Hard to believe it went from snow last week to 80’s this past Tuesday, BUT it’s going to get down to 35 tonight so I will have to cover my flowers but better cover 1 might than the 7 I had to cover last year. BEST part of the week: I got to hug my mom since we are both now fully vaccinated. First time I hugged her since March of 2020! And I got to see a boy this week, first time I’ve seen any of them in a month! And the pool is open!

1. Weeknight Date Night
Who are we? Mr. Nine and I had our first weeknight date in years! And on a Monday to boot! He knows how much I love listening to outdoor live music and literally it was the perfect night as we knew the weather was going to be great. It was way too windy so of course I wear a hat but what a treat to be outside, sipping on some yummy adult beverages, some delicious pimento toast and just chill. And then we got Chick-fil-A on the way home, LOL! Here’s to this happening lots more this summer!

Hat HERE // Top HERE // Bibs HERE // Earrings HERE & HERE

2. Nature
Oh, how I love nature and everything that goes along with it especially in the spring. From returning birds and animals to blossoming trees to green grass and digging in the dirt with my flowers, its new life so grand. Now I just need my hummingbirds to return, it won’t be long. I found So many blessings in nature this week!
Did you know the swans famously mate for life? Unless they get a “divorce” because one of them doesn’t build the nest quite right? True story. And geez, pretty high expectations there, LOL!
Anyhow, I was happy to see their back in the pond!

Those Robin birds are creatures of habit! We have a nest in the same spot as last year our pool house and for sweet little eggs this year! I’m going to be keeping tabs on these little sweeties, without disturbing mama of course!

Imagine my surprise when I was walking round the pond this week and there was a group of baby geese with mama and daddy! So sweet!

Flowering trees are always incredible in the Spring but this Spring they just have extra pretty color round here!! Look how gorgeous at my mom’s!
 Up close, it's even more breathtaking!!

3. Week's Attire 
Top HERE // Pants HERE // Sandals HERE // Spotted Cork Earrings (my Fav) HERE

Top HERE // Sandals HERE // Earrings HERE

4. Brights
It’s no secret I love bright colors but especially in the spring and summer. I showed you this top for The Weatherford Last Friday but I shared my favorite picture on Instagram this week, a Plaza about 30 minutes from our home has these beautifully upside down decorated umbrella‘s and I couldn’t believe how well my outfit matched!

It was also share week with a fabulous group of ladies on Instagram this week and this was one of the favorite tops I shared. This embroidered Darling Top is from another fabulous Texas boutique called Avara! So many cute things!
And Here are the Earrings and Shoes.

5. Misc. Fun 
Wednesday ~ Blooming Fantastic


I wear ball caps often on my walks. And more so in the warmer months. As you know, I just love Americana and having veterans in our family including my dad and Mr. Nine, I was super happy to contribute to the cause of Operation Hat Trick. The '47 Brand (my fav) will contribute proceeds of the sales of operation hat trick to wounded service members and veterans.


Operation Hat Trick is dedicated to Nate Hardy and Mike Koch, two Navy SEALS who trained together, fought together and died together on Feb 4, 2008. Nate and Mike are buried side-by-side in Arlington National Cemetery.



The words Sunday salad just seem to fit the beautiful salad I created last Sunday. I often make this type of salad with a garlic expressions dressing or my own. However, many people were raving about the 60 cal Wishbone Garlic Basil Vinaigrette and I can see why! It reminds me of the dressing that comes in the lemon arugula salad at Trader Joe’s and it is beyond delicious! I simply took mixed greens, added some cut-up mozzarella balls, cherry tomatoes, shaved Parmesan, roasted pine nuts in butter, some baked chicken and oh was it ever delicious!


Happy Weekend my friends!! It's May!!

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  1. The perks of being an empty nester - weeknight dates! So happy to see you and Mr. Nine outside enjoying music and food. The clothes from The Weatherford are adorable and you wear them all so well!!!Have the very best weekend beautiful Andrea!

