Happy Friday! I’m moving slow. Sweet concert last night with Mr. Nine to see my tall drink of country but in a different time zone and a LATE night. I may or may not be sleeping So I’ll get right to telling you to make it a GREAT DAY and cheers to these Summer Favorites.

Next to Mr. Nine, my sons and Brady Quinn, I believe Brett Young is the most handsome guy on the planet. Plus, this guy can sing making us grateful his baseball career got cut short by injury. I always tend to grab a new artist to the country scene and adore them and their music. Remember my Cole Swindell concert and Retweet? Yeah, I still l love him, but Brett has taken a notch above and I was soooo excited to see him in concert last night! I briefly meet him in Vegas last year and this guy is tall and super sweet! His fiancé shares my maiden name so maybe we’ll be distantly related by marriage, lol!

ready to go!

While the concert was fun, it was at a Fair we’re not familiar with and didn’t realize we’d be standing for 4 hours in a “country” standing only pit with 8000 cowboy boot crop top wearing teenagers. And I wanted to smack the high held cell phones outta their hands. #watchtheconcert #exhaustedmiddleagedcountryfans

Ok, rant over. Love you Brett! 

Sarah from Meet the Shaneyfelt's
This girl! Sweet Sarah Shaneyfelt is a southern Alabama soul who has my heart. We both love Jesus, baking, decorating, reading, exercising, family and Christmas. Not only is she my friend, but she and her husband Dustin are on a journey that I just had to highlight. Sarah has shared their Struggle with Infertility and joy filled their hearts and ours when we read Their Path to Adoption! I am over the moon for them because these two were meant to be parents. Sarah’s love of Christmas is so precious and can you imagine the joy on their future child’s face on Christmas morn? She shared a beautiful Christmas Home Tour. This sweet Fall loving friend also likes loves her college football like I do. She shared a super fun post about The college football coach's daughters getting married. Please race over to Her BLOG and see why I adore her and share in her adoption journey. 
You’ll be inspired and PS.....this girl rocks Anthropologie like no other! 
How sweet is this! A precious babe out there will call this sunshine filled gal "Mommy!"

Penny's Camo Jacket HERE, Target Wedges, Loft Jeans HERE, Kendra Scott necklace HERE

Wal-Mart Top HERE& Similar HERE, Kohl's Shorts HERE, Zappos Shoes 

TJ MAXX Top, Target Capri's, Wedge Sandals HERE, Accessory Concierge Necklace HERE

As you know from Wednesday’s Mary Ann Re-Creation Post, My love of Gingham runs deep. I know many of you love it too. It really feels like sweet Summer when I pull out my Navy J.Crew Factory button down and white shorts. Here, I jazzed it up with pretty berry colored Accessories. So much love, I'm sharing a few photos.
Gingham Button Down's take me right into Fall! 

SHIRT HERE (Under $25 and a classic)// 

More Inspo

Reese LOVE!

Pineapple Succulent Necklace Love
My mom and I had a pool/walking day this week and she surprised me with this sweet little pineapple shaped succulent. 
Similar HERE and HERE

Necklace Love IVO
Monday I shared my NSale purchases and while a lot of it is getting returned, there were some pieces I loved, especially 2 necklaces. This first one looks good with so much in my closet, just love it in person. And It's Reversible!!
Panacea Double Drusy Necklace
BUY HERE and this delicate one HERE

Here are a couple of my favorite pieces with the necklace that definitely worked

IVO Wingback Chair
Got a chair for the corner of our bedroom and I LOVE the material and the matte silver nail heads. Today I am going to hunt for a cool, funky pop of color pillow for it. Can you believe this chair was 79% off at Wayfair!! Such good deals on that site right now! 


Happy Weekend LOVELIES!!
Calling for rain all weekend but we'll take those lemons and make lemonade!! 
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  1. The cellphones in the air at a concert truly drive me nuts! I'm sorry you had to stay for four hours but I'm glad you still got to see him! How cute is that succulent from your mom?! I love the pineapple shape! Have a great weekend, Andrea!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  2. Your concert outfit is fabulous girlfriend!! I want that black dress. All your outfits this week are giving me inspo! Summer concerts are the best, aren't they?! I'm still waiting to go to my first one next month. Have a great weekend friend!
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  3. You owned the concert in that ensemble my friend - step aside crop tops and boots and make room for the classy, sexy lady!Glad you had fun! I am loving all of your outfits and that camo jacket from Penny's is just too cute!
    Have a wonderful weekend girlfriend!

