Home for the holidays, soaking in the season, decking the halls, baking the treats; I’m doing it all! Last year, I included my Indoor Christmas Home Decor and outside porch in separate posts so I'll do that again this year. However, they haven’t really changed much. Just a few new additions and yes, a few new trees. There is the magnificent addition of two 7-foot cashmere skinny trees flanking the buffet hutch in the dining room and a few other touches here and there but much of it is basically the same because I love it.

I will admit sometimes I get the itch to change it up. Every year I want to add an additional tree, LOL! But it’s like at this point, where would I put it, LOL! This post really does not cover everything but it highlights my favorites. CHEERS to The Magical Season!


Be my guest any time in our Christmas guest bedroom! I will serve you hot cocoa and lay out some Christmas pajamas, LOL! I love this room. 

Similar Bedding HERE. Wish you could see it all in person.

The hall tree of course is always one of my favorite spots with the buffalo plaid and red. This year the new additions were the Buffalo Plaid hat (under $10) in the middle up on top and the Buffalo Checked Pillows from Target with the little red pom-pom balls (also only $10). I just love this. Except, sidenote the top foot of the tree has the lights burned out but I’m just going to leave it for this year, LOL! You know what a pain it is to fix that!!! I've actually added a few more ornaments but too tired to take another pic, lol!

 I have all the same tiered trays as last year. You can see them all in this POST.

 I love them all; the Santa one, the Buffalo black & white checked one, but the hot cocoa one here will forever remain my favorite! You can get the wood beads and Cocoa signs HERE, Marshmallow Mugs HERE and Faux Whipped Cream Mug Toppers HERE

I really do ponder changing up the big tree, but I have so much invested in the red and champagne ornaments, and it really is beautiful! Part of me wishes we would’ve done soaring ceilings so I could have like a 12-foot tree, LOL! One day I may change it up but for now she’s a beaut Clark!

Here is the dining room with the addition of the two 7-Foot Cashmere Tress. The champagne pick toppers came from Hobby Lobby, and I am so in love. I even added one to the other dining room tree. When I went back to get the third one, I couldn’t find them anywhere but spotted them in a plastic bin way way up top so I climbed the display yes, post-surgery, just to get them down.

Similar Champagne Topper Picks HERE

And the Flocked 7ft slim on the right 
is a favorite too that I added last year.

Ready to maybe change up the fireplace decor as well. Our fireplace is two-sided and a little bit more modern so it’s not your typical mantle like I used to have but I really do love the red and white!

This year I added some red and white Striped Ribbon to the barstool wreaths, and I love how it turned out, I just took the ribbon all the way down into the seam on the front and stuck a T-Pin in there to keep it in place.

One of my favorite things in the kitchen is the little wreaths up top that I got at the Dollar Spot at Target and added the striped ribbon.

Just a little corner vignette, love the red, black and white 

and striped poinsettia picks.

Sweet Little snow tree that I took a 4 ft flocked for $27 from Walmart, 

took the legs off and put it in a basket.

This is the second year for our blue, champagne and silver 7ft flocked tree in the master bedroom! I absolutely love it! No, we do not keep it lit all night long, LOL!

The little potted pre-lit (only $16) Flocked Tree on a table so sweet.
Red and White Candy Ornaments HERE

You can always follow me on he Free LikeToKnowIt shopping app where I link up not only fashion but most of my decor. Just search for livingoncloudnine9

AND A BIG THANK YOU TO MR. NINE for getting all the trees on Timers and Alexa prompted. 

All right sweet friends, I’m going to grab some Bailey’s and coffee or a hot cocoa and bask in the glow! I love you all and I hope you are already enjoying the season!



  1. I'd like to go ahead and reserve a night in the Christmas room. I'd like to upgrade and add the bunk bed room for LD for the night too. It'll be our own little Polar Express Christmas getaway 💜

  2. Your home is absolutely beautiful and so festive! I love your new dining room trees and your guest room looks so cozy!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  3. As always, your decor is gorgeous! I especially like the little flocked tree you got a Walmart, what a find! -Meranda

  4. Andrea, everything is so festive and pretty! I adore your fireplace set up! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  5. You are always so festive and I just love all of your trees! Your guest room looks so cozy and inviting!

