Happy Friday sweet friends! This Varsity theme is in eager anticipation that our football player gets cleared by the Dr. mid-morning today and can play next Friday. His therapy has gone great so he, we and the team are hopeful. Well, the college boys survived the first week of class. I kept busy, went to the Beach yesterday and Mr. Nine and I are headed out this weekend to a Cubs game and some city fun to pick up my spirits. Nothing a ballpark hotdog and rarely drank cold brewski (like once a year) can’t cure, lol. 

1. Blogger Spotlight:
Nadine from Life By Nadine Lynn
Nadine from was one of the first people I followed when I started my blog and she quickly became a favorite. With her quick wit, amazing writing ability, just the right amounts of sass and sweetness, I knew this girl would be a friend from the great Bama state! She is just so easy to relate to and real. You want to lift her up if she struggles, rejoice with her when she soars and definitely dine with her; my goodness, she posts the best food pictures and recipes too. Her hubby adores her, is hilarious and they were blessed almost 2 years ago now with little Zoe, the sweetest baby girl. In fact, she was born on our oldest son’s birthday. Learn More about Nadine HERE in a cool "About Me in 4's!" I really loved her 2 part post on Zoe's Birth Story HERE and HERE. Her post "If you knew me in High School" will give you a glimpse into what a fun, sweet and super smart girl she was. 34 things in her 34th year leads you to know this precious lady even more. Recently turning 35, I assured Nadine her best years are yet to come, If you head over to TBB today, you'll learn about a very special post Nadine wrote on a blogger's guest series. Oh and her book reviews are spot on, She LOVES to read and finds great books you'll love too. Just love her to pieces and you will too! 
Nadine has passed her love of Sunnies down to her precious daughter, Zoe! 

2. Mad for Buffalo Plaid
It was after seeing these front mat combos on Pinterest and getting 2 of these pumpkins from Hobby Lobby that I suddenly was obsessed with black and white buffalo plaid. It will go beautiful with our house colors and verging into the all-white, green, gray pumpkin realm for Fall. Buying these Pillow Covers from Amazon because the price and quality are amazing.

(This is the exact one I bought)

Went to Kirklands to get this and they weren't out yet..I will be going back! 

3. Week's Attire
TJ Maxx Creation and Evolution Leggings // Adidas Shoes HERE

Loft eyelet top Similar Here // Sandals HERE

Camo Pants Similar HERE // Shoes HERE // Jean Jacket HERE

My Biker Chic outfit was a favorite this week too

4. Varsity Tee
Varsity tee in The house. I showed you this TEE as my favorite NSale purchase and here it is all styled and ready for game night. Love Fall Varsity Looks!

More Inspo

An Oldie but goodie HERE. One of my favorite tees

Aerie Purchases
Aerie Admission: well 2; never bought from them before and always wondered why they didn’t just throw the cozy jammies items and undies in the mother store, American Eagle? Well, I saw this Camo Sweatshirt, Read the reviews and saw the great price and was like yeah, click purchase from Aerie, here I go. IT's so soft!!! With Bralette love going on and BOGO, I grabbed a couple perfect for Fall. Got them in the mail this week and LOVE. Bralettes are not usually hooked or adjustable and these are both!! Sooo comfy!

Adidas CloudFoam QT Racer Tennis Shoes
Yeah, walking on clouds sounds good to me and that is exactly what these awesome Adidas tennis shoes feel like. I’m wearing them in the first week’s attire photo and got on sale at Kohl's. Quickest tennis shoe purchase ever! I love the ice purple color...close to a blush of sorts and so pretty!


And I leave you with this reminder of the 2018 Starbucks release date for PSL's!!
I do admit, 2 boxes of this landed in my Target cart this week!
Last year, I rated the Pumpkin Spice Treats HERE and this was a 5/5 pumpkin rating!!! 


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  1. Nadine's sweet baby girl is so cute! It's always so crazy to think my son was that little at one point too! I am a fan of books so I will definitely check out her reviews. Aren't varsity stripes awesome?! I have a varsity stripe t-shirt dress in two colors and as simple as they look, I just can't get enough of it. I love this varsity striped tee you are wearing and the burgundy stripes are a nice contrast to the white shirt. Bring on Autumn! I have the big PSL release date marked on my calendar! I will be in line. Lol Have fun at the game and wishing you a wonderful weekend! Happy Friday Andrea!

    Maureen |

  2. Prayers for your sweet football player! I hope he's cleared and ready to suit up next weekend! Lovin' all the pumpkin decor, we used to do so much with black and white and this year I'm leaning more towards softer colors. Saw some great things at TJ Maxx but didn't buy them. I need to take out my old stuff and see what's what. Especially now that it's just the two of us in the house! Love your varisty tee and the camo sweatshirt and bralettes - you are going to be a camo cutie!
    Have teh very best weekend sweet friend!

  3. I love the double mat look! Those pumpkins are super cute too!

  4. Now I am loving the black and white buffalo plaid too. I love the idea of doing a black, white, gray and green fall decor. Fingers crossed for your youngest. I hope he gets to play!

  5. I just love that double welcome mat look for the front door. I'm not ready to switch out my summer stuff just yet but was thinking I needed to start looking around for some fall mats and decor. Sending up a little prayer; I hope he's cleared to play!

  6. Gotta love buffalo plaid! Hopefully your son gets cleared to play!

  7. So much good stuff I don't know where to start! It's funny, I love pumpkin spice flavored everything (especially baked goods, and I bet you have some great recipes for that!), but I'm not a huge fan of the PSL! You have soooo many great outfits this week! You know I love that dress and also loving your new camo sweatshirt and bralette!
    Gina || On the Daily Express

  8. How funny you were wearing camo this week. We just took photos for a camo post that I was editing for next week!! Great minds think alike!!

