Hello March! It was a calm week before a busy March begins. I did get to have a nice leisurely lunch with a friend on Tuesday. We had a little bit of a warmup this week and I was able to get outside and walk record a Walk and Talk for Instagram Sunday. Stella had her first vet visit yesterday and I nursed her last night after her vaccinations, well, not ACTUALLY nursed, LOL

1. My Little Barista

Oh, my little barista! Took Stella to Starbucks for her first Puppuccino on Saturday and the girls at the drive-through window went crazy for her little Starbucks Apron! Her reactions on Camera were priceless so I was so tickled to put together a little reels video that I shared on Instagram on Monday. I’m so proud of it. It’s like the cutest thing ever. Here are some snapshots of my little hard working girl, LOL!

Bark Brew Coffee Toy HERE

And I'm not a Barista, but I play one on Reels, LOL

Stella's Wardrobe Additions

AndBesides the apron, I got some adorable pieces for her from Shein. I thought you might like to see them in addition to the cherry hoodie I shared last week. The Camel Coat is like my Cashmere one.

Camel Coat HERE // Pearls HERE // Green Apron HERE // Cherry Hoodie HERE

2. 2022 St. Patrick's Day
Again, this tray is similar same to last years, but I put it together last week and thought I would share. You can check out that post for links to the items.

3. Week's Attire
Lounge Top HERE // Pants HERE // Slippers HERE // Stella NOT FOR SALE

Dress HERE // Shoes HERE

Jacket HERE // Pants HERE // Similar Shoes HERE

4. Green Sweater

Wouldn’t this sweet little Green Sweater be perfect for St. Patrick’s Day? I love the varsity Boho vibes with flare!


5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Camel Chic


Stella Says 

Have a SWEET Weekend Friends!

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  1. Stella is so cute, bless her heart, those vaccinations are not fun! I love that pretty green and white sweater, perfect for St. Paddy's Day and the prettiest shade of green. You look beautiful as always!

  2. Stella in her little barista apron is just adorable! I want that camel coat for Lana but she is getting so big I don't know how much longer she'll cooperate with wearing sweaters and coats!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Oh my goodness, how could the baristas not go crazy for her? So cute!!

  4. Stella Mae is so freaking cute in her apron! Love all these looks but dying over that floral dress. Have a terrific weened my friend!

  5. You must be having so much fun shopping for Stella!

  6. Oh my goodness, Stella looks like a stuffed toy half the time with her cute little face and adorable poses! I am loving her outfits too. Your tiered tray is so festive with all those shades of green.

  7. Your pup Stella is like a doll! How fun!

  8. Stella Mae is a cutie. You always look beautiful in the clothes you model. I love your tiered tray too.

  9. OMGEEEE I cannot with all of those adorable outfits!!!! I rarely watch Reels on IG, but I always love yours! They are the best! I especially love all of the ones with Stella Mae. She reminds me so much of Maui when she was a puppy. Have the best weekend!

  10. I saw Stella's reel and loved it! She's so darn cute.

  11. You made the cutest reel of you and Stella Mae! She is just the cutest dog. I like the way you decorated the tray for St. Patrick's Day and that top is cute too. Enjoy the weekend Andrea.

  12. Stella is a STAR! Loving all of her and those outfits! I need to get decorating for St. Patty's Day! Enjoy your weekend!

  13. Stella!!!! I cannot get enough of her! So much green goodness in this post. I LOVE IT! I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. Stella is the cutest barista ever! Haha. I also love that floral print dress and your tiered tray is so cute and festive. Have a glorious weekend my friend! XO, Caroline

  15. How did I miss your new reel with Stella? I need to see that one. I love all the green! I need to grab some St. Patrick's day stuff.

  16. I was the remote - LOL - YEP! THose were the days

    Those puppy clothes - I am DYING!!!!

  17. Stella needs to be the puppy spokes person for Starbucks! Who wouldn't purchase a pupichico from that little cutie?! :)


  18. This is such a fun post, Andrea! I love all of the green and your St Patrick's Tray looks incredible! Of course, Miss Stella is the cutest lil thing. <3

    I hope you are having a great week so far!


    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

  19. Sweet little Stella...I keep meaning to order that lounge set for Katie. I've been seeing it everywhere. Super cute. XO

  20. Stella is too cute! Love her barista garb! And "Stella NOT FOR SALE” cracked me up. :D

  21. That starbucks reel is so cute! Love her accessories! That puppy is going to have the cutest wardrobe ever!

  22. You have got some great pieces for Stella, and she looks cute in that apron. Your St Patrick's Tray looks brilliant!


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