A VERY Happy Friday to you all! I thought this drawing was appropriate as my mom and I are currently shopping in Chicago for her Birthday getaway. You are going to be so excited, like $250 excited, when you get to the end of this post to enter an Awesome Sephora Gift Card Giveaway. You know, in case no one told you, the VIP Sephora 20% off sale begins the 13th and ends the 16th. This is such an awesome sale to stock up on products and gifts!!!

I Absolutely bust out laughing every time I see this kitty funny. Cracks me up! Even a little gold fish in the martini glass. Which takes be back to a story from 20 years ago this very week.... (yes, sometimes my memory is tops)...

Here is the crazy thing about my cat story, the kitchen this occurred in looked EXACTLY like this one. A lady I worked with and her husband were going out of town so she asked me to come over and feed her cats. I thought by her stories that she had 4 or 5 so I figured, I love animals, I got this. I turned the key and saw ONE cat on the chair and thought aww, the others are shy, they must be hiding. I went to the cabinet where the food was stored and it was a new bag so when I went to pull it open......2 DOZEN, yes, TWO DOZEN CATS pounced onto the kitchen counter top for their food. They were hissing and clawing and I Freaked. I put the whole bag of food in the biggest bowl I could find and high tailed it outta there. She forgave me for wanting to never come back and I "think" I forgave her for failing to tell me she had 24 cats!!!

I have so much Christmas Decor. However, each year around this time, I feel the need to purchase a couple 10 more things for my holiday decor collection. This 2 feet tall battery/timer lamppost will be perfect for one of my console tables. The check out girl at TJ Maxx even complimented how cute it was.

Just and eclectic, neutral blend....
Kohl's Owl Swaeter
Errands attire
Kohl's pants, Target shirt. Loft sweater and Dolce Vita Booties

So I have been crushing hard on a few different colors this Fall, but come on, the Queen of then all is this rich and beautiful Oxblood!! Love it!!

Big Time sample score at Sephora. My freebie with points was this divine gel like face cream that I love. I am very selective when it comes to keeping these wrinkles at bay and this stuff really is the bomb. Better yet, this size is only $22 and the 1.68 oz is $38!!
This product is dermatologist tested and free of mineral oils, petrolatum, synthetic preservatives, dyes, and fragrances, and animal origin ingredients. Belif's The The True Cream Aqua Bomb is a 2015 Self Approved Beauty award winner.
Belif Cream from Sephora HERE

Speaking of Sephora, huh!! Friends this is $250!!!!! Did I just say $250 to spend at Sephora!!! Yes ma'am, $250!!! Well worth your while to enter this AWESOME giveaway. It will run through November 12th, just in time to begin your Sephora Shopping Spree on the 13th!! Aren't these ladies lovely AND SWEET to give one of you this awesome gift!!
a Rafflecopter giveaway 

Let the fun and relaxation begin...oh and possibly a lil Holiday decorating...Just saying....



  1. That first graphic is amazing and I'm loving oxblood - will probably need to make sure my nails are painted that color this weekend!! Have the best time in Chicago! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. hahaha beastmode: off. Your list is lovely for gift for loved one =d

    love that one

  3. Oxblood is such a gorgeous color!

    Great giveaway!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  4. 24 cats!!!! Oh my!! Lol! Have a great weekend!!

  5. I absolutely adore the new addition to your Christmas decor! What a beautiful lamp!! Of course, your looks are fabulous (as always ;)) too, sweets! That oxblood is gorgeous -- I especially love that nail polish! *swoon* Hope your weekend is every bit as sweet as you are, dear friend! Xx - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

  6. Enjoy your Chicago visit! What a great giveaway--just in time for the big sale! LOVE that owl sweater--too stinkin' cute! Have a wonderful weekend lovely!

  7. Love that oxblood round up and that cat is so funny. The next you're here we need to meet up!! I hope that you're enjoying your time together here and have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

  8. Oh my goodness Andrea I would have cried if that cat story happened to me! Kittens are cute and some cats but I just get so freaked out by them! 24?! How is that even legal haha! On another note, I'm loving oxblood as well, that color for nailpolish is beautiful! I hope you have a purrrfect weekend haha!


  9. I love the color Oxblood, perfect for this time of year! Have a wonderful time in Chicago. Love your outfits this week. You always look amazing!!

  10. Have so much fun shopping!!!! I love shopping with my mama too! :)

  11. Loving your owl sweater - too cute! And that Christmas lamp is perfection, have an amazing time shopping.

    Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  12. LOLing at that sassy cat ahahha!

  13. That cat story is too funny! I need to check out that Belif cream! I'm loving your outfits, especially the cute owl sweater! Have a great weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  14. Great giveaway, and even great faves! I am with you! I am all over the burgundy color! It's my fave color of this season! Oh, and that lamp is just too cute! Can you believe that Christmas is around the corner?!
    Happy Weekend, beautiful heart!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  15. OMG that Christmas lamp! I NEED it! I have that exact same owl sweater, only in orange! I am loving Oxblood, it screams holiday season to me! Loving your favorites, hope you and your mom find some great things! Have a happy weekend gorgeous friend! XO -Kim

  16. So funny- I would have freaked out if 24 acts pounced at me too!

    Also, I have a very similar owl sweater from Target which I styled the same way earlier this week! And I'm wearing an oxblood top and nail polish today! I love the color and actually have a few pieces since it works well with my skin tone.

  17. Haha! That story is so funny! I am loving oxblood too! Thanks for the giveaway! Have a wonderful weekend!


  18. 24 cats???? Yikes!!!! I absolutely LOVE that lamp post!!! So cute!!! And oxblood is such a pretty color. I think it would be fabulous on you! Ummm is that lotion actual sephora brand??? Because I have tried one of their moisturizers before and was actually pleasantly surprised how much I liked it! Have a great weekend!

  19. Your owl sweater is the cutest and it looks extra comfortable. Isn't the color oxblood so pretty? I'm wearing a top in that color today..Love it! Enjoy your weekend!!

  20. I love th plum color. I bet it looks great on you.

  21. Love all your looks! You're always so good about remembering to snap a selfie... I always forget that until I've taken it off and then I'm just like, "Nahhhh." That oxblood color has been my color crush this season too... although the girls at work tell me it's just because I'm craving red wine. And they may have a point.

  22. Omg, 24 cats! I love cats, but wow, that's a lot!

  23. At least it was regular dozens and NOT baker's dozens.hahaha OMG I would have died, friend. Fabulous giveaway, and I hope that you and your mom are having a fabulous time on your trip!!!!


  24. Anonymous7.11.15

    Hope you and your mom had a great time! Love this post - the cat story...24 cats, holy cannoli! I'm freaking out because I'm trying to adopt a 2nd (he's stray, and wild...he doesn't know he loves me yet:) ) but 24, wow! Also, I LOVE your owl so cute!


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