I know, insane to believe that Mother’s Day is Sunday! Hoping to really get out and celebrate this year and I hope you will celebrate the women in your life as well! If you’re still shopping, you know the great thing about Amazon Prime is it will be here in plenty of time for Mother’s Day if you’re interested in some of the gifts I’m sharing today! Not gonna lie, I’m not done with my mom yet either, so I need to get to shopping and linking with Tanya for her monthly Amazon Prime link up!

Celebrate with Babs Cookbok
I discovered Babs on Instagram and I’ve been in love ever since! To think, she started two years ago at the age of 71 on a whim on TikTok and now she has the most amazing cookbook and gazillions of followers! She’s adorable!

Pink Mixing Bowl Set 

Pink stacking Mixing Bowl set, sign me up! These are so pretty!

Necklace Set

My mom got me This Necklace Set for my birthday and I have been wearing it nonstop ever since! The price is so good and the chain links and layered look are perfect!

4. Turkish Towels

These 100% cotton Turkish Towels are perfect for so many things. They’re great just to put over your lap, to take to the beach or picnic, these come in a set of two and they are the prettiest pink, lots of other colors as well.

Gingham Apron

There are times you just need an apron and why not have a precious one. This Pink Gingham Apron is so pretty and this one is so high quality for mom. AND only $12 coming in several gingham colors.

100 Languages Necklace w/ Preserved Rose

This might be one of my favorite gifts ever from my kids! When you look inside the stone it says I love you in 100 languages and the rose is preserved, lasting forever. The Necklace pulls out this sweet little drawer and I love to display it in my closet and I am wearing it as we speak. So precious!

Bracelet Stack
So many pretty stacks to choose from! These Cuties are really great quality for the money! Bracelets stacks are all the rage these days. TONS of color mixes!

Pretty Sprayer

I think this Plant Sprayer is so pretty. I do mostly outdoor plants but I now tons of people that would love this, it even looks pretty as a decoration.

French Tarts Baking Kit

I’ve always wanted to make French tarts! I think this Little Kit makes 

it so much fun!


Here's to all the ladies you LOVE!

And Here's to a BETTER week than last and always 
Happy Shopping!



  1. Oh those mixing bowls are just perfect! :)

  2. Love all these cute gifts! I would love to get those pink mixing bowls.

  3. I love all of these ideas!

  4. You've found so many goodies! I love that necklace and sprayer! I hope you're off to a great week!

  5. I follow Babs on tiktok and her book would be perfect for mothers day!! Great roundup!

  6. Oh...that French Tart kit is adorable!

  7. I am loving all the pink!

  8. I'll take one of each please! So many pretty presents - great job!

  9. Such fun ideas! Love that initial necklace and bracelet stack. Going to go check out babs!

  10. These are all super cute ideas! I need to check out Babs. She sounds adorable!

  11. I really love the mixing bowls and the initial necklace. I am all about that beautiful pink and would love to add more to my wardrobe.

  12. Anonymous2.5.22

    These are all really cute gift ideas! I love the pink mixing bowls and the French tart making kit! XO, Caroline

  13. Well, may just have to buy some of these for myself for Mother's Day. Great ideas! Hope you are doing great my friend!

  14. Oh my goodness LOVE those pink mixing bowls <3

  15. I am all about getting new kitchen things & those pink bowls!!! I love them!!!!!

  16. Anonymous2.5.22

    I love all the pink things! Visiting you from the hello monday link up.

  17. You definitely come up with the best gifts Andrea!!

  18. Love all the pink gift inspo. I think Bab's is a hoot! XO

  19. I just love Babs and her cookbook is on my Mother's Day wish list. Fingers crossed! Thanks for linking up with Prime Purchases!

  20. I think Babs is so sweet and just love her!

  21. Well this post just speaks right to my heart! You know how much I love pink! Those mixing bowls are so pretty!

  22. Love the pink theme! I'll take one of each! I need to check out Babs!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Love all the pink and gold!


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