It’s not the first and it won’t be the last time. Sharing Chicwish is a treat because I love their fashions. This brand offers a wide variety of whimsical and trendy clothing that falls into all different style categories—there’s something for everyone. Today, I'll talk about why I Love Chicwish, lots of Q&A about the brand and I'll show you my latest, gorgeous pieces form them!

This Lemon Two Piece Set is Phenomenal!

I just LOVE the back.

Who Is Chicwish for?

Chicwish is designed for anyone who is looking to add some affordable, classic options to their outfit rotation.

On the website, the brand boasts over 5,000 “blogger approved” styles that cater to a wide range of preferences and tastes. You’ll find long and flowy skirts, mommy and me sets, and sophisticated pieces perfect for the workplace.

Several of you bought this Tweed Blazer after you saw me wear it in Paris.
It's so good!

On top of that, clothing is always an ideal option when it comes to gift giving. If you’re not exactly sure where to start, the brand offers clear subsections that make it easy to filter your search. You can also opt for a gift card.

Why do I LOVE Chicwish?

I love Chicwish for several reasons. The biggest reason being the vast selection. You can find so many cute pieces including event pieces like a dress to wear to a wedding or showers. They even have some formal type dresses. Yet they also have fun everyday pieces and I love the feminine touches. Things are affordable and well made. Textures and fabrics are fun especially their knits and fun tulle skirts. The selection of outerwear is fabulous too and things I keep in my closet forever.  

This Faux Fur Jacket was icing on the cake to wear for my Birthday lunch in Paris! I'll own it for years to come.


What to Know When Shopping at Chicwish

Something I wanted to tackle in my 2023 Chicwish review is the most important and the most fun – shopping! After shopping at Chicwish for years, I have learned a few tips that make the process easy for me. That means minimal to no “fails” with items as can often happen when shopping online.


MOST IMPORTANT -Measure yourself. Make a note on your phone and store the measurements. Order pieces only by those measurements, not your typical size. Sizing can vary, and you don’t want to end up in the wrong one.

-Carefully review the item photos. I always look at all photos and use the magnifier to look at the material, quality, and detailing.

-Read the description thoroughly. Is the item lined? Are you okay paying for it if it isn’t? Look for details like that which would matter to you.

-Check reviews and photos posted of people wearing the item. They aren’t always there, but when available, they are helpful.

-Buy items seen on bloggers and influencers that you can read a review on before purchasing.

Head over heels for the 3D Mesh Heart Tulle Skirt.  

Lots of compliments on this one!


What is the Chicwish Return Policy?

I know return policies vary and are changing amoungst many brands. You can read the full return policy HERE. Essentially you can return your items within 30 days from the date the item was shipped to you. Returns are free for US and UK customers. A fee of $8 will be deducted from your return credit for customers in other countries. This is similar to how many other retailers conduct returns.

TRUTH:NOT a Fan of the below Dress so it would be a return.

Purple Skirt HERE // White Top HERE


Chicwish Shopping Experience
To sum my 2023 Chicwish review up, I have had an overall positive shopping experience in the 8+ years I have been using the website. I hope you found these tips helpful! Be sure to check out The Chicwish website for so much more!

The are my some of my favorite pieces below: 
This Exquisite Tiered Skirt that I wore to High Tea in London.

and the Fabulous black Hi Lo Mesh Skirt with the 

Happy fresh May week, make it a GREAT ONE!!

That's why I LOVE many options!!


  1. I love all of your beautiful skirts! That lemon set is adorable!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  2. Love all these gorgeous looks Andrea! Thanks for these tips for buying. Their selection is so amazing.

  3. You wear that two piece lemon print set so well! Good information on how toshop Chicwish, it can be overwhelming!

  4. Yes the Paris outfits definitely take the cake- so glad you shared those pics again!

  5. Love Love! you are just beautiful!

  6. Anonymous15.5.23

    I LOVE all of these looks! The pink tweed blazer and the lemon set are my favorites though! You also look beautiful my friend and thanks for sharing your honest review! XO, Caroline

  7. So so many cute looks!

  8. Anonymous16.5.23

    I've been loving the tulle skirt you have shared. They are so much fun!

  9. So many cute outfits! I love that lemon set!

  10. That lemon dress is ah-mazing! So so pretty, Andrea!

  11. You always get such pretty items from Chicwish! They have such a great selection!


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