Just lots of decorating, gift buying and meal planning over here! I hope you’ve had a wonderful week. We started the week out with record highs but now winter reality has set in and I’m going to have to bundle up majorly for my walk and talks and decorating the outside this weekend! Let’s get to the favorites my sweet friends!

1. Trees

OK, many of you know I have a numerous trees, more than 17 if you include the porch trees. I’ll do an entire post dedicated to my Christmas Decor but I wanted to share a few of the smaller trees with you. Saving my favorites for later.

Well, I say that but actually they’re all my favorite. Just take a look at my glam tree in my office. Pretty much the same as last year but I added some adorable pink and gold glitter shoe ornaments from Hobby Lobby. I got some pink wrapping paper and I have some packages under there soon.

BUY Similar Tree HERE // 
Faux Fur Tree Skirt HERE

This is what we call the simple snow tree! Just a little flocked tree from Walmart, only $27 that I sat inside a basket with some faux fur material. Added a faux fur garland, some snowflake ornaments and ski ornaments. It’s so cute. 
// Snowflakes HERE


This little one is also so cute, it’s the tiny one in the Christmas bedroom and I call it the candy tree! 




The hall tree below is decorated pretty much the same as last year, but I have to say it truly is one of my favorites with the black and white buffalo check and red! A focal point for sure.

BUY TREE HERE// BOW HERE // POLKA DOT HERE & HERE // Checked ORNAMENTS HERE //Snowball ORNAMENTS HERE // Buffalo Check PILLOW COVERS HERE // Rectangular Faux Fur PILLOW HERE // Similar truck Sign HERE

2. Aerie for Comfy GIFT GUIDE

I’ve been doing lots of gift guides and they are so much fun. I hope you’re garnering shopping inspiration from them but sometimes I find so many things at one store that I have just a gift guide dedicated to the store itself and that is for sure with Aerie! I have bought at least half of this and I want it all. Such great quality, so cute and so festive!

Aren’t these pieces just the cutest! The sweatshirt says a little bit naughty on the collar and I just love the shorts and leopard slippers! And Yes, there's another tree, lol!

SOCKS // Plaid JOGGERES // Plaid SHORTS // LLAMA // Plaid SCARF // Plaid Jammie TOPS // Red SWEATSHIRT // Leopard SLIPPERS // Cream SWEATER

3. Week's Attire

BUY JEANS // Bralette // FLATS //


4. Beef Stew

This is an old recipe and we have not had this in forever, but I made a big crock pot of beef stew earlier in the week and it was absolutely delicious and flavorful! We do not eat red meat very often, but this really hit the spot with some fluffy biscuits. You will absolutely love this, especially going into the colder months. Find My Recipe HERE and also one for my Stout Beef Stew!

5. Misc. Fun

MONDAY ~ Gift Guide...What She Really Wants


This Let It Snow Sign is a gem, 40% off at Michaels makes it under $15! It is white with champagne lettering. You can hang it, or I have it sitting on a stand in our bedroom as I have champagne, silver and white colors in there.

You know I’m all about creating the holiday cocktails and my good friend Kellyann introduced me to this Jack Daniels Winter Jack! I cannot wait to contact up some good ones for the Yeti Bartender with this! She noted it is hard to find, but I hit the mother lode at our local grocery store. 


Too much negativity on my feeds 
so puppies..You're welcome!

Hope you're starting to get your festive on and Have a great weekend!



  1. I cannot believe your grocery store has all that Winter Jack - I am so jealous! Your trees are beautiful, it looks like Christmas at your place for sure and it sounds like the weather is perfect for it! meanwhile, it's 86 degrees here and I am living in a construction zone. Ha!! Have a super weekend!

