Happy Friday friends! Well, the twin girls shower was a huge success! Those kids and girlies were loved on so much. Everything ended up coming together perfectly. After we decorated for eight hours on Friday, my mom asked me if it was everything I had hoped for and yes, I was happy to make my vision come true to make it magical for them. Above pic when I was EXHAUSTED after decorating all day. I’m going to be hopping on a ferry to an island soon, so for now, just sharing some of my favorite decor/things. I’ll have more details and shower pics for you next week.

 1. The Balloons

What event would not be made more special than with balloons! As you’ve seen before, we have the best local balloon artist, and she, too, made my vision, come to life with her balloon backdrop, and adorable, personalized balloon columns!

2. The Flowers

Seriously friends, the flowers! The centerpieces were incredible! I found the clear vases with rattan overlays on clearance at Michael’s, so they made 13 incredible centerpieces for us, as well as putting two wildflowers in each of the little bud vases for takeaways. Love, love love. I gave everyone that helped a Centerpiece. I brought a couple home and took more photos, lol!

Name Banners HERE

3. Donut Wall
Could you just die over this donut wall! My neighbor had it at her daughter’s graduation open house, and I found out it was rentable by a friend of hers who so kindly shared it with me! A local bakery they all did donuts, but I totally overestimated and we're seeing donuts in our dreams.

4. Cookies

How precious are the personalized cookies! This was the mamas dream brought to life by a dear friend of hers, who runs Sugared Roots Bakery.

5. The Outfits

I saved one of the clothing outfits I got the girls as some of their shower gifts! My fav! Are these not the cutest outfits? Distressed jeans right down to a whole I. The knees, cozy UGG booties and the 0 to 6 mo hand-knitted sweaters from an incredible friend on Etsy, will grow with them this winter and are darling!

Sweaters HERE // Baby Distressed Jeans HERE // Uggs HERE // Headbands HERE

Love to you all and Enjoy the 





  1. Absolutely dying over these shower details! Those flowers are incredible and remind me of my wedding flowers. My mouth is watering looking at the donut wall and how adorable are those outfits you put together. Congrats on a wonderful twin shower! Enjoy your island time! XO

  2. Oh my goodness! Everything looks amazing. These girls are already more stylish than me and they aren't even born yet! ❤️❤️

  3. I can't even- you should become a professional party planner- everything is BEAUTIFUL- those little ladies and your kids are so lucky :) XO

  4. Love the pictures and the details that you've shared so far of the shower. Looks absolutely amazing. Enjoy your getaway! You deserve it!!

  5. Anonymous18.8.23

    What a gorgeous looking baby shower. I love the flowers, balloons, donuts, and cookies. Those outfits are just the cutest. I can’t wait to hear more about the shower. Thanks for the blog visit and enjoy the weekend. Julie’s Creative Lifestyle

  6. So cute! Their names are really cute too.

  7. It looks amazing and that is a lot of work. Enjoy a relaxing weekend! I love the little outfits, those 2 little girls are going to be the best dressed girls around.

  8. Anonymous18.8.23

    Oh, WOW!! Andrea, you need to start a business in this!! You have a real talent. I love every.single.detail. These twins are going to have the best grandma in the world!


  9. OMG - every detail was just perfect! I'm glad you can check the shower of the list and enjoy a little island life to wrap up the summer!

  10. Those sweaters are too amazing. You really know how to plan a party Andrea,

  11. Oh Andrea, I am dyyyying over that last picture of the little sweaters and jeans and boots! Oh my word, how much fun it's going to be y'all to dress those sweet girls. I miss having a tiny baby so much. This shower was just spectacular!

  12. Oh my, what a job!! But you did a BEAUTIFUL one, at that!! Everything is precious and perfect! I love the names too :)


  13. Leave it up to you to make it extra ordinair! You did a amazing job!

  14. I love all the balloon sculptures and the colors of them. All the decorations came out amazing. The outfits are so cute!! Congrats!

  15. You outdid yourself! What a beautiful shower! Every detail is perfection!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  16. You did such an amazing job! Those sweaters with their names are adorable!!!! I had Collins on our list when we named Zoe, how fun!

  17. Anonymous25.8.23

    You did an outstanding job my friend! Everything looks beautiful and those tiny outfits are the cutest! XO, Caroline

  18. So adorable. You put a lot of effort to create a beautiful baby shower for the twins. Love the balloons and the donut bar. The outfits are darling. I am happy to feature your sweet baby shower at Love Your Creativity.

  19. I'm just dying over those adorable personalized sweaters! So cute! Love all the little details. You rocked this girl!

  20. Beautiful shower! You are taking showers to a new level!

  21. AngieFab31.8.23

    How beautiful everything was! You must be deliriously excited for twin girls!

  22. Anonymous9.9.23

    Hi Andrea! Oh soo cute! those UGG boots are precious! Love their names too and donuts! Great ideas! Our daughter just got married. We are in that adrenaline coma let down tonight! xo laura

  23. laura everyday edits

  24. Anonymous14.9.23

    Oh my goodness…what a sweet day! I didn’t know they had names picked…love them. One of my besties here is having her first grand and her name will be Collins and they announced it with that same little sweater. I may have to grab one of those for my Haisley girl. I know you are so excited


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