Happy long weekend! For those of you in the United States, it’s the Memorial Day weekend and unofficial kick off to Summer! For us, it’s our big Anniversary weekend! We were hoping for a getaway but the area we want to go to is completely booked due to the senior PGA tournament. So it’ll be a day to night date instead on Saturday and on our actual Sunday Anni, we’re going to see… 


Top Gun Maverick

Only been waiting for this sequel to Top Gun for 2 years since its release was postponed during the Pandemic. And essentially been waiting 36 years since the original was released! It’s in my top 10 of favorite movies! AND it’ll be our first time back to the theater since January of 2020! Give me all the concessions, lol! 

I think I should wear THIS TEE!!

I ordered it, should be here today!

2. Festive Attire

This TEE! 

And how about wearing This one all weekend long and right through Fourth of July! This was a favorite purchase from last year and now you can get it all over the place. I will be talking more about Americana tees in a couple weeks but I had to share this one because I realized I never got any pictures of me in it by myself last year. So cute!

Tee HERE // Shorts HERE //Earrings HERE // Flip Flops HERE // Hair Tie HERE


And look at Stella and her red, white and blue! She wore this Cute Romper recently and saw her first train!

My Angel!!

3. TV

This is Us! 

This show has my heart and I bawled like a baby during the last episode of the series on Tuesday night! Did you watch it? The writers of the show are incredible and I have loved the Pearson family so much!

Stranger Things

I never thought I would like this show, Stranger Things, but I love it and I’m excited for season four which starts today!

4. Old Navy Tech & OkaB

As I mentioned in a post last week, the Old Navy Tech line really has my heart, I ended up getting the Joggers in three different colors and isn’t that green just so cool? In addition to the ribbed T-shirts, the Ribbed tanks are even better. They are cool, soft and you can tuck them in or just leave them on the outside, they are not cropped at all. AND look at my Cute Slides from OkaB. The are called the Bette. Stella chewed some pearls off, first shoes she's damaged.

Sooooo CUTE!
AND my dear friends at OkaB are having 25% off their website until June 2nd!! I own 3 pair and LOVE them all!! 

5. Misc. Fun


Wednesday ~ Favorites


**BE like the old lady below 
this weekend!!!!


Most importantly, we must diligently pray for those affected by the Robb Elementary school shooting in Texas this week! Those beautiful children lost on Earth but now thankfully in the arms of God! Leaving behind grieving and broken hearts all over this world. When are the senseless mass shootings going to stop? 

 Hug on each other extra this weekend, be kind and 

never lose HOPE!!!!!!!

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  1. Enjoy the movie - I am hoping to see it this weekend too and happy anniversary to you and Mr. Nine! Your outfits are so cute but that Stella is stealing the show in her adorableness!
    Love ya!

  2. Yes! Bring on the Red, White and Blue! Stella is styling- love it- have a beautiful weekend! XO

  3. The T's are cute as can be! And I love they way they wrapped up This is Us, it was nice to have so many loose ends tied up... but I miss them already! Have a lovely anniversary. I just know will!

  4. Anonymous27.5.22

    Happy anniversary weekend! All my hubby can talk about is Top Gun. Love all your cute holiday looks. I am excited about Strangers Things too. Stella Mae is always so cute!

  5. Happy Anniversary! I can't wait to see Top Gun sequel! I may need to get that tee! Stella looks absolutely darling in that romper! Enjoy the long weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  6. Matt wants to see the Top Gun movie so much! I love Stella's cute patriotic outfits! Yours is darling too!

  7. Things like school shootings make me less inclined to want to celebrate our country. So sad.

  8. Happy Anniversary Andrea! I hope you have fun with Mr. Nine celebrating this weekend. Stella is such a cutie pie. I love stranger things and so sad that it's the last season for it. Have a great holiday Andrea.

  9. Kent and I are going to see that while I'm in CA. I can't wait. OKAY...This is Us, I thought the last episode was a let down and I was so sad. The ones leading up to it were so much better. XOXO

  10. We have reservations to see that movie on Monday. We will have to compare notes!!

  11. Anonymous27.5.22

    I will at some point go and see the Top Gun movie. I loved your Chicwish outfits and I am SO excited that Stranger Things is back! Have a glorious weekend lovely friend! XO,Caroline

  12. Love both those graphic tee's and I definitely think you should wear the Top Gun one to see the movie; so fun! We purposely postponed our anniversary weekend for another few weeks since the trails we wanted to hike on our last two anniversary weekends in NH still had snow on them.. thinking we will be just fine this year with all the warm weather we've been having.

  13. Anonymous27.5.22

    I would love to see the Top Gun movie this weekend too. Happy anniversary! Stella is just a doll as always.


  14. I want to go see Top Gun too! How good is Tom Cruise still looking!

  15. I’m loving your love of Top Gun! I knew the gist but only saw it for the first time in 2020 (wasn’t it on like every day for a while there?). Anthony Edwards with hair is a trip! I loved him as Goose, which helped when I started watching ER in the fall of 2020, haha! Hope you’re having a great weekend!

  16. Haha that’s a cute graphic tee to wear to the movie! My hubby wants to go see it so we might go this weekend as well. I love Stella’s romper. That girl got style! Gosh, I haven’t shopped at Old Navy in awhile. I need to check them out! I get into phases with them as well as Nordstrom. Have a great date night and happy anniversary you two lovebirds!

    Maureen |

  17. Happy Anniversary! Stella looks adorable in that romper.

  18. Please don't hate me but I've never actually seen Top Gun. I KNOW. I was only a baby when the first one came out and I just never got around to seeing it when I got older. I've heard AMAZING things about the new one, though, so B and I are going to watch the original soon so we can go see the new one in the theater. I can't wait!

  19. I still haven't watched the finale of This is Us yet. BUT I did see Top Gun this weekend and it was soooo good.

  20. Didn't you just love Top Gun?!?!?


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