Friday whoohoo! Another fast week. My mama came and stayed with me as Mr. Nine was out of town for a bit. We ran around to everything from a Coffee house, stores, fruit stands and and dodged lil pop up rain showers, but the weekend looks grand and let’s get to some Favs!

1. Berry Sweet Stuff

Berry Basket
Wednesday, I had my yearly GYN appointment. I’ve told you the story many times how I had an NP that I adored for 30 years and when she retired I cried, so worried about who would take over my care. This is my third visit with the precious NP, Shelby, and she has made me feel at ease and like a friend from day one! I adore her so I always like to take her a little something. This year I put together a sweet little strawberry basket for her, I included a book and Fourth of July sunglasses for her daughter and of course fresh strawberries! Lots of the goodies are linked below, so fun to make.
Basket HERE // Napkins HERE // Book HERE// Notepad HERE // Strawberry Preserves HERE // Similar Kids Sunglasses HERE

Go HERE for Printables


Meet our new grand boy, Oliver! The kids rescued this sweet boy for a better life, he’s just a little over a year old, full of energy and so precious! I think he likes me!

Sun Spinner

How sweet is this little hummingbird sun spinner? My mom fell in love with it and went to a little Amish town and got us both one. I went and got a shepherds hook yesterday to hang it from. On the metal, you take turtle wax and wax it like you would a car to protect it. It’s spins so beautifully in the sun and it’s a great addition to our flower gardens. I can even see it from one of the windows in the kitchen. HERE is a Rainbow Onefrom Amazon.

2. Affordable Summer Tops
American Girl
I was over the moon to order this adorable American Girl Tee on Etsy just in time for Fourth of July! It is so cute, and I can’t wait to get it.

Cute Ones under $12
I’ve showed you some things from a couple of the lines I like at Walmart, the Scoop Line and The Get line but the Time and Tru is really coming through, LOL! All these tops are under $12 and the perfect summer basics with some jazz it up a little bit with cute details like stripes and peplum and front ties.
From Top Right and Clockwise :

3. Week's Attire
Shorts HERE // Earrings HERE// Similar Tops HERE & HERE // Similar Shoes HERE

Dress HERE // Similar Shoes HERE & HERE

Top HERE // Shoes HERE // Earrings HERE

4. Sundress

I adore this little summer Sundress! It has the cute smocking at the top, you can wear a regular bra with it, and it has pockets! I also love the length and the material is so nice and cool for Summer. Of course, I had to get a picture in front of my beautiful roses!

Dress HERE // Necklace HERE // Shoes HERE// Sunnies HERE

5. Misc. Fun


Isn’t this hydrangea absolutely gorgeous! They are compact Proven Winners Cityline Paris Compact hydrangeas and my mom got me three of them this year. I adore the color and they just pop off of our black mulch.

Here's the tag I'm case you 
want some..THEY ROCK!!

My roses before the rain knock off all the pretty petals.

The Number "9:

This first one is not really a meme but just reaffirming how cool it is that our last name is Nine, LOL! It's from a fav former Notre Dame football Player, Jaylon Smith who wore Number "9".

I guess I never realized this was true with the number nine for all multiplications despite being a huge math lover!

Eew I know!!

Have a great 
 weekend my Loves!!

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  1. As always Andrea, beautiful! ๐Ÿงก

    I giggled at the few memes at the end. ๐Ÿ˜œ

  2. That berry basket was the sweetest - you just know how to put a smile on a person's face so well! You really come up with the most thoughtful gift ideas.
    I am crazy about that beautiful sundress - it is stunning on you. Hope you have the best weekend my friend!

  3. Love the cute basket and dying over your roses! That sundress is lovely on you Andrea! Have a fabulous weekend my friend!

  4. You have the sweetest heart around, of that I am sure! The grandpup is cute as can be. What fun!

  5. LOL you and your mum have the best taste, Andrea!! That sun spinner is gorgeous, and the American Girl tee looks like it was made for you! And don't get me on those shorts with the scalloped edges. THEY'RE GORGEOUS!!!
    Suzy xx

  6. LOVE LOVE all of the things in this post! Sweet Oliver is precious!!

  7. Aw, love the little doggie!

  8. Ohhhh Oliver!!!! So adorable! I love the garden spinner, so cute. Time and Tru has been my go to for sweatshirts, tshirts and dresses. I have had much better luck in general at Walmart the last year over Target for clothes. Crazy, right?

