The friend’s fun started out last Friday night which I’ll share more below. It was such a great few days to see beloved friends and get my tooth fixed with no problems! BUT the up-and-down weather roller coaster can definitely go bye-bye. Come on Spring. And I'm having lunch with another friend today because I am focusing more on Friends, Family and Miss Stella and less on Social Media! And come on favorites..its chock-full today!

1. Flute and Friends Recital
When we influencers got together in September, we decided that no matter what, we were attending the magnificent recital on February 18th for our friend Kathrine of the Kathrine Eldridge Blog. She is what I call a master flutist and she combined beautiful poetry readings, some flute duets, and a piano accompanist for the loveliest recital. Before the recital, Jill, Caroline and I had dinner at an amazing restaurant in Westbrook called Antico Posto. Everything was delicious especially the roasted Brussels sprouts with honey lemon ricotta and my fabulous Eggplant Parmesan. 

Laura joined us at the concert and afterwards we all went back to Kathrine's to enjoy the Bourbon Lounge that she and her husband created in their basement at the beginning of the pandemic. Super fun night. LOVE these genuine ladies!

2. Kellyann & The Cake Bake Shop

On Monday I got to have a day with one of my besties down in the middle part of the state. Carmel Indiana is where Mr. Nine’s sister and family also happen to live. The minute Kellyann told me that she was coming to Indiana for her son’s college volleyball tournament, there was no stopping me to make sure I got a day with her. I literally could do an entire post on our day together. Kellyann was  one of my first fellow bloggers I made a connection with and although we talk on Marco Polo, I have missed traveling with her. I got to meet her darling husband Brian and he snapped a photo of us in the hotel lobby. Brian was so sweet to encourage our day together.

It worked out just perfectly and we were so blessed to get the last two countertop seats at the infamous and exclusive Cake Bake Shop. I literally tried for 2 weeks to get us a reservation to no avail so it was as if those 2 seats were saved just for us.

It was magical and enchanting an even more fun since we were day drinking the most glorious cocktails you’ve ever seen! Had Melted Fontina Cheese on Bread and scrumptious Carrot Cake selected for us by our counter Bartender. 

AND Of course we got a photo in the Swan.

The decor was still sparking Christmas But they were switching over to Spring Floras when we were leaving so we got a shot on a swing

Of course, the afternoon included lots of shopping. We fell in love with a little boutique there called AH Collection and Kellyann and I each got a jacket and some goodies. The day ended with coffee, but it was not even possible that it was time for me to go home; the time flew by in the blink of an eye but when you’re with good friends and you haven’t seen each other in two years, that’s kind of how it goes. No way are we waiting this long to see each other the next time. LOVE HER!! Check out here amazing Blog Here!

3. Express

Express has had some incredible sales and it’s a favorite place for me to get blazers. The DRESS I wore last Friday night in the magnificent leopard print was from express and I just love it. Not to mention a BLAZER I’m sharing here as well. More from Express on Wednesday.



5. Misc. Fun
Wednesday ~ Peachy Keen


Such a good Red Aspen Nail nail drop this week! It’s called the Urban Jungle collection and there’s so many good animal prints and rich colors! So many cool designs. BUY HERE

You guys went crazy for this Free People Jacket on Insta stories and Like to Know It so I thought I’d share it here. It’s darling!


So much joy from Sweet Stella this week.

She got a new ball...

...And a new hoodie..It's so CUTE


Have a Sweet Weekend Friends!

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  1. The day went by entirely too fast my friend and no way can we wait another 2 years to get together again! I had a blast and there is nothing better for the soul than time with someone you love. We both needed that day! Thanks again for making the drive. Love you bunches and that sweet Stella Mae has the BEST wardrobe!

  2. What a fabulous week spent with friends!!

  3. so much fun!!! I am so happy you got to have some quality time with your gal pals. It looks like you made the best of it!

  4. I had so much fun spending time with you last weekend! I wish I could have driven to Indiana to meet up with you and Kellyann! That sweater on Stella Mae is precious! I may need to get one for Lana!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. You've had such a fun week with friends. I love that. Also love that meme about the produce bag because it's totally true. I was so happy my shopping cart was wet from rain yesterday because I could wet my fingers. #lookatthebrightside HA! Happy Friday!!! XOXO

  6. So much fun with friends and I love Stella in that hoodie!

  7. How awesome to get together with all of your friends Andrea. I love all of your outfits too. Little Stella is just adorable. Enjoy the weekend.

  8. So much friend time!! It's always good for the soul! I hope you have a great weekend!

  9. Friend time is the best. You gorgeous ladies took the town! How sweet to support your friend's concert. That cake place looked amazing! Fun fun fun!!

  10. Ahhhh love seeing you with all your friends!! And Stella. I cannot get enough of that cutie! I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  11. I'm so glad that you and Kellyann were able to visit in person! I'm sure it was a real energy boost as winter drags on!

  12. Stella Mae looks SO cute in her new hoodie! It was so glorious to see you last weekend friend! I always wish that we had more time together. I am also glad that you were able to see Kellyann. I love those outfits from Express too, they have tons of cute things right now! Have a lovely weekend! XO, Caroline

  13. I showed Rory that bourbon wall and he was so jealous. I love that you got to hang out with everyone. I immediately recognized Jill from Doused in Pink. Stella Mae just keeps getting cuter and cuter! Love your funnies today.

  14. What a fabulous time to get to see Kellyann!! And I need to check out Express again. I haven't been there in ages,

  15. I'm so glad you got to go to the Cake Bake Shop! It looks amazing! How fun!

  16. How nice to have spent so much time with friends! That Cake Bake shop is adorable! As is that little sweater on Stella! Meranda

  17. You and Kellyann seem so sweet! I bet you had a great day together.

  18. Oh what a privilege to meet all these fabulous women! And that you got to see Kathrines recital! It must have been very impressive !

  19. What a fun trip with girlfriends! Okay the meme about the plastic bag in produce. I have to invest in my own. I think I spent 4 minutes opening the plastic bag.
    Happy Day Andrea! Laura in Colorado

  20. I'm glad you had a fun time with your friends! Stella is adorable and she look super cute in that sweater!

  21. I loved looking at these photos. It looked like you were having such a wonderful time! Fabulous dining and shopping with a dear friend is a time to be treasured.

  22. This post was so fun to read! It really does war my heart to see people with friends and family. There's something about those kind of relationships that is wonderful. I told Kathrine this and I will tell you as well. I am so glad you had such a wonderful group of friends, a tribe if you will that love you and support you. That is amzing. I love your floral dress (with Kellyann) but seriously, is there anything you can't wear. You always look beautiful no matter what attire. Btw, Stella is super cute! Her little hoodie is so adorable.

    Maureen |

  23. Lovely post Andrea.T he floral and leopard dress is darling. How fun to spend with girlfriends. Stella is such a cutie.

  24. Adore seeing you lot together, how lovely. What a convo that would have been. Jacqui x


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