It was a fun little week around here and while the weather is it going to be as lovely as last weekend, (SNOW) it will be a relaxing one, nonetheless. Let’s get to some sweet spring Friday favorites!

1. Spring Shoes
Leela and Lavender 

I’m so excited to be working with Leela and Lavender and this is my first item from them and I’m over the moon. I had been wanting these Dolce Vita braided heels for a while to wear with everything from dresses to jeans to short just to jazz up the pieces a little bit when I wanted to be dressier than with flat sandals or sneakers. AND how fitting these are called the "Stella!" I’ve heard how comfortable these are and they are indeed! And the great news is I have a code for you for 20% off

 for Leela and Lavender's website! 


I’m telling you, they have so many cute pieces and I’ve been so lucky to find darling boutiques lately like the one I shared with you on Wednesday.

Oka B

Made in the good ole USA, Buford, Georgia, Oka B sandals are the exact shoes you want. This is a 3-generation family-owned business and currently ran by the darling Sara. They are completely sustainable, and you can even send your gently worn shoes back and they will recycle them! Bless their hearts, they even sent my mom a pair. She got the black and pearl Bette's just like I did. We can’t wait to put outfits with them! Water resistant, these are the perfect pool, beach, and summer styling sandals! Look at that pretty Pink Color and sweet navy with bandana bows!

2. Sneak Peek...

Just a sneak peek because I’ve never done Easter porch before. Can you believe it? There will be an entire post coming but I had to rave about these Bows. I got them on Amazon, and they came perfectly intact and are cheaper than if I would buy all the rules of ribbon. I did two of these lanterns and I love them with the little Easter eggs inside. Those are just from Walmart. Full Easter Porch post coming soon....

3. Spring Tops

Speaking of that boutique above, Shop Avara, here is the Mabli Top again that I shared on Wednesday. 

USE MY CODE for 15% off at Avara


I just started a little bit differently here with a hot pink pair of braided sandals and my beloved Meg Jeans from Evereve

These are literally the softest jeans ever!


Now for a couple little gingham numbers

Will you look at this Coral Gingham! The sleeves are so cute and this is from "The Get" line at Walmart. $22 and oh so adorable! Several of you bought this after seeing it on my Instagram and said you love it!

White Pull on Jeans HERE // Sandals HERE

And this gingham cutie is from Madewell And let’s just say I love how it’s "made," lol, pun intended! The slit on the sides of This Top

and the cute baby doll vibe and 

will keep you loving this lightweight top all spring and summer long. Of course, these tops look great with the front tuck and with shorts as well.

Same Jeans again HERE // Sandals HERE

Beloved Jeans HERE

4. Stella Shenanigans
Oh this girl keeps us on our toes in the most sweet way!
This may have been her best accomplishment yet, almost taking out the trash. It’s just that she was going the wrong way, lol!

So, this role of mesh that Miss STELLA grabbed was to help decorate my Easter porch along with the lanterns you saw above. These rolls of mesh were sitting on the sixth step up on our stairway mind you and that’s the farthest she had gone up then this far, little stinker


Stella must know mommy needs some help with her vision. She brought me daddy’s reading glasses the other day, LOL!

5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Kit Kat Cake
Wednesday ~ Shop Avara


This one is Hilarious..

Have a sweet last weekend of March...whaaat...
My LOVES!! I'll be back Monday 
with a 6 month Post-Op!

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  1. Those memes are gold! Love the new braided sandals and that colorful top from Avara. Hope you have a wonderful weekend, I cannot believe it will be snowing!
    Love ya,

  2. Those sandals look fabulous!! I love that colorful Avara top too. Can't wait to see your porch all decked out for spring... maybe it will motivate me to get moving on ours and remove my JOY welcome mat that I have left there since the day after Thanksgiving.

  3. I am loving the Madewell shirt! So pretty with the white pants! Have a great weekend!

  4. I am so ready for spring. It has been a rainy start, but I am still enjoying the warmer temperatures. Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  5. Love those braided sandals and the OkaB are super cute too! Those meme's are hilarious! Have a great weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. I love Avara and Leela and Lavender too. I got those fun Dolce Vita clogs from them. Happy Friday!!! XO

  7. Those shoes are all soooo fun! I love the tops, too! I hope you have the best weekend!

  8. The sandals are really cute - are they comfortable? I laughed at Stella bringing you the glasses!

  9. I love all of the Stella shenanigans! So cute!! She's precious. Those cropped wide leg jeans are so adorable on you. Love all the gingham and signs of spring. Yay! Have a great weekend!

  10. Oh, Stella! Those shoes from Oka B are so cute. I am definitely going to check them out since I used to work in Buford, GA when I lived there! I hope you have a great weekend.

  11. I am so excited for all the toe-showing shoes!!!!!
    Look at Miss Stella helping out bringing glasses!!! OHHHH the patience you need with a puppy

  12. I love those braided sandals and your colorful top! Those jeans from my old home Evereve look perfect on you too! Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  13. Oh those sandals, I wouldn't know which one to choose. Well why choose anyway right!

  14. Well, that's one way to teach her to climb the stairs, haha.
    I just love your gingham tops Andrea, and that colorful one too.

  15. You look great in gingham! Love those braided sandals! The Oka B shoes sound amazing too!

  16. I love Stella!!!! Great Finds!

  17. I can't believe you haven't done an Easter porch before! You are always so on the ball with the holidays! (In contrast I have exactly one bunny LOL I guess I skip from Valentine's Day straight to fall!) Stella is a great helper, haha!

  18. The vampire to bats meme is so good. I love those Dolce Vita sandals. I have seen them on my IG ads and want a pair. Love your Easter porch!

  19. Buford, Georgia is just an hour away. I love that you share some boutique finds. I am trying to shop more smaller shops and trying to find original pieces.

  20. I love your bright blouse and your sandal collection too!

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



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