  2. Yay for date nite! I love all these cute tops and dying over those eggs. That blue is so pretty. Happy weekend Andrea!

  3. YAY for hugs!!! And the pool opening up too, there were a couple of days this week that would have been warm enough to get in. You have to love the bouncy weather of a Midwestern spring. Have a wonderful weekend!

  4. How cute are those baby geese! Your weeknight date night sounds like it was so much fun! Those flowering trees are stunning!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  5. Getting a hug, seeing one of your boys, and a weeknight date night! That is so much goodness. I love seeing the trees in bloom. Wished they lasted a little longer but I'll enjoy them while I can. Hope you have a great weekend!!!

  6. Love your mid-week date night! Your Sunday salad looks delicious. I am going to have to keep an eye out for that dressing. We just made Caesar salad last night using a 60 calorie Caesar dressing by Marzetti that was so good none of my boys even realized it was low cal dressing!

  7. Love mid week monday day night. We have snow in forecast on Monday. My first tennis match of the season and we get snow! Gorgeous this weekend so outside!
    Happy Weekend Andrea! Laura in CO.

  8. I love all the signs of spring!

  9. Those trees are magnificent!! Darling pics of you and your hubs. Have a wonderful weekend, Andrea.

  10. Weeknight date nights are always so special! I can't wait to start doing those again! I hope you guys have the best weekend!

  11. Yay to hugging your mom and your date night! Those trees are beautiful and I love that top in the last photo. Have a great weekend friend! Xoxo, Caroline

  12. YAY to hugging your mom and a weeknight date night! Love all the signs of spring!

  13. What a fun weeknight date night! I love it! Getting to hug your mom....the best! Those flowering trees are stunning. I hope you have a great weekend!

  14. How awesome to have a weekday date night on a Monday with Mr. Nine! It feels great to be out and about like normal times, right? I love all of your colorful outfits and that salad looks amazing. Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  15. That cucumber watermelon crackedd me up. 😜

    Lookin' good, btw! πŸ‘πŸ»

  16. Thanks for the tip on the Flag hat. I love the flowering tree and the sweet robin eggs. Have a wonderful weekend!

  17. I can't believe April is over either (and we've had your exact crazy weather here too!). So happy for you that you got to hug your mom- can't wait to do that with my youngest grandson after my booster. I love that pic of the geese family! But I have to tell you that I now have to shoo away all the families that are trying to take over my land here lol!!! They are beautiful, but so bossy and territorial!! Have a great weekend my beautiful friend xx

  18. I love your festive cinco de mayo outfits. Yay for dates during the week. I need to do more of those. I love robin eggs. That color is sooo pretty. Have a great weekend!

  19. Pimento toast!! Holy yum! Loving that last little top from Avara...super cute.

  20. OMG...I loved seeing all the blooms and animals. I had no idea about swans. Goes to show that nest making is very important, LOL

  21. A night out sounds incredible, can't hardly imagine how it felt like. Those geese are so cute, and the swans..... they are so beautiful. I can stare for hours at birds like that.

  22. I cracked up at the frog gyno picture. I was pretty loud with my cackling. LOL

  23. How lovely you look, your makeup is 'on point' Have a super May, I'm so pleased it's here, my birthday month. Jacqui x

  24. That umbrella place is PERFECT for you! And your funnies really got me today, haha.

  25. That dressing sounds delicious! I need to see if I can find it near me! I love all things basil! So glad you had a weeknight date night! All the flowering trees make me so happy! They are gorgeous!

  26. First off, I have to stop laughing at the meme about smacking someone upside the head!! Lol! Nature is truly amazing, and you've shared some beautiful examples, ANdrea. And of course your outfits are adorable! I have that royal blue top from Amazon and love it! I'm going to try your salad tonight! Thanks for sharing.

    xx Darlene


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