so much. Wasn't good at it though, lol. Enjoy your Sunday!

  14. I love the photos of the babies, your outfits, and the porch looks just perfect for St. Patrick's day. I hope you are enjoying your vacation.

  15. Those girls are just so dang precious. I never get tired of seeing pictures of them! Those little denim jackets... oh my!!

  16. Those Spanx cropped pants are super cute on you! And the grandbabies are so darling in their denim coats!


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