We almost canceled! That’s right, here we were in Paris, a once, in a lifetime, kind of thing, and although I had booked one of the best photographers in the city, the morning we woke up for the photo shoot let’s just say; I was not feeling it! Ready for a story...here we go...

It was a sunrise photo shoot at 7:30 AM, but there was no sunrise. It was one of the worst weather days in the history of the city of Paris for April 1st! That’s right, we’re talking 39°F WITHOUT the windchill and then those wind gusts of 30 to 40 miles an hour, and I was wearing a sleeveless gown. I was so excited to wear the beautiful piece from Anthropologie but the darn rain made the bottom all wet And that’s only the half of it.


What many of you don’t know about our trip was that I was sick with a nasty virus most of the time! This ended up being a day that if I had been home, I would’ve been laid up in bed, and that takes a lot for me to do that. I pushed through this nasty virus, and you couldn’t tell it by most of my photos from our trip, but I was miserable! I had such a bad cough that despite taking a bag of 70 cough drops along with us, I had to buy more cough drops on the trip. I basically lived with a cough drop in my mouth and figured I went through 112 cough drops, that’s right friends. It’s the only thing I could do to keep from coughing nonstop.

But back to the photo shoot, I knew we had to do it I just knew it! And let me just tell you the Paris Photographer makes it as pleasurable as they can! Our dear photographer, Alex brought along his lovely assistant wife, and they were the absolute dearest! She kept wrapping my coat around me so I could have breaks in between pictures. We did some of myself and some with my precious Mr. Nine. Alex literally took about 800 photos. I knew a lot of it would not be good, not because of his amazing talent, but because of that nasty weather, my hair was a wreck, and I looked very worn out from the sickness!

But, alas, he captured some beautiful moments, and I am forever grateful! Had it been a beautiful weather day, I loved Alex so much that I would’ve wanted additional outfits and additional locations, lol! I guess that just means, that we must go back! Check out his Instagram HERE

What I’m saying to you is book the photographer! Even if you decide not to book a professional one, take the pictures. Yes, we have our memories but Memories fade. And you can always look back at the pictures and the wonderful moments they captured in another city, another country, another continent. We would not hesitate to book the Paris Photographer again and maybe someday will take the family back and do just that.


The next few are some of my favorites.

Let me know some of your favorites.

and Happy New Week!!

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  1. These are stunning photos my friend! So glad you pushed through. The red dress is perfect on you. And love the cute photos of you and Mr. Nine. I just booked my Greece photographer. Your post is getting me excited!


  2. I am glad you went ahead with it, because you caught some real gems here. What beautiful memories even if the circumstances weren't ideal.

  3. Your photos are stunning and no one would ever know the back story. I love the idea of hiring a pro to capture such special photos you'll cherish for years to come!

  4. Oh, I am SO sorry you had that nasty virus, and of all things, in Paris! Kudos to you for being able to push through that and get these pictures done. They are PHENOMENAL!! I love every single one and you are so right, hiring the photographer was worth it. How beautiful to have the Eiffel Tower in the background - just stunning!! Love the dress you picked, it was perfect!

    Make Life Marvelous

  5. Anonymous22.5.23

    I LOVE these photos! They are spectacular and you look gorgeous. I am so sorry that you weren’t feeling but you would never know it based on how happy and radiant you look in these photos. Xo, Caroline

  6. These are epic! I think it's the best idea to hire a photographer on vacation! I have one scheduled for our trip this summer!

  7. Andrea, those photos of the two of you can out so good and I love that dress. I can't believe that you weren't feeling well as it didn't show in the photos. This makes me want to visit France in the worst way!

  8. These photos are absolutely STUNNING! So sad you felt awful during your trip, but the memories you made are absolutely priceless <3

  9. These are simply stunning- I would've never known you were sick- you are radiant!

  10. Anonymous22.5.23

    I wouldn't have know you were sick by any of the pics you took this whole trip! You are a trooper! These pictures are fantastic and you are wearing the most marvelous dress for it. We've never had pictures taken by a professional photographer. Even for my wedding, it was a friend who took pictures. I do feel it would be worth the splurge though!

  11. Absolutely gorgeous! You two are so beautiful and happy together. And that dress - perfect! Hope you're feeling better now and can at least remember your trip when you feel good. :) Thanks for sharing, and for the suggestion!

  12. So many gorgeous photos!!

  13. Gosh, that's awful you were sick the whole time Andrea. But man, you know how to make it look otherwise. That dress was stunning and the wind made it really look incredible.

  14. These photos are amazing, and it was worth it despite all the obstacles! What a memory...and now you tell a story laughing about the cold, wind, and cough.

  15. Anonymous23.5.23

    There’s no denying that the camera loves you. Sick and cold in the freezing wind, and yet you are absolutely stunning! That red dress—perfection! Awesome hubby too!

  16. These are magical! They turned out so well and you'd never know all the background of the weather and virus if you hadn't revealed it. I hope you are framing some of these!

  17. I hope you framed ALL of these! They turned out incredible and the red dress is SO stunning. I better see one of these beautiful photos as your Christmas card this year! :)



  18. Your idea to hire a photographer in Paris was brilliant. You now have some beautiful shots that obviously couldn't have been done as selfies.

  19. As a photographer, this is a dream for me to shoot!

  20. These photos are stunning! Memories you will cherish forever :)

  21. I am SO glad you didn't cancel!! I would have never ever in a million years known that all of that bad stuff was going on behind the scenes. These are seriously some of the best pictures I've ever seen at the Eiffel Tower! They are just gorgeous! I happen to like that it was cloudy... it really makes the tower and your dress pop!

  22. Your photographer did such a great job! These photos are absolutely beautiful! You look stunning in that red dress!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  23. Anonymous9.6.23

    OMG You look FAB - U - LOUS!!!

  24. Anonymous27.7.23

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