And just like that, there goes April! It has been an interesting week, let me tell you, possible fodder for the blog though, so that’s good, lol! I did get some flower pots planted yesterday and plan on putting flowers in the ground this weekend as I think we are finally in the clear of a freeze/frost. I say that, but last year, I had to cover my plants nine evenings in a row due to frost, lol! Come on mother nature let’s get with it this year, lol!


1. Stella and At Home
It amazes me how many establishments will allow dogs and I think it is wonderful. I do not recommend taking an animal into a store if they are not well behaved. Thank goodness Stella is learning young and she can comply with store rules. Mr. Nine and I made a trip up to At Home in Kalamazoo last Sunday to get some things for the outdoors and she sat in the cart the whole time which is the store policy never made a peep.

I think it’s safe to say they love each other to pieces! She is daddy’s girl!

2. Rocking Chair Refresh

These are some of the things that we got for the front porch, I wanted a rug under my rockers and some pillows but the ones on the site where we bought the rockers four times as expensive as these and these are just as high-quality. Love this look.

Rockers HERE // Table HERE // Similar Rugs HERE & HERE // Pillows HERE

3.Week's Attire

Top HERE // Pants HERE // Shoes HERE

Top HERE // Jeans HERE // Sneakers HERE

And with the Jacket.....HERE Similar

4. More Stella 


Stella Mae absolutely needs This Camper!!! Isn’t it just darling? Maybe she can talk Daddy into it! LOL! This Creative Seller on Etsy even has a doggie Taco Truck and Ice cream truck too!

Better Day

I was having a really bad day on Wednesday but walking through the greenhouses with Sweet Stella can ease anything that is hurting you. It’s just too bad that the whole world can’t love on each unconditionally like our pets do!

Her Hoodie HERE // Bow HERE

5. Misc. Fun 


Monday ~ Charleston Chronicles

Wednesday ~ Chicwish Review 2022...Sundresses


Have a wonderful weekend, treat all of those you truly care about with kindness and only do what brings you joy!!!

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  1. That doggie camper is so adorable! What a great business idea... so much better than those standard dog houses. I love the rug you found to go under the rocking chairs.

  2. Stella looks like she enjoys a good shopping trip. Hopefully mother nature cooperates with your flowers, I think we are all ready for more sunshine and less wind/rain!

  3. Oh my goodness, that camper! You really need that one for Stella May! Happy weekend.

  4. Dying over Stella Mae's cute camper! Sorry about your tough Wednesday but glad the flowers did their magic. Always helps me too. Love the porch chairs and rug!

  5. I love your pretty porch decorated with the blue and white rug and pillows. How cute is Stella and that she is so good to shop with you both. I love that little camper. Have a happy Friday and weekend Andrea.

  6. Sorry you had a hard Wednesday!

  7. I hope your week has gotten better! How can it not with Sweet Stella! She does need that camper! Your rocking chair refresh is so great. I'm ready for spring!

  8. A very important day - Stella and her first trip to At Home! :) I mean, that's a big one! She looks right "at home" and I love that she's a daddy's girl too. Riley is the same way with my Hubbs. Have a super sweet weekend xo


  9. Hello dear Andrea... OMG Stella is so darn cute in that jean jacket!! She looks so teeny tiny next to you handsome hubby. Hope you are done with that mean ol Bad Wednesday! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  10. Stella's camping photos are so dang cute. I love that purple top with the white pants. So cute. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I cannot get over that tiny denim jacket on Stella! Her wardrobe is even better than mine! Haha. She is just a doll!

  12. Sending you lots of love Andrea. I absolutely think that Stella needs that camper.

  13. Omg that doggie camper! How precious! Stella's got it good already, but then if she ends up with a camper and/or taco truck, forget it! :D

  14. Love seeing you and Stella in your matching outfits! She definitely needs that camper! Hope you're having a fabulous weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  15. Love the rocking chair refresh you did! That rug is super cute! I didn't know you could bring dogs in that store, but how fun! Stella looks like a little princess in the cart.

  16. Anonymous1.5.22

    Andrea - I learned about your blog through the Preppy Empty Nester’s blog. I think you are just adorable! I, too, am a midwesterner - I grew up in Springfield, IL but moved to Texas when I was just 22 years old. I’m probably closer in age to your mom than you, but I just love your midwestern honesty, style, recipes, home interior design and holiday decorating, especially your beautiful front porch. I am the mom to two daughters, and nana to 4 grandsons, which has certainly been a learning process for me - lol. I just learned from reading your early blogs that both you and your husband were married to others before, and again, I admire and appreciate your honesty and advice. I divorced after 25 years of marriage in May 2005. My ex-husband and I now have a good, friendly relationship with one another, which is so good and healthy for us, our daughters and our grandsons. Please keep doing what you are doing. Your blog is so uplifting! I would welcome hearing a little more about your beautiful mom and what she wears, as well as her beauty routine, since she and I are both “middle-aged”. I really didn’t want to post this long comment on your most recent post, but couldn’t figure out how to send you an email message. Just showing my age and lack of blogging savvy - lol! Connie Cottingham

  17. OMG I cannot get over the denim jacket on the dog- precious!

  18. I loved Mama's Family! I would love that as a reboot! Stella is the cutest! I cannot handle her in that adorable jean jacket! LOVE the blue on your porch. Gorgeous!!!


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