  9. The Time and Tru line at WM is so good. I'm so excited that you will get to enjoy a sweet new grandpuppy! The time with your mom sounds wonderful, and of course love your flowers. Have a great weekend!

  10. I just adore your Friday posts! You are absolutely the sweetest person ever bringing your doctor such a lovely gift. How thoughtful! I also love that beautiful dress on you and those blue earrings!! And I can't leave without saying that I'm gaga over your grandpup xx

  11. That American Girl tee is great! I might just have to get myself one of those!


  12. I feel like I need to crochet those shorts just because now - LOL
    Your grandpup!!! How cute! I love he is rescued.
    & how sweet are you giving a basket for your NP. I totally cried when my OBGYN retired 3 years ago too... I'm still not won over by my new doctor. Sigh.

  13. This comment has been removed by the author.

  14. I'm wondering if the sun spinner is what they just put up in our park on a giant scale. I really think it's wind powered, but the sun idea is fun. Lots of cute looks this week, and I know you love that sweet puppy. Maybe you can be its nanny. LOL (had to delete my other comment...I saw a grammar mistake. HA!)

  15. How nice to spend time with your mom and Oliver is just adorable! I love all of the cute outfits on you. Have a nice weekend Andrea.

  16. Thanks for sending your email out sooner that your blog went live. I always love the reminder that way!!
    How wonderful your mom stayed with you for the time....I just love that.
    And those crochet shorts cracked me up. Almost makes me want to knit some, LOL

  17. Love your outfits for the week and that hummingbird spinner is so pretty!

  18. LOL at the mosquitos meme - truth! Glad you had a great appointment, and love that gift basket you whipped up. Happy Friday <3

    Green Fashionista

  19. Just bought the red dress on clearance for $20! So cute!

  20. Love your roses and all your flowers, Andrea! ANd that sundress is SOOO cute. The "Berry Basket" is a super sweet idea, too. Thanks!

    xx Darlene

  21. Your hydrangeas are beautiful! I love how thoughtful you are. I can tell you from a healthcare provider prospect that your NP loooooved the gift!

  22. I'm loving your scalloped shorts Andrea! That spinner you got is really neat too! Oliver is so sweet! What a cutie!

  23. The flowers are gorgeous, in our garden to sufferd from the late frost. The spinner is really gorgeous, I love those things. Have a good weekend!

  24. Beautiful hydrangeas! That strawberry basket you put together is so fun! Oliver is the sweetest pup!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  25. Those scalloped shorts are adorable!! Hope you had the best weekend dear! xo, Biana BlovedBoston

  26. Anonymous14.6.21

    All of these outfits are ADORABLE and your flowers look amazing! This post made me so happy with all the summer feels!

    Rosy Outlook 

  27. My mom has a spiner like that with a jewel inside. We got it for her for Mother's Day a few years ago. The memes are just too funny. I love your outfits! The strawberry basket is sooo cute!

  28. I've just bought a new Hydrangea and also one for my best friend for her birthday. Potted mine earlier and I do hope it stays the pretty blue shade it is - I've heard they respond in colour as to what type of soil is used!! Have a super week Andrea. Jacqui x

  29. Know you enjoyed that Mother/Daughter time. Love your rose garden. Ours has been absolutely gorgeous this year. I think they actually loved the snow and ice and we were afraid that they would never be the same since the snow was in March. Have a joy filled week Andrea!

  30. That strawberry basket was the sweetest gesture!
    The Hydrangeas, wow! I love that they are smaller. Mine are gigantic bushes. I will look for those.
    Have a great week, Andrea!
    P.S. Those crocheted!

  31. Andrea, you are the absolute sweetest bringing gifts to your GYN! I bet that just made her day!

  32. Those knitted shorts are lololol so bad! Can you imagine?

    I'm loving all your cute summer looks- gotta love florals and brights for summer.

    And Oliver is SO CUTE!

    Le Stylo Rouge

  33. The basket for your NP - omg, SO sweet! I can't imagine how much she appreciated that! You have the kindest heart. Hope you have a great rest of the week, Andrea! xo, Jen


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