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Whew, what a year!! I don't know about you but two things happen for me the week after Christmas. I get depressed and emotional but then by the end of the week, I start getting reflective on the year and thankful that we made it through mostly happy and healthy. Something else I'm thankful for and reflecting upon is blogging and what it has done to my heart! New friendships have been creative, I've become smarter with all your awesome ideas and I just feel a little bit better about "me" and about how many good, gracious and wonderful people there are in this world.

In reflecting I was asked what is your favorite post of 2015 and while there are many, it would have to be the "9 Things That Inevitably Happen At Target" as probably 99% of Target Shoppers can relate. So, since many of you are new readers, here is a re-post of such a fun one to write:

Ladies, you know what I'm talking about. Oh yeah. the rush, the deals, the beauty. Target beckons us!! It does, that red bulls eye is the symbol of life. The epitome of our shopping lusts and addictions! lol

So, it goes something like this.......

1. You go in for eyeshadow and almond butter. It'll take what? 5 minutes? 10 tops?

You come out 1 hour later with a cart full and you forgot the darn eyeshadow. 

2. You will not look in the dollar bins
 Only on your way in, you saw those red and white checked plastic hot dog holders and well, you WILL have a backyard BBQ this summer

3. AFTER You throw your hot dog holders in the cart, you tell yourself no more, 
 But you have to go on the other side and that's where you fight some lady over the last teal and white damask clipboard. She, as the more mature lady, decides it's not worth the fight. 
You Holler a tiny "victory"!!!! 

4. You tell yourself you won't look at clothes

But then you will definitely look at clothes, someone left the "I don't sweat, I sparkle" tank on the end cap. Hmmm, what else is looking cute today?

5. You think to yourself, “Hmm, I just looked at the home decor last week.”

So, of course, you go look to see if anything has changed. I mean, maybe they got some new rugs in. 

6. You will not go into the hair care aisle  

Guess what you're doing tonight? Dying your hair a beautiful shade of extra light natural blond (got it on clearance) and using a bristle brush. 

7. You pass the nail polish aisle and stop to take a look, even though you have plenty at home.

So you grab a purple push-up OPI and hot pink sizzle Essie.
Well you don't have these shades yet. 

8. You realize you’ve spent too much time in Target and really need to leave.

 Wait, you have to look at the accessories first! You need a Blue Fedora with a white band (and its on clearance) 's go with your swimsuit next Summer. 

 9. Making your way to checkout, you say "I will not use my RED card, I will not use my RED card"

 Cashier: "Do you want to save 5% and use your Red Card?" Me: "Heck yeah I do"
(who cares about the 22.9 % APR, it's Target...you'll pay it off so you can what?   Yep, buy more stuff!)

What did I just do??? I'm good with Target, for awhile.......til next week!

Gosh, I miss her!! My husband always used to compare me to her at the holidays. Oh, the memories. Maybe I'll dress as her for Halloween this year. Bet Target has a costume!

"Target: Where people pay more to avoid going to Wal-Mart."


  1. This is so funny and so true!! The home decor one is totally me!! I love that we have a target in the city now so I don't need to rent a car to go spend an hour of my life and money away there haha! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  2. I love this! I ended up getting a Target card to save money but I feel like I just spend more! Have a great Monday!!

    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  3. So funny, Andrea!!! I am a sucker for the clearance items on the end caps. Have a blessed New Year!


  4. This made me laugh so hard--I pretty much have done all of it! And I got 2 big Target gift cards for Christmas so I'll practically be living there the next couple weekends!


  5. Ain't nobody got time to be depressed, kid! We still have the New Year to ring in, Sweetness! And I'm already toasting to you because you ROCK! Loved reading this oh-so funny post again! HOpe you and your family had a fabulous Christmas! MUAH!

  6. That sounds about right! We don't have a target in my town, but I still manage to spend plenty of money there!

  7. Oh sooo funny :)
    We have'nt Target in Germany. But I spent a lot of time to Tk maxx ;)

  8. Hahaha! I LOVE this post! So true and hilarious!!!

  9. This is hilarious!!! I missed this post the first time around, so I am so glad you shared it again!! I am totally the Target lady too, lol.

    Pumps and Push-Ups

  10. Oh my goodness, this is so true! Haha I love this post & Target! I also get really emotional right after Christmas too, but mostly because I realize my kids are a year older and time is going by way too quick!