  9. Well, looks like you are more than ready for football season and know you will enjoy cheering your guy on to victory. And, yes, to all things pumpkin from decor to drink to food. I cannot wait! Have a great weekend!!!

  10. So much cuteness and fun in this post! You always make me want fall to come now! It's still beautiful summer here but my brain is thinking fall.

  11. I love Hobby Lobby - I am just bummed because they closed the store where I live! Love the camo sweatshirt you picked up. Have a wonderful weekend.

    Daily Style Finds

  12. The biker chic outfit is my fav! The varsity outfits have me ready for football season too, that FNL quote at the end just pulled at my heart. I miss that show! Happy Friday Andrea :-)
    Amanda @ Cupcake N Dreams

  13. Fingers crossed for your football player. It sounds like you are keeping busy with College Boy away this week. I only drink cold brewski at the ball park too. Something about the atmosphere makes me want a cold one!! I'm obsessed with black and white buffalo plaid too and I have those pillow covers from Amazon! LOVE! Those pumpkins are too cute!! I love the varsity top too. Perfect for game day! I go into Aerie with my daughter and always comment how soft everything feels!! I need to get something for myself. She swears by their bralettes too. It looks like you're in for a fun weekend!!

  14. Count me in on the buffalo plaid!

  15. When I see pumpkin spice my mind immediately goes to you!!!! Happy weekend, gorgeous! Off to Tennessee I go.

  16. Awwwwww I am over here blushing, you are too sweet!!! Alright, so I was actually thinking about the black and white plaid last year and how it would be perfect for fall things AND to pair up with Christmas. Just cooler weather in general. I am sold. I haven't been into Kirklands in like a year, but you know...that was my first job! I was with them for 6-7 years all through high school and college. Those shoes!!! That color is amazing! I had a pair of the pink gazelles in my hands, but I put them back because I figure I would reach for my rose gold shell toed for the same outfits. But those ice purple ones are different enough that I can totally justify them. LOL. I hope you have the best time this weekend! Love you!

  17. Oh I hope that he gets cleared to play!! Fingers crossed!! LOVE so many of these picks! Those bralettes are SUPER cute-I love that burnt orange color!

    Rosy Outlook

  18. I hope your boy gets cleared to play. I LOVE all of your picks! Your entry mats are too die for. You are right, it will go perfect into fall and especially with your pumpkin pallet of colors. I love all of your outfit inspo (as always) and that top and bralettes from Aerie, so cute! Happy Friday Mama!

  19. I love the look of those layered mats! Hope you have a great weekend and your son gets an all clear for next week!

  20. That camo sweatshirt is fantastic!!!! You tempt me!!!!!
    I am mad about plaid & that black & white look is really classic.
    Hoping for good games & safety for the football playing days ahead!!!
    love me some nadine & Zoe!!!

  21. We finally got a Hobby Lobby in my small town and I noticed the Black and White plaid trend everywhere. I had no idea it was called Buffalo Plaid. I love the layering of the mats. I will have to try that myself!

  22. Happy Friday! Nadine and Zoe are one of my favorite duos! I'm loving all of your buffalo plaid finds!! And of course your amazing outfit looks too. I hope you have a great weekend!
    Sierra Beautifully Candid

  23. I just bought a few new pieces of that black and white buffalo plaid for my fall decor, too! And I almost bought that bralette from AE!! I need to go back and grab one! It's too cute!

  24. Okay I need to go look at those bralettes because they are never adjustable! Good find! Your varsity look is so cute. Fingers crossed he is cleared. Sounds like you have some fun coming up to lift your spirits sweet mama!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  25. Thanks so much for the link to the pillow covers...that's a great deal!

  26. I'm obsessed with the black and white buffalo plaid also!! Such a fun touch for fall!!

  27. Girl!! I am SO loving buffalo plaid right now!! I’m planning to mention it next week in a post, so you beat me to it! It’s like a lightening bolt just hit me and I woke up loving it! Gonna be getting my fall things out this weekend while the other two are gone! Looking forward to having the entire house to myself this weekend! And I hope you have a fabulous one, too!!

  28. Buffalo plaid = 😍😍😍
    I love oury outfits this week... especially those camo pants! I need to find a varsity tee in purple and the one you have! And I scored some of those BOGO bralettes too!

  29. Love all of your cute outfits this week! I am not ready to see all of this fall decor though! :-/ We live close to Wrigely field so if you would like to meet up let me know! :-) If you don't see this message then no worries. I would also suggest going to either Big Star or Smoke Daddy if you get hungry down there too. :-) Have a wonderful weekend!

  30. Love buffalo plaid! I'm stocking up some buffalo plaid oversized scarfs and shirts for Fall. The biker chic outfit is my favorite too!

  31. I love all things buffalo plaid and might just have to get some for me! Katie LOVES aerie bralettes, they are the only ones she wants to wear. I'm so excited we are getting a Kirklands close to our house. I haven't had access to one in forever. I loved your pumpkin rating post last year. Hope you find more fun things to rate this year. Happy Saturday!!! XOXO

  32. Hope the youngest is healed up and gets cleared so he can get back to playing with his team. Love the varsity style and inspo. I think the pink outfit of yours is my the look! Nadine is a doll. I love reading her blog and becoming friends with her over the years. Have a happy weekend and enjoy the Cubs game! xo Emily @ Martinis & Bikinis

  33. Oh I hope your son gets cleared!! And that you had a great time at the Cubs game, they've been playing awesome!

  34. Oh I am loving the front mat layering! How fun to create interest!

  35. I adore Nadine. I love following her and her beautiful family. Loving all the college types of clothing to represent your team!

  36. Love buffalo plaid and thinking I need that rug. Found you on Wonderful Wednesday Blog Hop.


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