Whether you’re ready or not, it’s here! The season of giving and rejoicing. Such a great way to do that is with Amazon! Not only joining the dear Tanya for her monthly Prime Link-Up but also starting the gift Guide Season! You’ve told me you want em’ so I’ll bring you he best ones I can here and there. Starting with gifts for “him!” I mean aren’t the te hardest to buy for? Of course, I have one for the gals too. Working on stocking stuffers for anther post. 


Carhartt Hoodie

The guys in my life love Carhartt. This HOODIE is AMAZING! Great gift. 


Stanley Mug

The female pop culture is nuts for these things, but I remember Stanley as a green manly thermos years ago. This black Beer Stein/Coffee Mug is so chic. 


Carhartt Hat

Yep, my guys wear em’ all the time. So many color options and great for styling or working. Just love these Carhartt Beanies.


Cutest Amazon Truck Gift Card Holder

OMG just when gift holders couldn’t get any cuter! This Amazon Truck Gift Card Holder, oh, I love it! 


Yeti Cooler

Always include the Yeti Cooler as it is one of Mr. Nine’s favorite gifts ever and we use it ALL THE TIME! 


Dr. Squatch Soap

Another fav of Mr. Nine’s. These Dr. Squatch Soaps smell so manly good. You could do these in stockings too. 


Electric Toothbrush

Last year, we got rechargeable Electric Toothbrushes and our teeth have never been healthier. You only have to charge them about every 3 weeks and it’s fast. 


Hey Dudes Shoes

Truth, I really dislike Hey Dude's Shoes but everyone else seems to love them. We got our son a pair last year and he wears them a lot! 


Watch Organizer Box

The perfect Organizer for watches. So sleek! 


Apple Tag

Come on, everyone needs a couple Apple tags to keep track of your stuff. One of the best technological advances. 


Great Button Down

A great Flannel Button Up is always a good idea. Lots of color options here and very well made. 

Cozy Slippers 

You cannot go wrong with Cozy SlippersI wear my Amazon slippers all the time and have given many as gifts. 


Just Peachy Body Care Set

Great reviews and smells divine. Just Peachy Bath set would make a great gift. 


Pretty Mixer

Some people don’t want small appliance for Christmas, but I’d be totally happy with this beauty! One of the best Hand Held Mixers yet so affordable. 


Blow Dry Brush

I LOVE my Blow Dry Brush. Gives my hair volume and just feels less harsh. 


Travel Jewelry Organizer

Oh, how cool is this travel jewelry holder. A cylinder with tool out cups to hold your baubles. 



Hands down, one of my favorite Amazon purchases of the year! This Necklace is so good, and I get lots of compliments. ONLY $10 too.


Bowl Set

I was just thinking I could use a stacking mixing bowls set. Lots of colors and these are nice & sturdy. 


Bath Bomb Set

Oh yes, look at all these Bath BombsAnd they smell fabulous. Very luxe feeling too. 


Corkcicle Tumbler

A son got me one of these Tumblers a few years ago and I like it better for coffee than yeti because it fits in my car cup holder better. Plus, I like the lid slider better. Tons of color and print options. I literally use it 3-4xs a week. 


Egg Cooker

Still a favorite find! This Egg Cooker Cooks those hard-boiled eggs and more perfectly! Comes in 6 colors too.


I'm usually way ahead of the gift giving game myself; at least I have an idea of what to get. This year: BLANK WALL! Ugh! Maybe my own gift guides will give me inspiration! 

Have fun shopping my LOVES!


  1. So many great gifts ideas. Andrea! Love that men's button down. Michael would love that!

  2. Great gift ideas! We definitely have some hard to buy for folks on our list, so I appreciate the help.

  3. Zachary likes hoodies that zip up, but great idea! And those slippers are really cute too.

  4. Anonymous6.11.23

    These are all wonderful gift ideas! I am thinking about getting Chris an air tag and I want that hair brush! XO, Caroline

  5. Great ideas! I just added the watch organizer to my cart. Ben has so many watches that he just has them laying in a drawer!

  6. What great gift ideas. I love the Amazon truck gift card holder and the travel jewelry holder!

  7. These are all great gift ideas for men and women. Enjoy the week Andrea.

  8. I wear my cozy slippers all the time too. They really are one of the best gifts around.

  9. I have 2 different Corkcicle cups - one is a tumbler - the other is a mug - Love both of them!

  10. Such fun gifties! My hubs loves his Hey Dudes!

  11. Anonymous7.11.23

    I like looks at your gift guides for ideas. Hubby is really hard to shop for. Not sure what I will be get him this year. My oldest will be off to college next year so his gifts will be for his dorm.

  12. Love that jewelry organizer and I have those Hey Dude shoes in my cart for Dan!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  13. I'm drawing a blank on gift giving this year too! Thanks so much for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  14. It's so hard to believe we are in gift guide season, my friend! I'm working on some right now, haha! I absolutely love this list for him and her! I literally want one of everything on the her list, haha, it's all so beautiful and functional! I just added those slippers to my Amazon cart! :) I think men are the most difficult to buy for and my hubby always buys throughout the year, so it can be extra hard! I think that Yeti cooler would make a fantastic gift and also love the Stanley! It is so funny that you mentioned that ladies are all about the newer cups, but you are right, I can remember when Stanley was very manly too, haha!

    Hope you're having a fantastic week so far!! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  15. Anonymous8.11.23

    My son collects watches (even tho he has an Apple watch too, lol) and he would love that watch organizer (or a couple of them!!). Thanks for sharing!


  16. That amazon giftcard holder is so cute! Love these picks!

  17. That Stanley Stein is really cool! I haven't seen that one!


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