This is a very interesting addition to Friday Favorites because it’s some of the not so perfect, sad and disappointing things in life. Often, we showcase our best on the blog, but I decided to do a little something different.

1. Daisy Mae
I really don’t know what this day is going to hold for me as it is the one year anniversary of our sweet Daisy Mae‘s passing! It is so crazy that in the months after she passed, so many of you friends and bloggers had your dear fur babies leave this world and you know how much I empathize with you! I’m not going to go into all my feelings on her loss as time does ease the pain a little bit, but I think this Post I wrote on it last year sums it all up from my heart!
And I am beyond ready for a new doggie, in fact I NEED a new pup for my sanity but Mr. Nine is not ready…boo!

2. Regis
We lost one of the most amazing men that the entertainment world ever created and that was Regis Philbin. One of a kind and a heart of gold! I was lucky enough to meet Regis on a couple occasions and he even had photos of the 2 us and he and my mom in his office. We shared a love for Notre Dame, and I am beyond thrilled that he will be buried on his beloved ND Fighting Irish campus! He was Notre Dame‘s number one fan of all time and an alma mater! I loved him with Kelly but it was his magic with Kathie Lee that had me mesmerized every morning!

3. Week’s Attire.....
What I Didn’t Wear on Vacay
Here are the outfits that I bought to take on vacation but NEVER wore.



4. Not So Perfect Pics but CUTE Outfit
Well, I have to say, this ended up being the perfect, “not perfect,” example of how things don’t always go as planned. Today, on Instagram, I was supposed to collectively join a group of ladies in showcasing a not so perfect picture. We always put our best out there so one of the ladies found an awesome quote and we were all going to share a non-perfect photo. Well, that got pushed off a week and at first, I was upset because I wanted it to coincide with my blog post today but, that’s just it, that’s how life goes and sometimes we just have to go with the flow of it, so I’ve included a not perfect picture here and I’ll post to Insta next week. In the meantime, it gave me a great reason to skip posting to Insta today and take a breather!
Nothing like a shuttlecock coming at ya or maybe getting stuck in your bun?

5. Misc. STUFF
Post of the Week ~ Feels Like Pajama's

MORE Canceled Plans
Never in a million years did I think in March that Covid-19 would still be around come this Fall. But unfortunately plans continue to get canceled and I made a decision this week about one of the things I was MOST excited about this year! Going to Cali in September to stay at Lisa's with my Style Six crew. This would been our 3rd annual meet up but we decided it was best not to fly and for me, not to risk taking any germs from Indiana to my friends. Love them so! Fingers and Toes crossed for 2021!

The Yeti artender...on Hiatus
Hey, for the small majority of you that are loving The Yeti Bartender, it’s going to be on hiatus for a few weeks. Summer weather has given me a reprieve and I just want to spend it outside drinking a cold seltzer instead of concocting and trying to come up with new cocktail recipes. Don’t worry, it will probably be back this Fall as I can think of a few colder weather month cocktails that you just might love!

These trying times are far from perfect, but at least all the Memes have given some laughs and smiles.

and My FAV

....And then Something Sweet happens
This beautiful bird comes to the pond every year and while I’ve gotten some good pictures of him, the perfect shot just seems to allude me. I was taking video and pictures of him on the step railing the other morning and just kept snapping. Just when I thought I would never get a perfect shot of him, boom there it is. This is just to tell you that when things don’t go perfectly, then you turn around and sometimes they do. Never give up. No matter how many sad things happen in life, there’s so much joy! It’s all around us!

CHEERS to a Perfectly imperfect weekend!! 

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  1. Awwww sweet Andrea, a year has passed and I can hardly believe it. I know how much your precious girl meant to you. Hugs friend!
    I loved Regis too - such a funny guy and even though I never met him - lucky you!- I think his heart and kindness was so evident, such a loss for his wife and daughters.

  2. It is nice to see the imperfect side of things sometimes too. This post is a great reminder of that. It's not always as great as instagram might have you believe ;-)

  3. So sorry to hear your trip was canceled! I know how much fun you all have together each year.

  4. I love all of those outfits so much, sorry you didn't get to actually wear them on vacay. Also, your memes are on point.

  5. I'm sorry about your trip and I'm sorry about the anniversary of Daisy's passing...thinking of you and hope you're able to have a nice weekend! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  6. HI Andrea, Did you watch KLG's tribute to Regis on NBC? It was so touching and genuine. Hang in there with a new puppy.... fall is a great time to get a new puppy! Loved the memes you attached! Cheers from Colorado, laura

  7. Love the not perfect theme. I really like that shirt that says Dream in Color!

  8. I can't believe it's been one year since you lost Daisy. I'm thinking of you!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  9. The sentiment is this post is exactly what I needed to hear today. Yes, we all need to surrender and let God's plans take over. Love all these not worn looks and that heron is so amazing!

