Fall and the color changing leaves in northern Michigan is something to behold! For some reason, everything just seems more vibrant in upper Michigan. This has been a good year for leaf peeping! Every year, Mr. Nine and I go up to our home away from home in northern Michigan to see the leaves but the majority of the time it is always super windy, super cold and very rainy. We got completely lucky this time and had beautiful sunshiny weather in the 60s. It was so perfect for everything “FALL” we wanted to do. Here’s a little Fall trip recap. Might be the most photos I've had in a post, lol.

The "Oranges" and Reds were amazing!!


I love when we take our sweet time getting to destinations and stopping off at fun little places. I really wanted a coffee that wasn’t Starbucks, lol we found the neatest little coffee shop in Holland Michigan and of course had to go in a couple of downtown stores. This town is very charming And we’re going to go up more often. 

We also have never been to a tiny little hole in the wall Tavern about 20 minutes south of our town in all these years. It’s called the Blue Slipper and who wouldn’t want to go to someplace with a title like that. Can I say that we were extremely impressed. The couple that bought it and took over this place rich in history (dating back to the 1880’s) are the sweetest and you can tell this place is the loved by locals and tourists alike. The drink I had was actually called the blue slipper.

Then it was just a simple dinner at the place we always go to our first night in town, strolling around seeing things like the giant pumpkin and then a gorgeous sunset for our first night.



We had such a fun day. It started out at another hole in the wall breakfast spot that was delicious, in fact I devoured it so fast, I forgot to get a picture of my pumpkin pancakes, lol. Mr. Nine and I are working with the fabulous clothing company flag and anthem so we found a great fall spot to make a video and get some pictures. Bless his heart!

The leaf viewing was incredible everyday.

Of course we have to get in lots of hikes when we are up there so we did a fun one that took us right to the shores of Lake Michigan. Now this day it was very windy on the shore but it didn’t even matter with that warmth.


Next up, was the outdoor in the woods brewery we found last year in Suttons Bay called Hop Lot! Oh my goodness we had so much fun sitting around the fire. This place is truly phenomenal and I even roasted marshmallow as they sell cute little s’mores kits.

Once again on the way back we decided to fly by the seat of our pants and ended up at a winery called Rove! I had the most delicious warm fall cider and the grounds with the trees and the vineyards was truly amazing up on the hill.


Then we decided to go to a little town at a restaurant we have been to before called the Lucky Dog and boy am I glad I did because I got what was called a Reese-Tini that tasted just like a Reese's peanut butter cup.


We went back and I went for a quick walk thru town to do a little walk and talk and then we curled up and watched the movie Lou on Netflix with Allison Janney if you have not seen it, it is so good!


This was the big adventure day. We planned on having breakfast at our favorite tavern in the town we were going to hike and called Jose friendly Tavern but it didn’t open till 11 so actually we were really glad we got our hike in first. The Empire Bluff Trail is one of our favorite up there because the views are spectacular.

Can I just say I had a cocktail at 11 AM and I’m not mad about it because it was one of the most delicious I’ve ever had! It was called a poison apple and it had a black sugar rim filled with apple cider, fireball and cranberry juice! Oh my was it ever delicious. and I got the Fall special which was butternut squash bisque and sharp white cheddar and honeycrisp apple grilled on oat bread.

Then it was kayaking down the Platte river and what a perfect day for him. There was hardly anybody else doing it the weather was spectacular and we marveled at God‘s beauty all the way down the two hour trek.

We stopped off at Frankz and had Michigan’s best french fries!! 

Then got ready for dinner and what we thought was the football game. 

Dinner was at a new restaurant in town called the old town grill and we split one of the best pulled pork sandwiches ever. Really cool aesthetic in there.


We had decided we were going to go to the football game in town because the team was so good, we had an acquaintance there whose son played, and it was the perfect football weather. However, maxpreps had stated that the game was on Saturday night which is not unusual for Michigan high school football but when we got there the only person who’s the guy in town who picks up cans, lol! I went back and looked at the website and it had been on Friday night even though we had double checked six times I think they had made a mistake and we were kind of bummed.

