It’s been a while, so just going to share some of our lately adventures. Nothing but love, soaking up every second of this thing called life, and putting all worries behind. The sweet JOYS like: Family, Friends, Flowers, and Fashion!



Always the best time up North!

Hoping to be up there A LOT more! It's Time.

Celebrating all Together!
My Maxi Dress HERE


 Time stops, even up North, when you run into your HS BFF!

My Top a Tuckernuck Fav HERE

Corn Hole ~ Rents WIN!


Planning the Girls Shower celebration and having so much fun with it. I should've been an even planner, lol! 3D ultrasound starting to show their beautiful faces! This is Baby B as she was sitting on A lol. And yes, they’ve chosen names.

Mom put together 40 of these so far.

Flowers Galore

You know How much I love flowers of all kinds, huge favorite year round. It’s safe to sage there will be oodles of flowers at the Twin’s shower.


I recently found the prettiest Dried Flower Arrangements. I know my annual flowers will be gone in a couple months. An arrangement or centerpiece of dried flowers really brightens up the home or special event. So many great options. These would be great for the Baby Shower too!

Meadow Magic Arrangement

My flowers: Popping like crazy and well taken care of by mama while we were gone. The bottom photo is in front of the front porch area; such a nice mix.

Mini Elephant Ears and Paradise Vista Petunias


Lots of eating, drinking and relaxing time to be had lately!



Fewest Outfit pics over the past month ever! Been more in cut-offs and tees. But many of these pieces are on sale now. I've linked up several here.

Loved THIS JUMPSUIT and it's on SALE

This JUMPSUIT was my travel outfit and so cool!
Flip Flops HERE // Earrings HERE


All the fun with real friends.

Nordstrom Sale  
The only things I’ve bought in the past that I love! I use/wear these pieces over and over. Probably only getting fav undies this year. #overrated

Barefoot Dreams Blanket HERE // Undies HERE // Spanx Leggings HERE // Blanket HERE // Cardigan HERE

Stella Mae 

She just gets sweeter every day!

Loves to lay her head on back of couch where she can see who is coming in.

Happy Weekend, always love ya!

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  1. So good to see you back and see what's been going on! Looks like you've had a wonderful summer with family. I adore all these looks and need to get one of those dried arrangements. I have not even looked at the Nordstrom sale and am happy about it. Lol!

  2. Welcome Back- I missed you! Ok I am loving your outfits as always but even more in love with all of your patriotic goodness! Looks like some great family times lately- have a wonderful weekend XO

  3. It looks like your summer has been going well. You have so much excitement going on right now. I can't wait to hear more.

  4. Great to see you back on here! You have so much to look forward to with those babies coming! And, your Stella baby! I am the same about outfits. I have gotten "dressed" very few times. I have been in lounge clothes, swimsuits, coverups, and exercise clothes and that's ok.
    Thanks for sharing your family pictures and I really miss MI. I haven't been since 2019.

  5. Nice to catch up with you here!

  6. Andrea, it's so nice to hear from you! I looks like you are having a great time with your family. I love that photo of the babies and of course all of your nice outfits. Stella is just the cutest. I am glad you are having a great summer.

  7. Anonymous14.7.23

    It is great to see you my friend! It looks like your summer has been glorious and I love all of these outfits! Sending hugs! XO, Caroline

  8. So many wonderful memories you've already created this summer! Looks like you are getting a great balance of family and friend time, while also enjoying many activities. Babies are such a wonderful gift and I am so excited for your family. Take care. Bo

  9. Anonymous14.7.23

    Nice to see you back! Oh, twins will be SO fun! I am excited for all of the family excitement you have going on with your sons. You trip looks like it was relaxing and a lot of fun!


  10. I was just thinking that I must have missed your emails and checked your blog. But saw that you weren't here for a while. Glad to see you back and all happy!

  11. Shirley14.7.23

    Hola Andre...Has pasado un verano genial, siempre en familia...gracias por compartir tan maravillosos momentos...Me encantan tus oufits ...los bebés más hermosos cada día....Saludos desde Costa Rica

  12. Anonymous14.7.23

    Love all of the family time! June for us was nice and laid back and this month has been quite a month so far with different things going on! I am looking forward to a chill weekend. I found an overall jumpsuit on Amazon that I love and I might have to order it in another color when it goes on sale. While I am wearing lots of color, I am craving some neutrals all of a sudden. And yes, you could definitely be an event planner!!

  13. Oh yay! It sounds like you have been having a wonderful summer. Off to check out that adorable printed jumpsuit!

  14. What a great time you have been having! I love all of the photos. 3D ultrasound's are amazing!

  15. Welcome back to blogworld! I'm so glad you have had a month filled with love and family. I was getting worried about you! :)

  16. So good to see you back. I missed you. It's amazing how you can see the babies that way...and to think when I was born, it was only heartbeats.

  17. That shower is going to be EPIC! I can't wait to see how it all turns out. It looks like you have been having a great time.

  18. I'm so happy you've been enjoying your family time! I cannot wait to hear about the shower! You should be an event planner for sure!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  19. Y'all have been having way too much fun! Look at that sweet babyyyy. Oh my goodness those 3D ultrasound pictures are just amazing. And girl, your flowers are STUNNING. I swear, you always have the prettiest yard in the summer!

  20. Anonymous17.7.23

    I know you were in heaven having your entire family together! And I know seeing that 3D was SO exciting!

  21. Exciting times! Looks like you're having a fantastic summer! I love your red maxi dress and that cute gingham top.

    Emma xxx

  22. All the summer fun! We've missed you around these parts and LOVE seeing the whole fam together <3

  23. Anonymous18.7.23

    So glad you've been enjoying your summer so well with your loved ones.
    3D ultrasounds are just amazing!!! Those little features. Nothing better.

    1. FYI - this is Rebecca jo... dont know why it says I'm anonymous. weird!

  24. Missed you, friend! That gingham top with the flag bag was the perfect patriotic look! Love seeing all the family together enjoying summer!


  25. You've had a busy summer so far, Andrea! So many cute looks in this post. <3

    I hope you are having a great week so far!



    Follow Avec Amber on Bloglovin

  26. So glad to see that you are doing well and enjoying some family time this summer. Can't wait to see this beautiful baby shower you are planning! Take care! -M

  27. So glad that you are enjoying summer and having a great time with family! Definitely soak it up. And wow, that 3D ultrasound is just so magical. Always amazing at how far technology has come! Yes, you are a party planner. You have so many beautiful ideas!

    Maureen |

  28. Hi Andrea! love the trip pics! Do you have two boys or three? Can't wait to hear details on baby shower! xo laura

  29. Aww, love that precious picture of the twins!! You definitely could be an event planner, my friend, it's going to be so stunning! :) Also, Stella is just the cutest!!

    Make Life Marvelous


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