  2. I love your trees! Thank you for the inspiration!


  3. You are the most festive! I love all of your trees. I want to do winter at your house!

  4. Yes! Just ordered some Christmas PJ's from Aerie- can't wait for them to come in- and I ordered an "Elf sized mask" too for obvious reasons ;)

  5. I love your Christmas trees!! My mom had a friend when we were growing up that put up that many trees in her home, too, and I used to love going to her house and looking at all the trees! Happy weekend!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  6. I love all of your trees! I want to add more to our house, but I have to try to convince my husband. I will be looking for that Winter Jack, I love a good cocktail. :)

  7. I adore your cute trees! Can't believe you have 17. Wow! Love your cozy gifts and that plaid dress is adorable on you! Have a fantastic weekend Andrea!

  8. I love seeing your house at Christmas! We can't wait to put our trees up. Since we do real ones we haven't gotten there yet. I love your camo overalls!!! So cute! You always have such great outfits. I hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  9. So many beautiful trees! I love how festive and pretty your home is! I'm going to be buying a flocked tree soon. Thanks for the inspo!

    Jill - Doused in Pink

  10. I love all your trees! I am slowly collecting more trees for around our house. You can never have too much happiness. I love that little naughty sweatshirt!!! How fun! Aerie definitely has some fun lounge wear. I have to laugh at that elf idea. So many people have sent it to me the last few weeks. Zoe just loves her elf so much and has such joy in seeing his shenanigans each day, I couldn't lock him up for 14 days.

  11. The Aerie lounge wear looks great to me.

  12. I cannot believe you have 17 Christmas trees... I thought we had a lot having 5! Haha. I cannot wait to see your full home tour... it's always one of my favorites to see each year!

  13. Oh the weather outside is frightful, but Andrea's post is delightful....
    Have a great day friend! (and now you'll be singing that all day long. LOL)

  14. Oh my goodness I need to start searching for that Winter Jack for my hubby! It would make the perfect gift for him! I love that hallway tree! Its darling! In fact I love your entire entryway!

  15. So so cute!! I just can't wait for that Christmas decorating post!! Love ya xx

  16. Your place is turning into a holiday wonderland! I'm working on decorating as well but taking it slow. I can't wait for your full tour. I agree with that diagram for sure! That Winter Jack sounds interesting! Have a great wekeend!

  17. Andrea I just love all of your pretty Christmas trees! My daughter loves Arie too and thanks for giving me that shopping idea. I like the sign and the stew is just perfect for this time of year. Thanks for the blog visit today! Have a happy Friday and weekend.

  18. I we still used the Elf on the Shelf I would totally quarantine him! You have so many pretty trees.

  19. 17 trees?? OMG, I need to tell Rob this so he stops giving me grief for having 2!!
    I swear you have the best decorating eye Andrea. I should just have you come decorate my house for the holidays!!

  20. Puppies and men. Ha. I love it. I love the trees around your house. They are soo pretty. I love the Aerie pjs. I didn't even think to check them out for Christmas pjs. So cute. Have a great weekend!

  21. um.... excuse me.... 17 trees??? I am in awe. Total awe. I tossed around doing a 2nd tree & was like, Too much work - LOL

  22. I can't wait to see all your Christmas decor. And I'm a little jealous that your grocery stores carry liquor! Ours have beer and wine only. Have a great weekend.

  23. Your house is a dream!!! I would love to have you as my family and come over! You are the sweetest person, and your home just looks so welcoming.

  24. I love your beautiful Christmas decorations and I can't wait to see the rest! You are like the Christmas Decor Queen! I also love your outfits for this week. I hope that you have a glorious weekend and stay warm! Hugs!! XO, Caroline

  25. All of those trees are just so pretty! You really ARE the Christmas Queen~! Enjoy the chilly weather, we've got a warm up this weekend and then back to super cold next week. It's definitely weather appropriate for the weird year of 2020! :)


  26. Your trees look so pretty! After this year I want to start decorating for Christmas now too but hubby wants to wait until the 1st December as usual, haha! So I'm just counting down the days!

    Hope that you are having a great weekend :) It's a hot one here!

    Away From The Blue

  27. Your Christmas trees are so pretty!

  28. I love seeing your trees: each is so unique and beautiful!

  29. I came for the hallway tree, but stayed for the rest <3 17 trees, huh? Wow! And that Winter Jack sounds pretty good. Will have to look for that!



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