Well I think it’s safe to say that probably 60% of my gift buying is coming from Amazon so for this month’s link up with Tanya, you know it’s going to be get those gifts and get excited when the Amazon truck arrives! I’ve Compiled some great Amazon ideas for you! For her, him, and the in for making yummy stuff to eat, LOL!  

This first one might be the MOST FUN and yummiest!

ICE CREAM MAKER ~The BEST Ice Cream Maker on the Market


S'MORES KIT ~How fun to have an indoors S’mores Kit


RAPID EGG COOKER ~Oh yeah, easy peezy hard-boiled eggs

ROLLING PIN WOOD EMBOSSING ~The COOLEST Rolling Pin; making your pastries beautiful!


POPCORN POPPER ~The easiest to pop popcorn maker next to microwave and so much better for you!

NUT & DRIED FRUIT BOX ~YUMMO!! A Gift Box of friend fruit and nuts! YES


NESPRESSO MACHINE ~It's no secret I want a Nespresso Machine..fancy swanky coffee drinks ar home!


CHARCUTERIE BOARD ~Charcuterie anyone AND Everyone. This one is soooo cool!


BAKING SHEETS ~These are the nest out there and great sizes, as good as any baking stone.


FONDUE POT ~Fondue for you!! Yummy and this case iron is so much better than others!


AIR FRYER ~Need I say more..I have fallen in love with my air fryer!! This is the #1 best seller on Amazon! 



Oh have I ever got some great ideas for the males; many in my fam have gotten these things!

GROOMING KIT ~This grooming kit has it all.


TRAVEL KIT ~The perfect canvas Dopp kit by the fabulous Carhartt for all his toiletries.


HEARTH MATCHES ~These long heart matches are beautifully presented and perfect for the fireplace, stove or bonfires.


FLANNEL SHIRT JACKET ~This flannel with a hood is so stylish and warm too.


BELLROY WALLET ~This wallet is beloved by the boys and Mr. Nine for how slim it is.


BOURBON INFUSED COFFEE ~Fabulous smell and flavor from this bourbon infused coffee


LONG ALL PURPOSE LEATHER GLOVES ~While he’s tending to the fire or grilling or doing heavy duty man stuff; these gloves are great.


 TAC PEN ~This is an As Seen on TV and the reviews are incredible. He will love it!


BEEF JERKEY ~Any Kind of Jerkey is always a huge hit, the boys are getting this.


BEER SOAPS ~I have gotten this soap for my hubs. This bundle is terrific. 

You asked for it; ideas for the are some of the best!!


MUD PIE BAG ~This canvas initial bag is so darn cute and practical! I love everything from mud pie!

SHOWER STEAMERS ~These smell absolutely divine in the steam from your shower! Like a spa at home! I recommend them every year because they are such a luxurious gift at such a low price.

FRUIT INFUSER WATER BOTTLE ~I don’t know about you but I love putting things like mint and fruit in my water sometimes! This bottle is the perfect way to infuse it!

PEARL BRACELET ~Pearls are just so darn classy and this bracelet is really really sweet and looks very expensive in person.

SALT SCRUB ~Another spa experience with this wonderful scrub, Himalayan pink sea salt is the best!

NECKLACE ~I think just about everybody loves necklaces and the layered book is so in! Plus bonus, initials!

BEAUTIFUL PERFUME ~I forgot how much I love Estee Lauder Beautiful perfume! What a great gift!

PERFECT BLANKET ~So soft, affordable, and cozy; need I say more! I will because it is under $30!!

YANKEE CANDLE ~I used to love going into the Yankee Candle store! I used to get them as gifts all the time and I love that you can get them on Amazon now! This scent, HOME SWEET HOME is my favorite!

FIDDLE PLANT ~Do you know I have a green thumb for outside, inside not so much but did you know you can get real plants on Amazon? The boys his girlfriends love indoor plants and this is such a great price!

BATH SET ~You cannot go wrong for the price with everything that comes in this cute little bathtub! Another great gift for her!

Happy Amazon-ing, LOL

HUGS for a GREAT week!





  1. Amazon has everything! Great gift ideas! Love ya friend!

  2. You always find the best gifts. There are some super fun ones in here. Have a great day, Andrea!

  3. Amazon is our favorite for sure! I've already started shopping and I'm hoping to finish by the end of this month!

  4. I have the hardest time shopping for my BIL so thanks for all those ideas! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. Those gloves look amazing. I love shopping Amazon for Christmas gifts.

  6. I am loving those kitchen ideas and I had no idea that carhartt made a travel bag! I'm going to have to add that to my cart.

  7. Pretty much everything on that kitchen list popped up as suggestions for my registry when I was starting to make it yesterday. I am contemplating the air fryer, I just don't have anywhere to put it! We are doing presence over presents this year, but you always need a gift just in case!

  8. Now that my beloved Halloween is over, I guess its time to gear up for Christmas! Love all of these ideas, especially that s'mores kit! So cute for a winters day! Hope you had a great weekend! xxooo


  9. You always find such great items Andrea. It's like you're a professional shopper or something, haha.

  10. these are all such great ideas! I know my husband really wants a plant for his office, too. The gold bathtub gift set is darling!

  11. I have the smores maker and the dash egg maker and couldn't be happier with both! Love seeing some guy ideas, they are always harder to shop for!

  12. I want the bourbon infused coffee just for the smell...mmmmm

  13. Wow Andrea! You did a great job with these gift guides. I love the charcuterie board and everyone loves them. I also have and love the initial necklace.

  14. I have that s'mores maker and love it this time of year. Oh wow, bourbon infused coffee sounds good!


  15. You've found so many goodies! I need to start shopping!

  16. Love your gift guides! Thanks so much for linking up!

  17. So many good gift ideas! Love that initial tote and I bet that bourbon infused coffee tastes delicious!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  18. I LOVE my ice cream maker!!


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