I am still coming off a great trip with my mama to Charleston. It was a gift from her for my birthday. I will share all about that fabulous trip and our first visit there next week. Prior to the trip, we had some great fam time in Indy. My favorites today are some great Indianapolis spots and the fun we had.

Bottleworks Hotel

Such a piece of history! This Hotel is the old Coca-Cola bottling company that was the largest Coca-Cola bottling plant in the world! The architecture is stunning, and they have restored as much as possible for one of Indianapolis’s newest and coolest hotels! This whole area is now known as the Bottleworks District, and the entire area is being revitalized. They have everything from a food court called the Garage to a movie theater and they are adding all kinds of restaurants! You may have seen a while back when we went to PINS,

A duckpin bowling and entertainment establishment. We plan on going back to this area this Summer.

Hotel helping me Celebrate all month long, lol

All the doors are Coca Cola Red


Fountain Square

We had only ever really been downtown Indy but on the outskirts, there are some little districts like I told you about the Bottleworks area that are amazing and one of those is Fountain Square! We had tacos at an amazing little Mexican restaurant, shopped some plant stores for the girls, a vinyl record shop, some vintage resale and sat in the middle of the highway on stadium chairs that someone had put there, so unusual.

Cake Bake Shop

As you know, I got lucky enough to go to the Cake Bake Shop with my dear friend Kellyann in February. One of the boys’ girlfriends and I share birthdays two days apart, so she made reservations for us to keep on celebrating on Good Friday. Such a lovely time, wonderful food, fabulous desserts and best of all sweet company and such a gorgeous environment.



WOW! The crabapples were in full bloom down there and I was tickled “pink” to see these and snap this pic on our walk to breakfast. This  means it won’t be long until they’re in bloom here.

Vionic Shoes

Mr. Nine and I had she fun with our newest Vionic Shoes. They were the perfect pairs for walking around Indy. One of the boy’s girlfriends shot some pics in the Hotel and they turned it so cute! Mr. Nine in his Lucas Sneakers and me in my Thrive MuleI loved mine so much that I wore them for the recent flights too.

Additional Outfit Deets:
Ball Cap HERE // Leggings HERE //Sweatshirt HERE // White Shirt HERE // Jean Jacket HERE // My Shoes HERE // Mr. Nine's Jeans HERE // His Shoes HERE


And a bit of bittersweet involved in this post, these two are moving to Baltimore, Maryland in a few weeks. This girl is going to complete her 2 year Pharmacy residency at Johns Hopkins in Baltimore and our son was lucky enough to get transferred from his Amazon management job to a Baltimore location as well! This was our last hurrah in Indianapolis with us all for a while. Going to miss these kids so much! You know I’ve already been researching things to do in Baltimore, lol!

And a Pic at Check out of course

Have a great weekend friends! Going to get my ferns today. It is going to be 84° here tomorrow but don’t get too excited, back in the 30s next week…. what up Indiana weather?

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  1. What a great weekend! Oh the Cake Bake Shop, I want to go back and just sit in all that beauty and be surrounded by deliciousness. I know you'll miss those two as they head off to Baltimore but you'll have fun visiting!
    Love ya!

  2. Looks like an amazing weekend trip! Sorry your son is moving away- bittersweet for sure but you must be so proud! XO

  3. You are going to love exploring Baltimore! We've only been once and would love to go back.

  4. What a fun filled weekend! I know that it's hard having your son move so far away but Baltimore is a fun place to visit! And, I know they both are going to do amazing things there!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. What a fun trip!! It looks like you all had a blast. It is too bad the boys won't be in the same city any more, but that does give you a new place to explore! I can't wait to hear all about your trip with your mom too!

  6. What a wonderful weekend you all had! Love the cool hotel and would love to visit the Cake Bake shop. The pics of your family are so precious and good luck to your son and girlfriend on their new adventure.

  7. It looks like you had such a wonderful time together, and I love those photos of you and Mr Nine in the hotel. And what a fabulous hotel it is! Belated happy birthday to you, Andrea!
    Suzy xx

  8. That looked like such a fun birthday continuation celebration with the family!! That hotel room looked huge! The food, the fun, family and outfits! Fabulous! Congrats to your son and girlfriend on their move. Johns Hopkins is an amazing school! Happy Weekend!

  9. It sounds like such a fun trip! I am sure you will them as they travel to Baltimore but I know you'll find plenty of new places to explore while visiting them.

  10. I enjoyed looking at the photos Andrea of your family get away. The hotel looks so cool and how fun to share the birthday celebrations. I know you'll enjoy visiting your son in Baltimore. I can't wait to see and hear about your get away with your mom. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  11. What a wonderful, fun-filled weekend! I have not been to downtown Indy since my best friend got married there ten years ago haha. Anyway! I know that you told me about that Cake Bake Shop and it looks SO CUTE! Have a glorious weekend friend! XO, Caroline

  12. Well this just looks like so much fun! And all the pics with your family are precious. So excting about the move...but I know it tugs at your heart just a little. I will say, I honestly think being able to go visit and have that dedicated time together may trump having them in the same time and having to fight for their attention haha

  13. I adore your dress for the cake shop bake place. So cool. I have never been to Indy, but have always wanted to go. Looks like a great time.

  14. Y'all have just been having so much fun! I love it! I'm going to get my ferns today, too. I feel like I'm behind this year!

  15. You all look so beautiful and happy! I love family time like this. So special! Treasure every moment (I know you do!!) xo


  16. It looks like you have been having so much fun lately with your trips! Love those shoes on you too!

  17. That's such a wonderful time together Andrea. Such fabulous memories that you'll always have.

  18. What a beautiful trip you had..I live on the outskirts of Baltimore..lots to see and do around here..Wishing them both the best of luck with their move..Happiest of Birthdays to both of you beautiful ladies!!

  19. What a great times! And you always look so amazing! You have a lovely family!

  20. HI Andrea, I am setting up my feedly favorites since bloglovin stopped updating most of my follow feeds! I have two boys in separate states and we make it work. First, we got the United + card. ;0) for miles. OUr youngest is headed to Dallas for a summer internship and I hope he ends up back in Denver. Great pics. I tried to copycat your front porch for Valentine's Day and it was an epic fail. Happy Day! We love Charleston! laura in Denver area.

  21. What a fun-looking trip! I've never been to Indianapolis. Aww, it certainly sounds bittersweet that your son will be moving to Baltimore, but I'm sure you will find all the best things to do when you visit him, haha!

  22. That hotel looks pretty cool!

  23. That whole area sounds fun. The hotel look so cool. Gosh, that is a far move! Best wishes to them!


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