  4. I am sure the concert was worth a little lack of sleep! I am dragging a bit today myself, I was in Indy for work the last couple of days. At least the time change worked out to give me the extra hour on my way home. If it weren't such a whirlwind I would have been trying to figure out if I was close enough to try to meet you halfway between for lunch or something. Next time for sure! Have a fabulous weekend <3

  5. Gingham with pink is just the cutest look! I dont think I would have been able to handle the concert and all those people like you did LOL! have a great weekend lovely! xo, Biana - BlovedBoston

  6. I can't with the constant recording of concerts. It drives me bonkers. Brett Young is pretty great though!!

  7. The way you feel about Brett Young is how I feel about John Mayer haha!!! I've seen him 4 times and I want to see him in concert more! Love how you paired that blue and white with a pop of pink--looks so good with your blonde hair! I need an outfit like that! Happy Friday!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  8. I love your concert look! Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend!

    Daily Style Finds

  9. Sounds like you had a FUN evening! Your concert outfit is perfection! So cute!! That striped tee was a great choice from Nsale...might have to stalk it for a re-stock in my size!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  10. I love your concert outfit!!! All the cell phones would bug me too ugh!!! I love your gingham top and wahoo that it's on sale at JCrew Factory!!!! I love the plant from your mama- how sweet!! Would love to trade our 100+ degree heat for some of your rain!! Have a great weekend Mrs. Andrea :) - Shannon

  11. Love your concert outfit! I'm glad that you had fun despite the annoying cellphones. :-/ Your gingham outfit is so cute too. I hope that you have a great day today and a fantastic weekend! :-)

  12. Brett Young is soooo dreamy!!!! Every time I hear the song Mercy I just melt into a puddle. That is SUCH a great song! Happy weekend, girl!

  13. I love what you wore to the concert! I wore a similar outfit last year but my black dress is short sleeved. That gingham shirt is so cute too!

  14. In Case You Didn't Know, you ARE The Gingham Queen! Hugs and rain, x.

  15. You looked great. I had to google Brett Young but yep he is a cutie!! Ps Sarah is adorable. I second the blogger highlight!

  16. Ugh I get annoyed with the phones up too blocking everyone's view. Yikes standing for 4 hours is a lot! I'm glad you got to enjoy the concert though and I hope you can take today to rest. I love your gingham top and that pineapple succulent your mom got you is so cute! I hope you have a great weekend! Sierra Beautifully Candid

  17. Girl you looked smokin' for that concert. I haven't heard of him ( I don't know a lot of country singers). I can totally feel your pain about the concert and the outfits and cell phones. Seriously! J Crew does have the best ginghams. I'm loving the way you styled that one. How sweet from your mom--we love succulents around here. I hope you have a great weekend, rain or not. I'm sure you'll make it sunny!

  18. I just love seeing your gingham ideas! I have that JCrew blue and white gingham blouse but guess was 108 here yesterday! No long sleeves will be touching my body even if I can roll them up. :)

    Love the chair you found. Yes, I've been perusing Wayfair too. Our younger son moves out in a couple of months and there are things that he needs and things we need to fill the two rooms he currently uses. It's a fun excuse to decorate. :)

  19. that gingham shirt outfit is so cute! And I have never heard of that singer before, but I'm not that in-the-know about celebrities. Glad you had fun.

  20. Anonymous20.7.18

    Hey that's so funny you should mention Brett Young - I came onto your blog and was literally listening to 'Mercy' at that moment! Lucky you going to the concert! Love the way you have paired the navy gingham, white shorts and berry pink accessories - I will be unashamedly copying that next spring summer! Have a lovely weekend! Joanne x

  21. Your rant about the concert made me laugh. You looked so cute, and I also love that gingham top!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  22. Well, you should of just ripped the top right off and joined in with the crop top boot wearing teenagers! haha.
    I love the succulent plant! I have had an odd obsession with those little things and even bought a little cactus this past weekend.
    Love that Walmart top!

