I think you know, my love of all things Fall! It is the time of year the Amazon deliveries really start amping up. The reason why I am extra excited about these products today is that several of them are so much cheaper than I have found in the store. There are some cute clothes at the end too. Linking up with the fabulous Tanya for her monthly Prime Link Up. 

Mrs. Meyers Acorn Spice Candle

I have always been a fan of Mrs. Meyer’s products and there’s not really a pumpkin scent and I’m just fine with that. I was always going for the apple cider until I discovered this acorn spice. It blows all the other scents out of the water and candles smell up my whole house. These are Better price here on Amazon! And you get 2! 


Chunky Blanket

Chunky cozy is what I call it! oh This Blanket! Plus, it’s gorgeous even to just use as decoration! More colors, too! And sizes.


Blush Brush

Oh, my goodness friends, you should see my Eco Blush Brush, I just love it so darn much (it's filthy, lol) and I didn’t know they still made it until I found it on of course, Amazon! Now I need to break it in after having the other one for seven years, lol


Pumpkin Latte Lip and Hand Cream set 

I discovered Dionis a few years ago when an employee of mine gave me some of the pumpkin lotion. I cannot believe how good it smelled, so I was super excited to find This Set. I absolutely love the lip balm. Great gift idea or dare I saw; stocking stuffer?!



I tend to use reed diffusers more in the fall and winter. They aren’t always pretty, but This one is absolutely gorgeous, and smells delightful!


Hair Cap

OK, these next two products have literally saved my hair. As you know, I do my own hair so there’s no salon I go to for a deep condition but my hair has been getting very brittle and frizzy from my hair color lately. I’m going to mention the deep conditioner in a minute, but this cap locks in the heat and is reusable and best part: under $6


Deep Conditioning Hair Mask

Ahhhh, this stuff is a miracle worker! I did my research friends dare I say, “deep”research, lol! Leaving this on my hair once a week for 15 to 30 minutes under the above cap while I’m in the shower; it’s never felt so good! Only $12.99 too! 



You know, I’m a sucker for Fall Decor and I love this wreath! This one is really pretty and such a great price!


Mmmmm 1989! Is it the year I graduated, or the year Taylor Swift was born? Both! You can literally get these sweatshirts in any year and they’re a big trend this fall.


I am all about the cozy sets! And Amazon does them so well, and in so many different categories! I can have something like this on all day, still be cozy, but feel like I got dressed for the day.


The cardigan coats are all the rage! I have one I love from Gibsonlook, but I really wanted one in this color way. This One comes in other colors too, but I love the drape and I love the pockets.


The material of this Hooded Jacket is so good! I love to throw these on for my Fall walks or errands with joggers. Other colors too. 

Happy Fall Shopping Sweeites!!

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  1. Lots of fall goodness! Love the chunky knit blankets. I love Eco brushes too and have a whole set that I use!

  2. You are so good at finding the hidden gems!

  3. Loving all the fall items you shared here. Need to try that pumpkin set and I need to get a 1989 sweatshirt too! :)

  4. Anonymous2.10.23

    You got some nice fall items. The cozy set looks great to wear around the house!
    Julie’s Creative Lifestyle

  5. The clothes are really cute! Congrats again on the babies.

  6. Yes! Love the 1989 sweatshirt- we scored some similar apparel too for upcoming T Swift parties :)

  7. Okay, I want one of everything! From the candles to the blanket to the hair mask to the clothes. You have curated a great collection here!!

  8. I need (well, want, haha!) one of everything! I bet that pumpkin lip/hand cream set smells amazing and I am really loving all of those cardigan coats!

    Hope you're having a fantastic Monday so far! :)

    Make Life Marvelous

  9. Great fall finds! I love the cozy set.

  10. Congratulations; they are adorable. Those 2 piece sets do look so comfy and cozy.

  11. You always find the best stuff, Andrea! I'm my way over to Amazon to get that blush brush and hair mask and of course, the 1989 sweatshirt to signify the year of my birth. Have a great week! xx

  12. Anonymous2.10.23

    That blanket looks super cozy. I have a Shea Moisture product that I put on my hair once a week after I wash it and it stays on all day. Obv, I do this on a day I'm not really going out... but, it really moisturizes my hair. They have great products! Ohh, I bet your home smells so good.


  13. These are great Amazon finds! And I am with you. Fall and winter are my two favorite seasons to shop for. The sweatshirt with the printed year is my favorite. So fun!

    Maureen |

  14. So many great fall finds! I need that cap for my hair masks and that cozy set is super cute!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  15. I just used up the last of my favorite apple candle, so I'm definitely going to try this one for sure! And congrats on the grandbabies - they are just so precious!!!


  16. You have me sold on the hair mask. I think I am going to give it a try and/or order a couple for the girls stockings. It's not too early to start. I also feel like my girls, and I, would love that cozy set for lounging around as the days get shorter and cooler.

    And, I love seeing your grandbabies on IG. I am so happy for your family. Do they live nearby?

  17. Love the 1989 sweatshirt! I wish I had a significant reason to wear it! Lol.


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