While the florist, balloon designer, and caterer we’re all hired, there’s still so many supplies to get when you are hosting a party, in my case a twin baby girls shower. Here are just a few of my favorite things I bought from Amazon for the event coming up this weekend. Linking up with the wonderful Tanya for her monthly AMAZON Link-Up!

Bud Vases

Last week I took 70 of these Bud Vases to the florist and they’re going to fill all of them with two wildflowers each symbolizing the twins and the theme of the shower. 


Party Decorations

Not quite sure what I’m gonna do with these Party Decorations, but I loved the mix. Maybe we’ll hang from the ceiling or just fill in for spots that need a little something. 


Wood Thank You Tags

These Wood Heart Thank You cuties go on the vases and were tied on before we gave them to the florist. I love that they are wood and that you get 100. They even come with the twine.


Cute Floral Writing Pens

Of course, will be playing games and while I have a lot of pens, I don’t think I have 70 lying around. With the floral theme on these Writing Pens and the rose gold, they fit the shower design perfectly, and will go at each place setting.


Pink Plastic Plates

While we are using real China for the party, you still need plates as back up and set beside the donut wall in case people don’t want put donuts on their brunch plate. For the kind of classy shower this is, I just didn’t want to do paper plates. Love the scallops on these Pink Plates!


Mom-osas Sign 

It wasn’t until the shower that I saw This Take on Mimosas. It’s so fitting for a baby shower and the mom to be. Of course we will have non-alcoholic options for the little girls and those under 21 and there will be some more mamas to be there. Keep in mind when hosting a baby shower that you might want someone to pour the Prosecco instead of helping themselves (messy and spills; no thanks). One of our caters will be taking care of this for us.


Gold Cutlery 

I knew I wanted Gold Cutlery, but nobody I knew had enough gold for this to work and it would’ve been way too expensive to purchase and then what would we have done with it all? You guys, I cannot believe how real they look with the hammered design. They are beautiful and I can’t believe they’re plastic. Nice weight. 


Paper Straws

What would a party be without Cute Paper Straws? These will be on the Momosa table, and they were also tied onto all the little bottles of bubbly that will be sitting at the tables for additional take home gifts. 


Tulle and Satin Table Skirt 

Ahhhh be still my heart! These Table Skirts are a thing of beauty, so girly, so classy, so original and fun. I love them so much and they attach super easy to countertops, tables and tablecloths and include all the Velcro you need. These are in a beautiful champagne color that match the tablecloths. 


As you know, I will be sharing much more of the shower, but I feel like these items could work well for other parties, including bridal showers, weddings, birthday parties, and graduation open houses or just a classy get together. 


Here are some other great things I've purchased on Amazon Lately! 

Set of 2 vases. LOTS of colors and designs. So classy and Pretty. Thinking Fall decor. Get them HERE!

One of the most Beautiful Bathing Suits I've seen. That sarong! Look there are even hummingbirds in the print! Size Up one.

OH, THESE SHORTS! I haven’t styled them or yet, but they fit like a dream, I saw them on Laura and knew I had to have. Size up, a 8 is a medium but more like a small and they will be perfect, I ordered 2 sizes just in case nd sent one back. Under $20. I wore capri faux leather pants a lot this past Spring and LOVE the look. One of the most beautiful suits I've seen. oh that sarong! Size Up

Happy Shopping and Have a GREAT WEEK!


  1. I can tell from these purchases that the shower will be gorgeous and amazing. Love those vases and seriously considering that suit and sarong for Greece!

  2. That suit is gorgeous and calling my name! Also adding those vases to my cart!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. Fun! I LOVE all of your finds!!! I'm glad I found this linky party, its been fun to join! Love all that pink and I have to checkout that swimsuit! Thanks for sharing!

  4. Anonymous7.8.23

    The shower is going to be spectacular, I know it! I also love those shorts! Have a wonderful day lovely friend! Xo, Caroline

  5. Wow, the party decor is amazing! It's going to be your color and design choices. Thanks for linking up!

  6. Anonymous7.8.23

    I really love that suit!! And, I can't wait to see photos from the shower, just by looking at what you purchased I can tell it was gorgeous (esp with those cute vases)!


  7. Anonymous7.8.23

    I am not sure if I have ever looked more forward to seeing party pics. I am quite sure it will be absolutely incredible and beautiful. Enjoy!!

  8. Oh those party supplies are fabulous!!

  9. Oh my goodness, the shower is going to be absolutely gorgeous!! <3 Love all of these pretty details, and also, that swimsuit is SO pretty!!

    Make Life Marvelous

  10. The party is going to be a blast!! I have a pair of shorts like that and love them especially for the winter with tights and boots,

  11. Love the "Momosia concept! Nothing else to add except that I agree the shower is looking like it's going to be amazing and I'll look forward to reading about it. Good luck on all the final preparations. I'm sure there are so many parts and pieces that need to come together.

  12. Can't wait to see how the party turns out, I know it will be BEAUTIFUL!!


  13. This shower is going to be amazing! Everything looks so pretty and those bud vases are a nice touch. I am so excited for you all!

  14. Oh I can't wait to see more details from the shower! You picked up soooo many pretty things!

  15. Sooo many cute things for the shower! I love those pleather shorts!

  16. Anonymous10.8.23

    I love the party supplies you picked. They are perfect for a baby shower.

  17. Love love all the party decor~

  18. Ohh! I hope you all have a fab time at the baby shower. What great decorations.

  19. Those party supplies are so cute! And I love the style of that swimsuit!

  20. Both the swimsuit and the leather shorts are on point!

  21. So many amazing finds an LOVING that mom-osa sign! <3

  22. Glad you got those shorts! I bet you are going to look fabulous in them! Love the bathing suit too!


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