  23. I'm totally laughing at the concert rant. The whole world feels like they need to record everything, dont they? How many times you really gonna go back & watch that? :) haha

  24. Good afternoon, sis. So next time you go to a concert you TAKE the LITTLE sis. I can handle those scrimpy teen kids because well I used to be paid to do that LOL! Stop with your immense beauty - its killing me! Everything you wear you rock. Can you please send me one picture in something you don't look freaking amazing in? I mean c'mon. OK yeah I know there is nothing not made for you. Love you with all my heart! Here comes the rain...from midwest to south. XOXO!

  25. You are cracking me up! I can just imagine how miffed you were momma. You look adorable in your gingham picks. And seriously Sarah is so precious...I just love her! I dreamed we met in person and were swimming at the beach with her two I truly believe her baby(s) is on it's way soon!!

  26. Oh, seeing Brett Young sounds like an amazing time. I'm glad you enjoyed it! Sorry about all the people with cell phones. I like taking photos, some video, but I don't do it the whole time. What's the point of going if you're not ACTUALLY watching in person? I'm seeing Niall Horan and Maren Morris this Wednesday and I'm SO EXCITED! I love both of their music so much.


  27. Oh man he is handsome! It is amazing that people don;t watch the show and film everything,. Be there! I love you in that gingham! Have a spectacular weekend despite the rain!

  28. Andrea, what a fun list of favorites. I also love Brett Young. I bet he puts on a really good concert. Country music and summer just go together. I also love that navy gingham shirt with your bright pink pumps. SO cute! Also, I love that chair.

  29. I just had to snicker at the cell phone rant--I can relate to things like that and yet still hate that things like completely show my age!

  30. I used to love going to concerts, but I have to admit that I do feel VERY old anytime we go to any nowadays....LOL!! Since Red Rocks is right around the corner, it's such a gorgeous place to see anyone perform, but it reminds me that I am an old lady!!!

  31. I am so glad that you felt better enough to hang out with the Country teeny-boppers last night! Your mom has good taste because I love that pineapple succulent, too! Have a great weekend, Love!

  32. Wow. Thanks for the heads up on that chair! I have been doing some scoping out of what kind of furniture I want to get for our new home and there are several areas I would like some chairs. This is perfect for our traditional style and a great price!

  33. Thanks for hosting and I hope that you have a wonderful weekend.

  34. Im laughing at the cell phone rant, I havent been to an event for a long time, I can only imagine how annoying that is, like sitting behind someone with a high poofy hair do or a cowboy hat. You ginghma and shorts is darling.
    Thank you for hosting, stop by and share again on #omhgff, Ive included link here.
    Have a great weekend!

  35. I love concerts too, but always book seats now! Haha! But I enjoy it better then! Have a great weekend!

  36. Your description of the concert had me giggling. I love it. Remember back in the day when all people had to hold up at a concert was there Bic lighter? LOL Honestly, I've only been to (are you ready for it?) TWO concerts in my life and one was last year at the fair with Katie. You looked adorable and country classy. That little Sarah is such a cutie! Your pineapple succulent is awesome. What a sweet mama!!! Okay friend, time to get my walk on so I can get my sun on. XOXO

  37. Adore your outfit for the concert but yes I would get frustrated too standing for hours and your view being blocked by phones. I love the love you give to other bloggers like sharing Emelia's birthday! She is a gem just like you! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  38. Well, glad that outdoor concert was not here in La. because everyone would have died of a heat stroke for sure. Love all the bloggers you spotlight, such a nice gesture on your part. Love the pineapple looking plant, so neat. AND, I made your Bowtie Lasagne this past Friday and served it to our company and it was a big hit. We all loved it!!!

  39. LOVE your pops of color with the gingham button down!

  40. I love this outfit. The pop of pink is a neat touch to the look.

    Xx, Nailil

  41. I need to wear a peplum top with distressed jeans asap! You look fabulous!

  42. Andrea... you look better than Reese in the navy gingham any day of the week!!
    You look darling in all your outfits. Have a fabulous weekend, dear friend.


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