  6. What pretty Christmas decor you have! It is all just lovely and you must be exhausted from all the hard work making your home look so Christmasy. Great job!

  7. I love how pretty each room looks decorated for Christmas. You do a great job with decorating and great to have Mr. Nine put everything on a timer! Thanks for the blog visit and I hope you have a nice day.

  8. Your home must feel so magical! It's all so beautiful! You do such an amazing job.

  9. Wow your home is gorgeous and festive, I cannot imagine changing a single detail. Thank you so ,ugh for sharing your blessings. Hugs from Waco🤶🏼🎄🤶🏼!

  10. Just STUNNING! You know what my first thought was seeing all of this beautiful decor? HOMEY. It's warm and inviting and oh-so cozy CHIC. I need to book a ticket right now and come stay in that guest room! :)



  11. I love that addition of the two new trees! Your house is just beautifully done up for the holidays.

  12. Love love love all your beautiful decorations..........such a fun place to enjoy.
    Blessings for a Merry Christmas Season........I see you are off to a very good start....lol

  13. It's a winter wonderland at the Nine's! You did an amazing job my friend and I am so happy that you healed so quickly from your surgery to make the magic happen!

  14. You have such a talent with decorating Andrea. I just love the wreaths on the back of the barstools, AND those little ones in the kitchen. I remember those from before, and the red and white ribbon is perfect.

  15. Your trees are so lovely! I really love my Christmas decor once it is up, but I hate putting it up... so, I only have one tree! But, I do love the pencil trees and may do one eventually! Ha, ha! Your house looks so beautiful. I hope you've planned a lot of white space in your calendar, so you can just sit and soak it all in!! Gorgeous!


  16. Abdel Ben30.11.21

    Beautiful photos, your decor is so gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing :)

    Abdel | Infinitely Posh.

  17. Your home should really be one of those holiday home tour houses - so inspiring and amazing!

  18. Just GORGEOUS, Andrea! As always, it's a perfect Christmas wonderland in your home! Thank you for sharing it with us. <3

  19. It really is all magical & breath taking!!!!

  20. I love all of your Christmas decor, it looks so good!!!

  21. Your house looks stunning. I love your Christmas decor!

  22. Your Christmas decorations look so good! I love all the cheerful red :) it's nice seeing the skinny trees too I've never seen any of those in the stores here but I figure they would be good for apartment life! :)

    Hope that you are having a good week :) Yet another rainy spring day here!

    Away From The Blue

  23. Oh My Goodness!! Just BEAUTIFUL! everything looks AMAZING!

  24. I'm basking in my tree's glow too! I love it so much! Your home looks ready for a PARTY! It is all gorgeous. I would sit by that fire with something hot...sounds so peaceful and relaxing! That guest room is so cute!

  25. Wow, it's all so festive and pretty!

  26. Your Christmas décor is beautiful! Love all the details! So magical!

  27. I am in awe of you and your decorating skills, Andrea! I wish I could come over and stay in your Christmassy guest room LOL! Your home looks truly sensational. We usually go away for Christmas so don't get much chance to decorate which is such a bummer!
    Huge hugs
    Suzy xx

  28. Andrea I look forward to this post every year! It's so fun to take a peek at your fantastic decor. You should rent your home out to Hallmark as the location for a movie! It would be perfect!

  29. So much beautiful beautiful RED!

  30. My goal this year is up my game on Christmas kitchen decor. Thank you for all of the design tips especially for the mini wreaths.


  31. HI Andrea, Love this so much! Okay where do you store everything? At one point I had a Christmas tree in the basement bathroom bathtub. No one knew! Merry Christmas! laura in Colorado

  32. SO many great ideas. I've featured this post at the Thursday Favorite Things party. Thanks for sharing!

  33. Darling, darling, darling! I want to come hang out at your house--everything looks so welcoming!

    Thanks so much for joining the Grace at Home party at Imparting Grace. I'm featuring you this week!

  34. So beautiful Andra. Love your new trees. The dining room and the kitchen looks awesome. It is so pretty and welcoming. I am happy to feature your beautiful Christmas decor at Love Your Creativity.

  35. Andrea I came from Life and Linda. I so enjoyed your seasonal home tour! Such wonderful decorated Christmas trees! You've got a new follower, Merry Christmas!


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