If you like Antipasto Platters and all things Italian, then this recipe is for you. My boys were even talking about it the next day: "What was that thing you made last night? It was really good!" It is so easy too so it was a Whammy of a Win Win for us all.

It is also really festive looking and is perfect for this time of year when you want something really yummy but are short on time or you're busy dipping buckeye balls in chocolate and need something to throw in the oven quick while your dipping over the stove.

What you'll need


1/4 pound salami
1/4 pound ham
1/4 pound pepperoni or one small package
8 sliced Swiss cheese
8 slices Provolone cheese
1 jar roasted red peppers, drained and sliced
2 cans crescent rolls
3 eggs
3 Tablespoons grated Parmesan cheese
1/2 teaspoon ground pepper 

Preheat the oven to 350 degrees. Line a 9x13 inch pan with one of he cans of crescent rolls. Layer meats, sliced cheeses and red peppers on top of the dough. In a medium bowl, beat the eggs slightly, and stir in the Parmesan cheese and black pepper. Pour 3/4 of this mixture over the peppers. Unroll the 2nd can of crescents and place over the top of the peppers. Brush with the remaining egg mixture. Cove with aluminum foil. Bake for 25 minutes, remove foil and bake another 15-20 minutes, or until dough is fluffy and golden brown. Let sit about 10 minutes and then cut into squares. Enjoy!!

Bakes up so very yummy and cuts in great little squares. You could cut these even smaller and use for an appetizer tray.

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  1. My boys would love this bake!

    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving!

  2. Oh, wow, that looks so yummy!

  3. okay, I'm not sure if I'm just super hungry or something but that looks seriously AH-mazing to me right now!! Now I need a snack but I can guarantee it won't be as good as that!!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  4. How did I miss this?! Pinning right now!

  5. ooh i could have used this yesterday! i'm behind on my comments, but man oh man does this look tasty.

  6. It looks delicious! Thank you for posting~

  7. Hi Andrea, looking at the photo I thought there would be a lot nore involved in creating those beauties, but they seem so easy! I know my lot would be happy with a plate of those for lunch.

    Popped over from the #happynowlinkup.



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