These two things will make your Easter easy, gorgeous and so very yummy. For me, you cannot go wrong with Flowers and Chocolate. Yes, there is a lot more that goes along with this precious celebration but give me pretty posies and sweet teats and I'm set!!!!

Here are some great and easy Flower Centerpiece ideas that won't cost much.

Come on.... lemons in a jar, perfect. Of course another great use for mason jars. 
Love the simplicity and elegance.

My FAV!! Miss Martha Stewart has done it again!! Stick a inexpensive small flower bunch inside a small glass jar or vase. Put that in a larger clear glass container and fill with small hobby store decorative plastic eggs. Hobby Lobby has bags of these for $1.99

I have been seeing decorative take out containers everywhere. Again, great selection at Hobby Stores and I saw stripped ones yesterday at the Dollar tree! At Christmas I like to buy them to package goodies as love the handles to carry the treats. Stick your tulips in a jar or can and just set down in the container. Easy Peasy.

PEEPS you did it! You managed to make me love you. I do not like your taste but as a centerpiece..true admiration!! Look how easy that is. If you are like me you may save old clear food jars thinking, I may use this someday. Well, there you go, all these clear glass vessels coming in handy. Remember flowers in one smaller jar, stick in another and just arrange a row of peeps!!

Last but not least. These glass vases, cups, pitchers, mugs, etc with chalkboard slates on them are everywhere. Simply write something Easter-ish with chalk and throw in the posies. Good to go!


Now, to the Yummo Confections of Fannie May.

I love good chocolate with European brands being my favorite but my Mom and I stumbled upon Fannie May years ago while shopping and fell in love with their milk chocolate vanilla buttercreams.
They are such a rich and decadent treat.

I especially love Fannie May at Easter. They box up cream filled eggs, quadruple the size of the regular cream filled chocolates in adorable packaging and they make the cutest little gifts.

Everything you need to fill baskets or create a dessert tower is beautifully packaged at Fannie May and they will wrap and put together things for you.

Come on, who can resist a Buck Teeth Chocolate Bunny Sucker???
These are a Fannie May Best Seller
For all your Chocolate needs BUY FANNIE MAY HERE

Love this sweet pic and quote......

HE IS RISEN!!!!!!!!


  1. Gorgeous flower arrangements for Easter. Love those Fannie Mae buttercreams!

    1. I forgot to mention how we always get each other s 4pc box for Christmas :)


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