These are away some of my favorite Gift Guides to do because home for the holidays and cozy at home; that’s what so many of us want to be! I think the pandemic really made us look at being more comfortable in our own homes and spending more time there. Today I’ve included 3 great guides not only for usefulness but for comfort, yumminess in the kitchen and being at home sharing a family game night! I think you’re going to love these and the price points. 


Something for everyone right here to get your cozy at home on. I really love giving and getting candles and we watch way more movies during the holiday Season.


Nest Holiday Candle ~ Candles just make every home cozy and so included two different ones on this guide. The first one is the ever-popular Nest candle, worth every penny and this is their holiday blend it smells delightful plus it’s so pretty.


Skillet Set ~ While I have a guide here below strictly for food type items, I had to put these two skillets here because not only are they an affordable set that they are really really good ones. Skillets are not created equal as you may know this is a fabulous set and brand.


Sheet Set ~ I Especially love crisp white sheets and I haven’t had any new ones in the Damascus stripe for awhile. Love a great crisp cotton sheet!

Fuzzy Socks ~ I can't believe these butter socks from Macy’s are on sale for six bucks! What a great stocking stuffer and I love the colors and the prints. Got to have some cozy fuzzy socks .

Slippers ~ I’m sure lots of different fuzzy slippers before but you really cannot go wrong. These are on Amazon is so incredibly affordable was such a great colors! Fuzzy and so so cozy!


Movie: Home for the Holidays ~ I don’t know if you’ve ever seen this movie, Home for the Holidays but I had to include it with the title of this gift guide. It is such a good movie, and you can get this DVD for like five bucks!


American Cozy Book ~ Ok, if you’d like all things cozy, you absolutely have to get this book! It is so cool, just trust me on this one such a great gift!


Peet's Coffee ~ I have a few different coffee roasters that are my favorite and Peet's is one of them especially at the holidays! They also offer a fabulous monthly coffee subscription.


Cuddl Duds Blanket ~ Plaid AND Sherpa! I’m in. Another great blanket that family may fight over and quite festive!  


Yankee Candle ~ My very first favorite candle company was Yankee! Truly is the best! I recently got my mom and I some Christmas candles and what I really like about Yankee is the Personalized ones you can create. My dear friend Kellyann from This Blonde's Shopping Bag got me my first one which was dedicated to my sweet Daisy and in my favorite candle scent Home Sweet Home. Great gift ideas!




Our family tends to gather in the kitchen around the kitchen island. I have included some kitchen things we use on the regular as well as some yummy things to eat and drink. 

Serving Board ~ You literally cannot go wrong with any kind of personalize board. I love this one is marble as well As wood with the three sweet little bowls on the left


Hot Chocolate Bombs ~ Gosh, hot cocoa bombs are all the rage at this one’s so luxurious and decadent. 

Dash Mini Donut Maker ~ I shared this one before, but I had to share it again it’s the newest Dash product on the market which are all great and how fun to make sweet little donuts!

Olive Oil and Vinegar Set ~Olive Oils and Balsamic, say no more. YUM and such high-quality ones.

2 pc Baking Dish Set ~ How sweet are these baking dishes! They are from the Pioneer Woman and the colors and quality are so great!


  DIY Root Beer Kit ~ What? Making your own root beer! I have heard people do this and they say it is delicious!


Kabob Grilling Baskets ~ I have fun memories of the chicken steak and vegetables kabobs that my mom and dad used to make on the grill. These little baskets make things so much easier!


Infuse and Pour Alcohol Kit ~ These aged and infused cocktail kit bottles are so cool! My friend Jill from Doused in Pink got me one for my birthday and it was delicious! You just add whatever liquor you want to what’s in the bottle and let it sit for about a week for all the flavors to infuse they are fabulous! Several different ones to choose from for the four pack that makes such a great gift.

Movie Night Popcorn Pack ~ You cannot go wrong with a sweet little popcorn kit for movie night!


Stonewall Kitchen Batter and Bowl Kit ~ One of my family ideas for a gift! This would be especially awesome for the chef in your family to whip up Holiday pancakes or for grandma who might want to whip them up with the grandkids! Stonewall Kitchen products are amazing anyway! 

Air Fryer ~ BEST kitchen purchase we have ever made. LOVE IT!! This one got great reviews!


Game nights are the best, many of these games we have in love with our family and others I want to get because they sound and looks so fun with great reviews. 

What Do You Meme? // Slappy Camper // Phase 10 // Giant Connect 4 // SkyJo // Bounce Battle // Skip-Bo // Beat That // Carpool Karaoke // Giant Jenga

Happy Cozy Shopping!!




  1. What a fab list! Love all the candles and the serving board looks great!

  2. What a great list of gifts! I'm always on the hunt for new family games.

  3. Love all of these gift guides! That family game might one is brilliant. We love playing Phase 10!

  4. Candles are always such a great idea - I can never get enough. You do such a good job on these guides my friend; you would make the BEST personal shopper!

  5. These gift guides are so fun, as well as time consuming so lovely job my friend. There's something for everyone here!

  6. You really do have some great gifts on here. I am having the hardest time coming up with inspiration this year, so I appreciate the help!

  7. I love the movie night gift set with a movie is such a great family gift! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  8. I love giving kitchen or games to couples for gifts so I really love this list!

  9. I like all of these gift guides and the games are always nice for families.

  10. I love all things Cuddle Duds, so that blankie is a must for any holiday lover! How cute is the print too! Plaid anything during the holidays, I am ALL IN. So perfect for those cozy Christmas nights!


  11. These are some great gifts. I love all things cozy!

  12. Great finds. I have been seeing that Nest candle everywhere...I think I need to splurge on one!

  13. Give me all the candles. It just makes me happy.

  14. I'm a slippers girl. I think I get a new pair every year because I wear them out!!

  15. Love Love!! I have so many items on your list but I really love my airfryer!

  16. These are all great gift ideas! I love all of the family game night picks!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. The infused alcohol kits are so good! We got one for my hubby's boss last year and he loved it!

  18. I am going to check out that donut maker and the Peets Holiday blend coffee sounds so nice! I've been enjoying trying different coffees with my SMEG espresso maker!


  19. I've been doing all of my shopping from home. It's the best! So many good ideas here!

  20. That Dash donut maker is so cool! I've never seen that!

  21. Love this list, Andrea!! That DIY root beer kit may be something I get for my teenager. I have never seen it and think she would love that.


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