But another great sunset in the neighboring town made a smile and we went back and played some rummy and started watching the Dahmer series on Netflix. Gosh that’s disturbing but very interesting to watch.



The next morning, or last day Mr. Nine chilled with some coffee while I went on a brisk fall morning walk again marveling at all the beautiful leaves in town.


We stopped off at to farm market stands for apples and squash and then on the way back decided to stop in Holland again and eat at the new Holland brewing company and it was absolutely delicious!

It was kind of funny, when we returned home, we stated that the leaves in our area just seem to be more muted in color. I guess that’s one of the things that makes our trips up north more special, I was so in awe of the leaves and their changing beauty, Fall just makes me giddy! Bu then look athlete color we got back home the next morning.

Happy to get home and see our girl Miss Stella who had had a wonderful time with grandma. Already thinking about next Fall and hoping we get lucky with the weather again.

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  1. What a beautiful, delicious and fun trip! Thanks for sharing- glad you enjoyed a cocktail early- so fun! :)

  2. It sounds like the perfect fall trip with the right mix of relaxation and fun. You guys sure know how to do it!

  3. It looks like you had such a fun time! All of those fall colors are beautiful!

  4. So many beautiful photos but your home is the best! So glad you had such perfect weather for your weekend away and you had the best food and cocktails. I am coming and we are going!!!! Ha!

  5. The leaves and sunset look amazing! I really would love a cocktail that tastes like a Reese's!

  6. Anonymous26.10.22

    This looks like the absolute best time ever! I am also hungry now lol. Anyway! I am happy that you two had fun and that foliage is gorgeous! Xo, Caroline

  7. Your house looks beautiful! I was following along on your trip in Stories and am so jealous of all the beautiful fall colors you experienced! We have trees changing here, but it just isn't the same.

  8. Anonymous26.10.22

    Hermoso el otoño, me encanta. Auque acá en Costa Rica no tenemos, es una de mis estaciones favoritas para admirar y tus fotografías son hermosas. Y tu casa luce espectacular con el otoño atrás. Saludos Shirley

  9. The perfect fall trip, and yay for gorgeous weather! A cocktail at 11:00 a.m. is a great idea when on vacay, and it sounded delish <3

  10. Anonymous26.10.22

    I live in West Michigan and I think we have the most beautiful Falls and this one seems even more beautiful than usual. Glad you could enjoy it.

  11. That sounds like such a lovely trip! Sorry you missed the game though.

  12. What a wonderful fall getaway. I can't believe all the fall color you saw!

  13. The kayak picture is my favorite!

  14. What a beautiful trip! The giant pumpkin is cool and the sunset picture is amazing.

  15. That looked like an amazing trip. I like finding local coffee shops and supporting them. You had some really fun cocktails. I am there for it! It looked like such a great time!

  16. What a perfect fall getaway! It looks like you had the best time! Your photos are beautiful and your house looks amazing with the colorful leaves in the background!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  17. What a dream trip with glorious weather!!! Makes my fall-loving heart so happy! Small towns and hole-in-the-wall places are just the best! You got so many gorgeous photos!! Your home looks so pretty in all her fall glory!!!!!

  18. You two are the cutest!! I love seeing what fun things you're up to next, and this trip sounds like a blast! Plus what a lovely scene to come home to! Thanks for sharing your beautiful photos and happy-making zest for life! :)

  19. Looks like you all had a wonderful trip! Such beautiful Fall colors!

  20. What a fabulous trip. You guys do trips like we do...lots of good eats!!!
    I do miss all the beautiful colors like that so thanks for sharing, Andrea,

  21. What a fun fall trip you and Mr. Nine took. The food and drinks looked so good and the trees colors are beautiful.

  22. These pictures are just stunning! What a beautiful trip!

  23. STUNNING pics, Andrea! I'm really feeling the fall foliage vibes this year, so I'm v jealous of your trip! :)


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