GIFT GUIDE 2021..What She Really Wants

This gift guide was a huge hit Last Year! Of course, we all want things that we are going to love and use and not just some random thing that sits on the shelf or in our closet, so I’ve compiled another gift guide this year of the things that a woman might really want!

And here’s what is so funny, I always thought people needed the most help with what to buy was the males in their lives, but I did a poll on Instagram, and it was an overwhelming 75% that people need help with what to buy the females in their lives! So, this is a goodie! I'm not really including a lot of fashion here as a lot of people don't always like buying clothes for others.

 Nespresso ~ I have been wanting one of these for a couple years now and I think one just might be under the tree at somebody’s house for me!

Barrington Tote Bag ~ My sweet girlfriends got me one of these totes for my 50th birthday and I have been in love ever since! This would make such a perfect gift! I carry it all the time.


Barefoot Dreams Circle Cardigan ~ You cannot go wrong with these cardigans! Not only do I love everything from barefoot dreams but I own this Particular Circle Cardigan in two colors and literally wear it all the time.

Ugg Slippers ~ I own so many UGG slippers I love them all so much. You can’t go wrong with these either. Make sure you get the UGG Protective Spray to go with them.


Fit Bit ~ You know I’m crazy but my Fitbit, I like the sleeker lines then of the Apple Watch and I like the way it gives me my information better. Here is the new model and I have to say, it is quite striking.

Godiva Chocolates ~ box of yummy chocolates..yes please! 

La Vie Est Belle Soleil Cristal Parfum ~ This heavenly scent is well worth it! I bought this as a birthday gift to myself this past year and it is definitely a favorite!

 Stud Earrings ~ Mr. Nine got me these pyramid stuff earrings and when I’m not wearing statement earrings, these are my go-to

Sephora Gift Card ~ I don’t think you can go wrong with all the beauty items in either one of the stores! I always love it when I get one of these gift cards.


Designer Bag ~ I want a YSL or Chanel. I don’t know why but I have a really hard time asking for these types of items.

Williams Sonoma

I love Williams Sonoma but I feel like it’s something most of us don’t buy for ourselves so what better time to get it for the ladies or even for you, LOL!

Gold Monogram Mugs ~These are absolutely STUNNING!!


Gingerbread Cookie Cutters ~ There is something about copper I just love and these little gingerbread cookie cutters are so cute!


Marble HoneycombWine Chiller ~ Bees are all the rage so this honeycomb in marble is precious! This is such a beautiful wine chiller! So nice!


Cheese Boards ~ Or as I like to call them charcuterie boards, LOL! Cannot go wrong with this sturdy set.


Honeycomb Utensil Holder ~ How I love a pretty utensil holder in the kitchen! And there is another darling honeycomb!


Moscow Mule Mugs ~ These copper mugs are enchanting as well! I just love sipping my mules out of these festive and timeless hammered copper mugs!


Pasta Machine ~ How fun to make your own pasta! I’ve heard this one is super easy to use and just think how much healthier and fresher making it yourself!


Cheese Knives ~ Oh these are just the prettiest cheese knives ever! Imagine these on your charcuterie boards!


Walmart Christmas Decorations

And since I’ve been decorating for Christmas all week, I thought I would show you some fabulous decor at Walmart! They are killing it in the Holiday section and there are so many cute things! I own several of these things like the Buffalo Plaid Top Hat (under $10) and the Plaid Ornaments as you know one ours trees is buffalo plaid. I also have the Small Flocked Tree and the amazingly priced Frisco Flocked Tree. And will you look at those CUTE Pillows!

Mixed Greenery Wreath // Tree Pillows // Buffalo Plaid Wreath // Christmas Lamp // Red Truck // Holiday Camper // Buffalo Plaid Hat // Plaid Balls // Truck Print // Tabletop Tree // Snowmen Trio // Flocked Tree

Friends all I want for Christmas is a doggie. 

Mr. Nine still says "No!" 

Pray he changes his mind!




  1. Great ideas as per usual, I hope you find a luxury bag under the tree this year - I really like the YSL bags too!

  2. Some awesome suggestions girl, thanks for sharin' these (Xmas) gift tips for presents! πŸ‘πŸ»πŸ™‚

  3. You always come up with some great ideas! I am having a hard time thinking of anything fun to get people this year. I need all the inspiration I can get!

  4. These are great ideas! I've always wanted a Barrington tote bag and love that fun print! Also love all of your Williams Sonoma picks!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. I would happily receive chocolate as a gift. I have a friend that often gets me some for Christmas!

    Lauren @

  6. I'd love any of those gifts!

  7. Love the pieces for the kitchen and I would love a new designer birthday is in March and thats what I am saving for! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  8. Soo many great gift ideas here! Thank you! I need the inspiration!

  9. I loooove my Barrington bag! B got one for me for Mother's Day and I've been carrying it everywhere since!

  10. I love this gift guide for women. There are so many great items you have shared and thanks for taking the time to do all of these!

  11. I have had that YSL bag on my wishlist for years. It is my "I am saving for" item.

  12. I would love a YSL or Chanel bag eventually, too! I have that deer print Barrington tote and love it for the fall!


  13. ooh! Thanks for the reminder; we've been talking about buying a pasta maker so my little baker and I can try our hand at making fresh pasta!

  14. I didn't realize that Walmart had such cute decor for the holidays!!!

  15. Look at all these goodies! Now I'm getting excited for Christmas. It's definitely hard to ask for a designer bag, but that YSL is such a stunner! It never hurts to ask, and Santa knows that you have been EXTRA good all year! :)


  16. That's my new Nespresso - loving it!
    I may TREAT YO SELF to that cardigan. I can never get enough cardis during the cold months

  17. This is a brilliant guide! Love your picks! The Walmart dΓ©cor pieces are so cute!

  18. These are all such amazing picks! Walmart's decor has been incredible the past few years! I am trying so hard to keep my Thanksgiving things up since we are hosting, but it is getting harder and harder!

  19. I want a Nespresso too!! Hope you get one and 🀞🏻 a puppy 🀞🏻!

  20. I love all the ideas! I love WS!


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