  10. I can't believe it's been a whole year since your sweet Daisy passed, and I'm so sorry that you had to cancel your trip. 2020 has been unreal, hasn't it? I do love how real this post is, though. I truly appreciate when bloggers put their hearts out there and show the messy side of life, too. It's not always sunshine and rainbows even though we want it to be. Enjoy your weekend, lady. <3

  11. A year is till not long enough for the grieving I find, poor you- I completely understand. When both my pups past within the same year (6 years ago), I'm still thinking about them. Actually, a year after their passing, we got another pup, and believe it or not, no one in my family could bond with him, until my niece who really wanted a dog, took him. We weren't ready. 3 years later we got Charlie- and he's our perfect match- we adore him. We have to let go and let God. It's no coincidence that this was the week the beautiful Heron came to grace you with his presence...Have you thought about that link? Oh sweet Daisy..
    As for Regis, so so sad. But so cool that he kept a pic of you in his office- you have to share why that is? Did you guys know him well? I loved his shows so much. Andrea, I hope you end up having the best weekend ever- wish I could drop by and give you a hug (while sharing one of your yeti cocktails- don't want to wait for the fall!) Take care sweetheart - sorry for this long comment!! xx

  12. Wow that is an AWESOME shot of the blue heron! I love your perfectly imperfect photo shoot. You always look amazing! Cute outfits for the win! I'm so sorry about missing your darling Daisy Mae. She seemed like such a sweetie!

  13. I feel your pain so much. I remember that post and can't believe its been a year. My fur baby passed in April and I knew we were going to lose him soon when I read your post. I still dream about him and miss him so much it physically hurts. I was a big fan of Regis too. Watched him on live for years and years. Thinking of you today.

  14. What an interesting post. Our pets are so important to us. I'm ready for a dog too, but I'm still pushing Rob. They are the best at making us feel loved.
    Sending lots of love and hugs.

  15. Oh Andrea, I know you miss Daisy so much!! That stinks about y'alls trip. 2020 has been rough! :(

  16. I had no idea that Regis had passed. How did I miss that? I can't believe it has been that long since Daisy passed. Sending you hugs. I can't believe your trip was cancelled. I am so sorry. 2020 has been a tough year for everyone! Have a great weekend!

  17. Sending you hugs this week missing your little girl. Heck, with us having 3 dogs, I'm still ready for another puppy after Bruno is gone.
    I'm sorry your trip got canceled - but I think that's a wise decision

  18. I'm so sorry you had to cancel your fun girls' trip travel plans...huge bummer. :(

  19. I'm sorry about your cute puppy and I can't believe it's a year already. How exciting it must of been to meet Regis in person. I love all of the outfits on you! Hopefully 2021 you can meet up again with all of your blogger friends. I'm looking forward to your Yeti Bartender fall cocktails. Take care and enjoy the weekend.

  20. I really enjoyed this post. It is nice to share some not so perfect moments. It helps us remember that we are all human and life is not perfect. Sorry about you all's yearly get together though! You are an awesome group of friends.

  21. What a great photo of that bird! I totally loving your gingham shorts too! I'll be keeping my fingers crossed you can convince Mr. Nine to get a new dog soon!

  22. i love the hot pink pants! i bought a similar bright colored pair of pants style wise, but neon yellow! i couldn't believe it! so now you gave me ideas on how to style!
    xo eva

  23. Love isn t perfect right! But the bird shot makes it all worth while. Have a great weekend!

  24. Even your not perfect is still perfect. It has been quite a week. I'm still in disbelief about ol' Reg. So sad. Happy weekend!!! XOXO

  25. I love that picture of you playing badminton! So cute! I'm sure you are both missing Daisy still. Looks like she was such a sweet pup!

  26. Love this post! Thanks for the laugh and the perspective! Sending extra peaceful energy your way as you miss your puppy!

  27. I understand about needing a pup. It took us a year and a 1/2 after our Annie passed on to get our new furbaby, Furgus, a tri-color Smooth Collie. We were blessed to have another one, Piper, to love on us and it was enough, for awhile, but as she is approaching 9, it was time and he was the one. Puppy (now 4 1/2 mths) is a handful, but a wonderful, loving handful. I hope the one for you comes soon :)

  28. I'm sorry of your lose X #dreamteam


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