What a week! Are you glad it's Friday as much as I am? This lady is emotionally drained. The next son heads off Monday to Purdue. Thank goodness I now have stock in Kleenex. I also don't know what I want it to be weather wise? I don't really want Summer to go but it's been so stinking hot and humid, that the Fall lover I am is just like, ok, bring it on so I can pull out the cozy clothes and boots. Hope your weekend is grand and cool. I'll be catching up on reading and getting a beer and red haven peaches with my Mr. Nine.

1. Campagne Fizzy Pop Cocktail
So easy, so fun and inspired by the drink I did not get to have on a Chicago Rooftop Terrace because they were no longer on the menu. Throw your favorite popsicle in a flute, toss in some mint and/or fruit and pour over as much champagne as you'd like. 
Let's face it with temps still this hot and sweet summer winding down, you NEED this!

2. Last outing of 5......for awhile
This is a terrible selfie but it means so much to us. Often before back to school, we head over to an old school pizza joint called Barnaby's. Mr. Nine used to go there after softballs games like 2 decades ago. This is the last time in awhile all 5 of us will be together with 2 off to college so it was important to me to capture the moment. 

And the Tears getting ready to well up photo in the dorm room
Missing that sweet face

3. Week's Attire
Look at my doggie photo bomber in this first pic.......
TJ Maxx top, Target tank, Loft pants, Sam Edelman sandals, Fashion Bella necklace

J.C. Penny top and pants, Sam Edelman sandals, Maurice's necklace

Target Top, Old Navy skirt, Wal-Mart sandals, Boutique necklace

TJ Maxx tee, Old Navy skirt, Charming Charlie necklace, Wal-Mart sandals

This outfit from Wednesday's Post...waaaay too hot right now but do check out all the cool S'MORES recipes from this post and the Blog Hop for National S'Mores Day.

4. Daisy and Past Doggies
Speaking of my sweet doggie, here is our precious Daisy, who is 11. When I work out on my stepper, she often sits right down in front of me, so I took this pic. She is the sweetest and smartest dog we have ever had. The dogs days of summer are bugging her too.We have to wrap her front paw as she has allergies that make her want to gnaw her paw raw.

I just love dogs and I know a lot of you do too! I thought it'd be fun to show you the other dogs I've had in my life, sadly no longer with us.
My beloved "Angie" 1977/ Basset Hound "Duke" 1994/Pekingese "Dexter" 2006

5. Sweetest People in My Life
Tuesday and I went back to work and my dear mama and friend Sandy know this college stuff has been tough so they had the loveliest gifts and cards for me. The sheer, sweet gesture did make me feel better. And hey pumpkin lovers, your eyes are not deceiving you...that IS Pumpkin Spice Caramel Corn and it is fabulous!! 

Bonus: Absolutely 100% Rio 2016
Come on, how can you not be inspired? These athletes make me proud.
The Summer Olympics are definitely my favorite! It's not just the events that I love, it's hearing the stories of triumph, heartbreak and inspiration like Michael Phelps and his road to redemption, Simone Biles family story and Swimmer Ryan Held's tears....LOVE

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  1. I'm certain need to try that drink! It's amazing how hot it has been this past week (but I really do love it. Love all your dog pictures - they bring such joy to the world.

  2. Happy friday gorgeous mama! Omg pumpkin spice caramel corn? Yes please! Andrea, you are the sweetest mama i know who raised some great boys! I love you lady! XO-Kim

  3. It is so hot and humid I'm going to have to try that champagne drink this weekend! Love seeing your family photos! Looks like your son is all set up in his dorm! Good luck on Monday! I still have a few more years but I know it's going to be so hard!

    Doused In Pink

  4. Oh my sweet friend . . . so glad to see you here today! I want to give you a big old hug . . . sending your babies off is breaking MY heart and I don't even know them! Be strong mama . . . they need roots but they also need wings! BTW - his dorm room looks AWESOME! Like what a great set up for a boy! And I LOVE seeing your doggie pics . . . they really do hold a piece of your heart forever! You take care my friend! Enjoy your weekend . . . rest and relax as best you can! xoxo

  5. Oh Andrea, what a week! You son looks so happy though and he will do great. Good luck with the next move in on Monday! And how sweet is Miss Daisy. Ella has had enough of summer too, I'm always afraid she is too hot with all her hair! Have a wonderful weekend!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  6. Oh my goodness--that has to be so emotionally exhausting! You're one strong lady! Looks like he's already enjoying dorm living though!! Hope you have a fabulous weekend and good luck with the next move-in!

  7. Oh my thank goodness the weekend is here for you! You have been so busy! This past week had to be so emotionally draining! I am sure he is loving dorm living! Happy weekend! And good luck with the next move in!

  8. I know it must be so hard to see your boys go off to college. You're the sweetest mom! Loving your work looks. Aren't dogs the best?! Ours follow me around too and it's so sweet.