  11. Hahah gosh this is so true! I'm always impressed with myself when I can get out with just what I was looking for!

  12. Haha this is one of the best posts ever! I love this! I never can get myself out of target its too hard! This is so accurate its too funny!

  13. Hahaha!!!! Target is dangerous! :)

  14. So true! Three years ago we moved to a smallish town of 39,000. We have a Target but it's old school and not so exciting. I'm pretty sure it's saving us a lot of money!

  15. Haha the accuracy of this post is incredible!

  16. lol maybe it is a good thing Target left Canada!

    Confessions of a Frumpy Mommy

  17. This is HILARIOUS and so true. I always go for one thing and forget that one thing but leave with a million things from the dollar section, a tank top or two, and then I always "justify" my trip with a box of diapers haha!!!

  18. Fun fact: I have worked at three different Targets in my life, and I still absolutely love shopping at Target. If I ever move out of our one bedroom apartment, I am going to be in trouble. The only thing that stops me from buying all the home stuff is lack of space.

  19. This post was so hilarious! I'm glad I don't live super conveniently close to a Target but the last time I was in there (just before Christmas) I was basically all of the above. I was going to see my husband at an open house right after and he said he was worried about me because I took so long hahaha. Gotta love Target! I hope you have a wonderful week leading up to the New Year my gorgeous, sweet friend! XO -Kim

  20. This made me laugh, Andrea! Like you, I love Target! My hubs knows that we enter I won't come out empty handed! LOL! Thanks for sharing! PS: I hope you had a blessed Christmas!
    xoxo, Vanessa

  21. This is a funny post. Thanks for sharing it again. I'm an occasional Target shopper, but when I'm there, this is exactly what happens. Ha!
    Happy New Year!

  22. Ha this is hilarious, and those dollar bins are the worst! I end up spending $15 there alone. I think I'm going to have to do a target ban soon

  23. This was hilarious! And might I add, SO true!! Hope you had a wonderful Christmas with your family, and I wish nothing but the best for you in the coming year! So glad we met through this little blogging world this year! -XO



  24. I love this post, Andrea! And everything is way too true! Especially going in for one thing and coming out with a cart full! Hope you had a fabulous Christmas!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  25. So true! I was just at Target today. Just browsing... but obviously I had to buy something before leaving :)

  26. i see why it's a fave post!! because it is all true!! love it.

  27. I've actually been avoiding Target lately - but I need to get myself in there! I'm sure there are many clearance goodies to be found!

  28. So far I've resisted the call of the Red Card, but I do spend way too much time at Target. Not all at once, I just somehow end up there three times a week

  29. This is hilarious! And so, so true! Have to use the RedCard, I always get a thrill looking at my 5% savings. :)

  30. This is why I only go to Target with my husband haha. Too funny. Just getting caught up on your posts, so sorry we were away for Christmas!! :-)

  31. We moved from a more urban area near a Target to a rural area FAR from a Target. It's been a blessing to a wallet, but a curse to my heart. I miss the Target smell. We all know what I am talking about. :)

  32. So funny...and so true!!! It is impossible to leave with only what you meant to buy. It's a little easier when the kids are with me though because it makes me want to get out sooner :-)
    Visiting from Wonderful Wednesday!
    Lisa @ Fun Money Mom

  33. I've always joked that I go into Target to buy toothpaste and leave spending $100 on everything I DO NOT NEED. I will 99% always gravitate to the clothes, swimsuits and cosmetics before getting to said toothpaste. Good ole Target! lol

  34. Such a great post--I can totally relate! Target is the best and it's so true that you go in there for one thing and end up with way too much. And those dollar bins are so addictive!! Way to win that cute clip board :)

  35. Truth. Actually, my truth from YESTERDAY. Lol. Did not buy a single food item. Spent $1000.

    1. $100 not $1,000. Gosh, $1,000 would have been bad! :)

  36. I mean..anything with Target is a win in my book. My hubby and I are looking for a new house and like #1 on my priority list is the distance to Target. More than 5 miles? Nah, that won't work!

  37. Hilarious! and soooo true! It's even worse when I go with my three kids in two (which I ALWAYS do!)

  38. too too funny love shopping and being involved with all the deals thanks for sharing

  39. Haha. Yup. I love Target, but it always gets me into trouble.

  40. Fun! I love Target and can never get past the dollar bins without taking a peek!
    Thanks so much for sharing at AMAZE ME MONDAY!

  41. Not gonna lie, this JUST happened to me. Went in for 2 gallons of water, lysol and honey. Spent $60. No idea how.


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