Truly I do not have a mean bone in my body. This world of ours is a mess and I just want everyone regardless of sin, struggle or mood to be nice to one another!
I smiled when I walked into Kohl's last Friday and saw this shirt.
In the Movie "Mean Girls" from 2004, there is a scene where the main group of girls called The Plastics
all wear pink and  declare: On Wednesdays, We Wear Pink.

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I was well into my thirties when the movie "Mean Girls" came out. Tina Fey wrote the screenplay so you knew you were in for a treat. I have seen it several times since.
All and all, this is one teen movie that anyone of any age would love.

The movie, starring Lindsay Lohan (miss her in these roles) as unsuspecting teenage prey Cady Heron set loose in the savage jungles of public high school, has done what only a few films have managed to do: become even more popular as it ages.
The writing is smart, the acting is top-notch,, funny and relate-able. The movie isn't really to be "Mean", its about finding who you are and being okay with that.
 I love that it's a symbolic movie that speaks to anyone who remembers the sweetness or more importantly, the sting of high school... and can laugh about it."

so fetch indeed!!


"Pink isn't just a color, it's an attitude!"

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