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  9. Oh my sweet friend I'm so sorry you have to do the college drop off twice!!! But once again I remind you how awesome of a mama you are - just look at those guys! College men now! My heart simply melted over your pups. I'm a dog person too. I have always had a dog. I cannot imagine life without one and do not want to. I hope your weekend is full of happiness and sunshine! We can hold off on fall for a few weeks, right? xoxoxox

  10. Andrea! I am literally tearing up reading your post. Dropping one child off at college must be so bittersweet but having to do it twice is just mean! I am thinking of you this week, Sweetie! Your son's college dorm room looks awesome! You did a great job and I know he will have a wonderful time there! Hang in there! xoxo

  11. Anonymous12.8.16

    Happy Friday Andrea ! Adorable dogs :) I just sent our 19 year off to college this morning, tears are shedding ! You enjoy your weekend !

  12. Ahh..I know how much that selfie of your 5 means! It's so hard when that nest gets a little emptier but then so exciting to watch them fulfill their dreams. The dorm room looks amazing! He's adorable.

  13. i've been thinking about you lots and just wanting to hug you. I can't imagine the transition it will be.

  14. Awwww love the little doggy photo bomber, they're the best! And that champagne cocktail - yes please! It'll still be warm enough here when baby girl arrives to finally enjoy one of those pretties. Happy Friday <3
    Green Fashionista

  15. Awww I love your last selfie of the five of you before the kiddos go off to college. I cant even imagine how emotional it is that you have two going off at the same time!!! Sending you all the hugs this week! Daisy is so cute! Mac likes to chew on his paws too, crazy man. All of your doggies look so sweet.

  16. Your son's dorm room looks great! It's so hard with boys - they aren't really interested in decorating, but I want it to be home-y. Hope you're going ok - I've been thinking about you ALL WEEK and sending big hugs.

  17. OMG I need that drink in my life! The dorm room looks so good! I can't imagine of hard it is to send a kid off to college, the first time I saw my dad cry was when they moved me in! Aw look at all the cute pups! I wish they could stay with us longer! Have a great weekend with Mr. Nine! Cheers!

  18. Oh Andrea...I can only imagine how hard this has been for you! Sending one kiddo off and now another one. His dorm room looks great, so neat and organized...and he looks so happy!
    Your sweet fur baby has to be the cutest photo bomber EVER!
    xo, Lily
    Beauty With Lily

  19. I have been loving the Olympics too. The back stories are the best and it's so well produced with all of the drama. How sweet of your mama and friend to think of getting something to put a smile on your face. One more rough weekend, then I'm sure they'll be home to visit in no time!

  20. Your son's dorm room is so well done - I can only attribute that to his lovely mama. :) Hang in there and enjoy your weekend!

  21. I'm ready for Fall weather, but I also dorm want to see summer go! It's been hot and humid here too so I know what you mean! Your sons dorm looks great, and o can imagine it will be emotional to send him off! I love all the outfits, and your doggy is so cute! I had a dog named daisy too! Have a great weekend!
    Ashley Sue Makeup

  22. Oh my goodness, your sweet family of five picture almost made me tear up!! You deserve that champagne popcicle to celebrate the fact that you raised (& are still raising) some pretty incredible young men! Have a fantastic weekend!

  23. Awe! I'm glad that y'all got one last picture of all five of you together before the kids started heading off to college! That cocktail with the Popsicle in it looks so delicious! I want one of those right now!

  24. Oh, mama! What precious moments and I hope you capture every. single. one. of them even if they are "bad" pics in your eyes! It's time for those boys to spread their wings and fly and I know that you and Mr. Nine have prepared them for that. Remind me of these words in about seven years when Alise graduates, okay? Love you!

  25. I love the family selfie and the sweet moments together. I hope those tears dry up and you enjoy the weekend with Mr Nine. I'm sure it's bitter sweet but your boys are making all the right strides in life so that's something to be so proud of!! *hugs*

  26. Your post are always so nice to read, a cup of coffee with it and enjoy! What a lovely dogs, I have the same with Cats! Have a happy weekend!

  27. Love that cocktail idea!!!! Might have to do that tonight!! Sweet, precious bittersweet memories! And look at that huge grin! I've been fine but this is making my heart pitter patter!! Wednesday is the day!!!

  28. Happy weekend mama! So sweet to have a family moments like that. Yummy cocktail!

  29. Give me all of the Olympics! The only thing I hate is that it plays so late! And there is too much fluff, like watching the people prep for their actual race, and then commercial. Like give me more human interest stories :)Those are my favorite. But they do need to end, as I am not going to bed till midnight and still waking up at 4:30am for work...yikes! You have the sweetest co-workers, love that they have your back.

  30. Baby girl, have thought of you and Sheila and Lana so often. Hope you are finding each day a little easier now that the boys are moved in for college. Sending big loves your way.

  31. Awww poor you sending two sons off to college. Those gifts certainly were sweet though. I love your colorful and casual attires. So lucky your job allows casual sandals and such. And yes American athletes rocked the Summer olympics.


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