We’re getting mighty lucky (isn't March lucky my shamrock lovers!) because another boy came home last night to spend the weekend. And we’re inching so much closer to Spring! Don't even think about that Daylight Savings Time hour we loose this weekend!
Hi March...Give me all the sunshine!!

1. New Local Adventures
Not only was it fabulous to have a boy home last weekend, it was fantastic try a couple new establishments with my loves in our area. One was at the spot called the Oasis that was torn down and completely rebuilt with such a cool modern industrial feel and the food was fabulous. Not to mention it was cool that our waitress was a girl I went to high school with, so fun. Then on Saturday morning Mr. Nine (Who are we out that early on a Saturday morning?) and I went to a darling little coffee shop in the area and we had fancy pour over! Disclaimer, I like regular coffee better, LOL!

Loaded tots..I only had one and my meal was all the green and healthy!

Yesterday, we finally got to see my precious new cousin all the way from California. Her name is Blue, and she is an absolute doll! Her mama, my sweet cousin, is the best new mama, she was born to be one! So glad to see some of my other relatives as well and spend an afternoon with them.

Top from Left: My sweet Aunt Linda, Baby Blue, 4 Generations, my sweet mom

Velvet Pink Couch HERE

3. Week's Attire
 Overalls HERE // Henley HERE // Shoes HERE

Blazer HERE // Jeans HERE // Tank HERE 
// Shoes HERE // Earrings HERE

Blazer HERE // Shoes HERE

4. Fabulous Back Dress
Isn’t this little dress just the sweetest! The back is to die for. I got two of these in two different prints and shared them on my Instagram stories this week. This dress was just too good not to get some pictures of even though it’s not warm enough yet. And man, I’ve got to get on that self tanner I bought because my legs are completely different shade than my back, LOL!

Earrings HERE

More Inspo
Below is the beautiful Ashley where I first saw this dress. Follow her on Instagram

5. Misc. Fun
Monday ~ Recent Amazon Purchases
Wednesday ~ I Found my Easter Dress

Thought you might want to head to Amazon to get this CUTE Shake your Shamrocks Prime, it’s prime so it’ll be here in plenty of time for St. Patty’s Day!! Yay!! 

Here they are! My magnetic loves! At first, I was like oh no they are kind of in your face but the more the night went on, the more I love them. The magnetic are so easy especially for a newbie who’s never worn them before. It’s a learning curve but not really that hard at all and I will be wearing these on repeat. I love this brand I got but I also purchased some from Amazon that I saw my dear friend Kellyann wearing!


Hope your weekend is MAGNETIC!!!!



  1. Well, I am shaking my shamrocks today too! Gosh I love that tee! Also love those lashes on you, they are fun for a night out or when you want a little extra glam! So happy you have another boy coming in for the weekend, enjoy my friend! Love ya!

  2. OH that back dress is beautiful...kinda giving your yellow dress a run for its money! Ha! May have to try out those lashes too :)

  3. I saw your Insta Stories and I was about to comment on how precious baby Blue is. Of course the grandkids had me going what seemed like 100 miles an hour so I didn't comment. But OMG she is adorable ! And.... I'm loving your eyelashes, I tried a magnetic pair that I bought off of Amazon and they were pretty cheap and didn't stay on. I might have to try the Eylure brand because wow lady yours look stunning on you. Happy Friday !!

  4. Baby Blue is precious! Both pairs of those overalls are so cute on you! I don't think I could pull them off. And that dress is absolutely gorgeous! Have the best weekend!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Those overalls look adorable on you. Love your fake lashes too. Have a great weekend!!

  6. Eeeek, baby cuddles are the best! Have a wonderful weekend, sweet friend! xoxo

  7. So glad you got to spending time with one of your boys. I am already dreading when my oldest leaves for college later in the year. Love all the looks this week and need to get those lashes!

  8. Just bought the tee, Love, so we can be Twinkies! But unfortunately, it won't be on March 17th, because you KNOW the Mother Ship ain't gonna let me wear it to work! Oh, well! Oops!! I think I called Sweet Baby Blue a "him" on your Insta Story, so I do apologize to you and Blue! Eek!? Have a wonderful weekend!! The sun is shining here as I type! Praise the Lord!

  9. You look great in the magnetic eyelashes and all of your cute outfits. Hope you have a fun weekend.

  10. How fun to have your boy home. Those TOTS!! Wow!! I have to try those lashes. Love that dress on you. Happy Friday!

  11. Love the floral outfit and the food looks delicious!!!
    I have a pair of magnetic eye lashes but have never been able to get them on right. I gave up and now they lay at the bottom of a drawer somewhere. Haha. Yours look beautiful on you!

  12. Yay for one of the boys being home!!! That back dress is fabulous!!! Hope you have a great weekend!

  13. Cute baby! I have wanted to try magnetic lashes, yours look great!

  14. Baby Blue is as darling as can be!!! I had to click over to the pink sofa--who knew? Pretty awesome.

  15. Now I can't stop singing "Baby Blue was the color of her hair...". Nothing better than baby snuggles. I love that new dress in the blue/white color combo. It's so pretty on you. Enjoy another weekend with another boy. #happymama XOXO

  16. Loving your fashion this week pretty lady!

  17. How fun you’ll get a weekend home with one of your guys! I know I will be beyond excited when my kids come back home when they’re in school. Baby blue is so adorable! I love getting some baby snuggles in. Loving all of your outfits this week, especially those overalls and that pretty dress with the open back. Hope you have a great weekend!

  18. Baby Blue is so cute! You look like a natural holding her, good practice for those hopeful future grandkids! I love that open back dress so much and that reminds me to start the self tanning as well. Enjoy your weekend with your men!

  19. Baby Blue is PRECIOUS! Love her name! Have a great weekend!

  20. I need help with those lashes. I tried a pair once and couldn't do it for some reason. I wonder if my eyes are too curved??

  21. You probably get mistaken for your son's friend or gf when you guys go out! You look just as young as him. LOVE the overalls! Okay, I am off to purchase those magnetic lashes now... I bought my first set of lashes with glue last week, and when I tried to put them on it was a mess!!!!

  22. Your posts are always so interesting!!! I love all the photos! And those lashes...aren't magnetic lashes the best? xx Lucybertoldi

  23. Aw, what a beautiful baby! I just know how excited you are to have your boys around. Sounds like you had a good week.

  24. Who doesn't love some baby snuggles during the week?! I love that dress and yay to have your boys around! Hope you have a fabulous weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  25. I was noticing your fabulous lashes in your first few photos and loving them! So glam! Blue is such a beautiful baby! Love the chubby kissable cheeks!

  26. Oh yay, sweet baby time. And time with some of the boys is fabulous as well. Love how much wear you're getting out of those camo overalls my friend and I see you have a fabulous jean pair as well! I bet they aren't as comfy as those soft camo ones though, are they?? ;) Have a fab weekend beautiful!

  27. All about kids! How lovely is Blue! Enjoy your weekend!

  28. I've been so curious about the magnetic lashes. They look great on you. Have a great weekend, Andrea. What a doll you cousin is!

  29. Congrats on the new arrival! Always so good when another baby is added to the family - my little cousin had his baby the other month and I'm completely smitten, he's such a handsome baby! Congrats to your cousin :)

    I really like your floral dress too, so nice for spring!

    Hope that you are having a wonderful weekend :) We had a date night last night which was awesome :)

    Away From Blue

  30. So many fun things in this post!! Blue is such a precious muffin, what a gorgeous baby girl! Those loaded tots look so amazing, I need those immediately.
    I LOL'd at Ed Sheran cat!!!

    xx, Elise


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