Hi loves. Not the best week here and we had to cancel leaf peeking trips on 2 occasions along with a Fall Day with friends tomorrow. All all the yucks, but seeing the girls makes my heart full! I keep plugging on and ALWAYS have some favorites. I hope you do too.


1. Precious Pumpkins

I love my little punkin twin granddaughters to pieces and beyond. They will be 1 month old tomorrow and are doing great!

2. Pink

All the love, for pink always. I heard Barbie Core was on the way out, and while I most likely won’t be dressing head to toe pink, pops of the glorious color will forever be on my radar. AND Let’s not forget it’s Breast Cancer Awareness month. Get your Mammograms, do self checks, spread awareness AND be supportive of others! Just look at these darling pieces, all would make great gifts.

Sweatshirt HERE // Joggers HERE // Sneakers HERE

Blazer HERE// Faux Leggings HERE  (use code CLOUDNINEXSPANX) 

Sweater HERE // Jeans HERE

3. Pillows & Trees

I love a few cute novelty Christmas pillows tossed here and there but certainly don’t want to pay high dollar for them. I’m loving these options all $10 and under. I have the candy canes and hard candy ones.


We bought a new main tree. It was a viral sensation. After losing middle lights in our 2nd Balsam Hill in 6 years, I wanted something different. This brilliant mamma jamma is 9ft tall (comes in 3 sizes), has a phone app with 10 different lighting options, 3,400 glorious lights AND is 75% less at Home Depot than Balsam Hill. I am all about white lights and it has warm white and twinkling white as 2 of the 10 functions. It was delivered in 2 days, requires no fluffing and I’m in Love! 


Of course, I have a couple new trees too, can’t wait to especially show you the new “candy corner” in the kitchen. 7ft Slim $79 from Walmart HERE

Sneak Peek:

That’s right, I’ve started decorating because with this many trees, it takes me 2 weeks+. Also, I’m gone a couple days for my dad’s surgery. No one can steel my Christmas Magic. My dear friend Laura, sent me This Post about how people that decorate early are happier.

4. Us in Fall

I shared this photo on Instagram yesterday, my caption was I’m burning for you. LOL. This burning bush by our pond does not always beautifully bloom every year, but this year it was spot ON, so we put on our Flag and Anthem cuteness and got a photo. 


Sweater HERE // Joggers HERE // My Jacket HERE // Hat HERE // Sneakers HERE // Mr. Nine's Jacket HERE

5. Misc. Fun


So, the big thing right now is the app called EPIK where you can get yearbook photos from the early 90s by submitting current close ups. While I graduated in 1989, many of them were spot on how I would’ve dressed. This was my favorite of course! Ooh La La!



Have a wonderful last of October weekend!



  1. So sorry about the trips but happy to see your grandbabies going strong. That tree you bought sounds amazing and can't wait to see when you are all done with your decorating. Have a fabulous wekeend!

  2. So sorry your plans had to be cancelled- hope it is a great weekend! The babies are thriving-such great news- love all of your pink as always! :)

  3. The girls are darling! The sweets tree is looking super cute too. I need for you to come decorate here when you are done there!

  4. That tree is fantastic! Isn't it frustrating to lose part of the lights on a "pre-lit" tree?! That pink blazer is stunning on you and of course I'm all about Barbie-core. Your sweet pumpkins are so adorable. I have to check out those holiday pillows--can never have enough. You look like Britney in that photo!! Sorry about your trips being cancelled. I hope it's a good weekend none the less! xo

  5. I love the babies in their sweet pumpkin hats! Have a good weekend!

  6. Anonymous27.10.23

    I am so sorry that you had to cancel your fall trips. 😞The girls look SO cute in their pumpkin hats and I am thrilled that they are doing well too. I cannot wait to see your Christmas decorations too! Have a wonderful weekend my friend! Xo, Caroline

  7. I can't believe the girls are already a month old! That flew by and they are looking fabulous. I am loving all your hot pink outfits and can't wait to see your new trees. Candy corner sounds so cute.

  8. Sorry your plans were cancelled. The babies are so adorable and the month went by so fast. I love how you decorate your house for Christmas. Enjoy the weekend.

  9. Love all the pink! Those precious babies!! I can't believe they are a month old already!

  10. Oh no! So sorry you have had to cancel your plans. I am glad you have found some favourites.
    Aww! Your granddaughters are just adorable.
    I love all of the pink that you wear! I have pink hair at the moment and love it!

  11. Living for these baby updates! I can't believe they're already a month old! ANd I totally posted about a Home Depot tree today, too!! We're getting one that's similar... I'm so glad to hear you love yours!

  12. Love the holiday pillows and I need to check out that tree. I think we're due for a new one.

  13. Love the flare jeans- you look better in them than the Nordstrom model! And that new Christmas tree. I am slowly but surely convincing myself that I need a new one and I like the one you featured. The babies are just the most adorable things. Glad to hear they are doing well. Have a great weekend!

  14. I can't believe those precious girls are already one month old! Those holiday pillow options are great finds! Can't wait to see your trees!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  15. Oh no, there's nothing worse than having to cancel a leaf peeping trip! I feel your sadness on that one, as you know I love those trips too. I'm currently in bed with a crummy cold and hoping we wont have to cancel our Halloween party Tuesday. Ugh. Better days ahead for both of us, I hope! xxoo


  16. Those girls make up for any cancelled plans!!
    I'm all about pink no matter what the trends say!

  17. Anonymous28.10.23

    So sorry about the canceled plans. We had beautiful weather in STL last week and I went out for a long 4 mile walk and enjoyed all the fall colors before this yucky cold and rainy front came in. The twins are so cute in their pumpkin hats and Stella is cute in her pink! I could use a couple holiday pillows to throw on the couches, thanks for sharing that!


  18. HI Andrea, Oh I just caught up on the girls and life. What is your son dong in Ohio. My new SIL is from Ohio and our son went to undergrade out there! Oh those babies! And you other son holding his girls. just love it! Meanwhile my son dressed up like a hotdog tonight for a Halloween party! ha! He has a job offer in Texas in September so living it up at home with his mum and dad! xo laura

  19. I'm sorry that your plans got cancelled. Can't wait to see your decorations, always amazing to see.

  20. You're grandbabies are adorable. Happy One Month to them.
    The phone done with her pants photo killed me.
    Love all your pink looks.

  21. Those grandbabies are so darling! Love their little hats! Sorry to hear about your cancelled plans!


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