What a joy that I got to attend my first in person cabi fashion experience with one of my besties and fellow cabi Fall 22’ collection ambassador, Jill from Doused in Pink. The experience just happened to be at one of her friends and neighbors’ homes and all of her other friends attended so I got to meet them and share in such a joyous evening!

First, a little background.

cabi is a brand that was created by women for women. They’re committed to connection—believing that connection gives women confidence. Simply put,  cabi believes that clothes can change lives! With a killer outfit, a woman can get ready for the day with confidence and make a difference in the world.

Helping women thrive is at the heart of everything cabi does. As a company and brand, they believe that when we are in relationship with one another, we’re better—whether that's doing life together, helping each other explore our personal style, or building businesses alongside each other. They believe that a woman’s true style—whether in fashion or in life—is best discovered when she’s connected with other women.


Now, excited to tell you about my fashion experience night with cabi!

First, here is what I wore. Of course, I was decked out in all cabi including the Checkout Blazer, Complete Top, The Skinny Jeans, Boss Belt and Flashback Earrings!

Sonnelle, our cabi stylist was such a delight and brought not only the new collection, but pieces from other collections that we could purchase on spot.


As a stylist, Sonelle has such a great knowledge of the cabi brand! She told us that she loves her gig as a cabi’s stylist and has been doing it for 12 years! I mean think about it, gatherings of laughing friends and family who love fashion and lifting up other women in a comforting environment and making money doing it! It is a win win. Click HERE to learn more about becoming a stylist!


You might want to consider hosting a cabi fashion experience, there are all kinds of incentives that come along with it. Jill‘s friend, the sweet Liz and big cabi fan, was the most gracious hostess and she was so excited to see what all of us were purchasing!


Sonnelle had everything lined up so beautifully for us and put the collection together by color so you could really get a feel for the beautiful pieces and when I say that I also mean literally because several pieces were passed around so we could feel the fabric.

I even helped model a few things during the presentation, lol

You know I LOVE the Evita Coat!!

The look books that cabi puts out each season are phenomenal, and it was so fun to have those in front of us and be able to peruse and see the different outfits put together.

And Look at the GREAT Fall 22' Accessories! So nice to feel them and see the detailing in person!

Clockwise from Top Left:
Stellar Necklace and Earrings // Flashback Necklace and Earrings // Dazzle Necklace and Earrings // Jaguar Necklace and Earrings // 

After Sonnelle’s presentation amazing presentation of the cabi Fall 22 collection, we tried on our favorite items! Sonnelle was so good at suggesting certain designs, colors and sizing and she was able to promptly place our orders. Sonnelle’s expertise and attention to personal detail left me and every other guest styled to a ‘T’. 

Here is what I ordered: The Yorkshire JacketQuantum Cargos 

and the Round Up Dress

cabi provides free delivery and returns, so size adjustments can easily be made simply in consultation with your personal cabi stylist. The next day I received a sweet email from Sonnelle.


If you want to gather a group of friends and host either an in-home or virtual fashion experience, you can click HERE for more information. Hostesses receive some great Hostess incentives!


Many thanks to our hostess Liz, my friend and fellow ambassador Jill, and her beautiful friends for making the evening extra fun, and especially to cabi stylist Sonnelle for making cabi fashion personal and also building our confidence in feeling good about what we wear!

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  1. Such classy pieces and you look great in them!

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  9. Anonymous19.10.22

    What a fun event! You look beautiful in everything and I can’t wait to see how you style what you bought! Xo, Caroline

  10. I love Cabi clothing! You look great in that blazer. It's so flattering!

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  13. It was such a fun night! I'm so glad we were able to go together!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

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