No, you don’t, month of May, don’t you be going too fast, the summer season is just getting started in Indiana! May 13th already? Here’s the good news, we had a streak of record-breaking weather this week my pots and ground plants are all planted and starting to go strong, and the pool is sparkling and warm.

Bad news, our little sweet Stella was sick one day this week, but I think she’s much better now. An a host of others things arose but I'm staying positive ALWAYS!!

1. Draper James RSVP at Kohl's

Say WHAT? I went into Kohl’s for the first time in a long time to check out the new Sephora they put inside and low and behold an entire section in color coordination mind you from Draper James called Draper James RSVP! It is magnificent! I already had a dress for Mother’s Day brunch, but I grabbed this Darling Midi Dress!

The drape, fit, print and material are so pretty, and this is such quite how quality. The price point is less than a Draper James Store and Kohl's always has sales.

There are tons of things on my wish list including some of these! I will definitely be going back for more when I have more time. So many fabulous pieces, I literally cannot say enough good stuff about this line and it’s been a while since I found one that I really love.


And how pretty does mom look in her Floral Kimono from The Mint Julep Boutique! Another gorgeous print!

2. Stella 5 Months

So glad she is feeling much better! She’s such a JOY! She’s 6lbs 8oz and all love and sassiness. She is learning tricks and loves riding and going on walks with us.

And isn't her wardrobe the BEST!


We Matched

Stella's Hoodie HERE // Hair Bow HERE // My Hoodie HERE // Shorts HERE

3. Sugared Roots

How cute are these cookies? They are allergy and gluten-free and vegan! AND Delicious! This is a bakery called Sugared Roots by a gal who is a friend of our son’s girlfriends and they made me these precious cookies for Mother’s Day. I especially like the one with sweet Stella’s face!

4. LuLulemon Extended Strap Bags

Let me just tell you, my designer bags are back on the shelf, and these LuLu Crossbody Bags, well, I use them 4-5 times as a week! Lululemon has listened and now the extended strap makes it easier to carry as a crossbody which I always do! Love love love these so much!

Obviously I wear mine ALOT!!!

5. Misc. Fun


Wednesday ~ Pink Tops, White Bottoms


The latest Red Aspen designs. Such fun, pretty colors!!!



And I leave you with some bitter sweetness. Some of you may know that one of our sons is moving to Baltimore so that his lovely girl can complete her pharmacy residency at Johns Hopkins! They bought in a townhouse and move in a few days. Of course, I’m crying but of course I’m so happy for their bright future and East Coast here we come, lol! 

So proud to have Dr. Baker in the family!


Have a wonderful weekend, be kind and 

do things that make you SMILE!!!!!!!

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  1. Awww, I know you are happy and sad about the move. Hugs, friend! Love that kimono your mom is wearing and you look spectacular in your dress - so pretty! I do hope your sweet girl is feeling better - sick pups are no fun!

  2. Love all of the spring outfits- they got me excited for pastels and bright colors again! I am so sorry about your son moving- I can imagine how bitter sweet but what a wonderful life they are building! XO

  3. Happy 5 months to Stella! I am sure Baltimore will be fun to visit. If LD ever moves away, I'll just have to get an apartment wherever he goes too ;-) Have a great weekend, Andrea!

  4. I need to get to Kohl's pronto! Love the dress you bought. I'm sure your flowers are looking amazing with all the weather we have been having. Praying for you and your son for his move. Have a great weekend Andrea!

  5. OMG! I had no idea there was going to be a Draper James line at Kohl's! How exciting!

  6. What lovely spring outfit ideas! I love that photo of your son and his lovely lady. Wishing them all the best with their move and all the "new" things that entails.

  7. I'm liking the Kohl's clothes and the bag!

  8. Happy happy 5 months to your sweet Stella!

  9. That is so exciting about the move, although definitely bittersweet! I know you'll miss them. Love the Draper James line!

  10. Anonymous13.5.22

    Stella looks SO cute in her little outfits! That Draper James dress is really cute and I love your mom's kimono! I know that your son's move is bittersweet, so sending you big hugs lovely friend! XO, Caroline

  11. Anonymous13.5.22

    That dress IS SO CUTE! And it is all of my favorite summer colors! I need to see if they ever finished the Sephora in our Kohls. LuLulemon Extended Strap Bags are so fun! I ordered a black AND a white one last week for this summer!


  12. I had no idea that Draper James was pairing with Kohls. So many cute items. I want that Lululemon bag and keep seeing it everywhere. I love how much you use yours. It would be perfect for football games. I just may have to finally pull the trigger.

  13. You and your mom look so pretty in your MD outfits. Stella is just adorable and I love her outfits. The Draper James line sounds so nice and I'll check it out. I can imagine how you feel about your son moving but you, your husband, and Stella will have a new place to visit. Enjoy the weekend Andrea.

  14. Darling pic of you and your beautiful Mama!! Johns Hopkins!! Holy guacamole.- beauty and brains! At least they are just moving for school - they'll be back. Have a wonderful weekend with stunning Stella and hope your weather stays nice!

  15. That dress is so cute! I haven't been into a Kohl's in quite a while. I might have to make a trip there to find that dress!

  16. Baltimore is a fun place to visit. I want one of those yummy looking cookies now!

  17. Wow, a pharmacy residency at Johns Hopkins is a once in a lifetime opportunity! I agree: spring needs to slow down!

  18. All of these Draper James pieces are darling! Need to head over to Kohls! Love the photo of you and your sweet mom! It's a big move but they are going to both do amazing things and you'll love visiting Baltimore!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  19. I grabbed that dress and way too many others to try after you showed it off!

  20. That Draper James dress is just darling! You look like a spring dream! I hope Stella is feeling better now! I'm going to be watching my friend's cat next month--maybe we should dress up and match?! hahaha she would be like GET OUT.

  21. There are so many cute things in the Draper James line! I love that dress on you especially!

  22. I'm glad to read that Stella May is doing better. Love all the pink on you.

  23. I had walked into Kohls in desperation a month or so ago for shoes for Zoe and noticed the Draper James stuff. I didn't have much time to really try it on and all that, I need to go back and take a closer look. I was so excited to see it there though! I always forget I like the LC and Simply Vera brands there too.

  24. Ok! I MUST check out Draper James at Kohls'

  25. Umm, you are absolutely gorgeous in this Draper James dress! Such a spring fling number! And what an exciting time for your son- but I can imagine it's so tough for you and Mr. Nine to be so far away from him. Excuses to go and visit Baltimore! :)

    Hope you'll swing by my new post where I'm wearing the silliest and comfiest set!



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