FRIDAY FAVORITES.....In The Pink Edition

What a week!! Spring sprung but brought buckets of rain. A trip to Indianapolis was fun but rain soaked. However, never fear, Friday is here and the weekend is upon us. Wednesday The Blended Blog group and I did the Shades of Pink Fashion link up and it was so fun to see all the pretty pink. That outfit turned out to be one of my favorites. I am a girl who needs pink in my life and some of these favorites this weekend....

1. Beach House Cosmos
I am really craving the beach right now. Not sure when we will finally get there again, but I can sure bring the beach cocktails to me. How pretty are these and the perfect refreshing cocktail to get you ready for summer. Plus it's pink for the double win!!

4 cups prepared limeade
2 cups vodka

1 cup cranberry juice

1/2 cup triple sec

12 lime slices

Mix all ingredients in a pitcher. Place in the refrigerator and let chill for 2 to 3 hours. Serve in martini glasses and garnish with a lime slice.

2. Pink Front Doors
I know Mr. Nine is probably not going to let me paint the front door pink, 
but I sure do love these. There is just something about them that is so enchanting.


And How CUTE is my Friend Shauna from Lipgloss and Lace
She nails a fab look every.single.time

3. Week's Attire
Lots of pinks, olives, peaches and navy
Nordstrom Lush tunic, Target necklace, Military Vest from a Boutique

Loft top, cardigan, JC Penny pants, Fashion Bella necklace, Michael Kors flats, 

The Loft lace sweatshirt, Target gingham top, Charming Carlie necklace

The Loft cardigan, Target ruffle top and scarf , Michael Kors flats

4. Speckled PB M&M Eggs
My favorite M&M's are the Peanut Butter ones and my husband and I always get them on vacations. I was so happy when I found these at Target, just as yummy and oh so pretty as speckled eggs. They look gorgeous in a colored glass bowl.

5. Rebecca Minkoff Clutch
I love Rebecca Minkoff bags and adored this pink clutch the first moment I saw it with the zippered edges...just fun!! Just love clutch purses. Imagine my delight to see it was part of the Shopbop sale. Woohoo for the discounted price. 

Happy Weekend Pretties!!

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  1. Beach House Cosmos are perfect for the summer when I go down to my parents house at the beach. Ahh I can't wait!!!
    Christina :: Simple and Delish

  2. Your new clutch is so pretty - I haven't seen that color too often and yay for yummy pink drinks, now if only I had a cute pink door too!! Happy weekend! xo, Biana -BlovedBoston

  3. I would like to raid your closet because I love your outfits every week! Loving the pink stuff you chose here, but that cocktail is calling my name! Have a great weekend!

  4. Love your new clutch! And if I were a single woman, I would totally paint my front door pink--loved those pictures!
    Sarah at MeetTheShaneyfelts

  5. Love those pink doors! Your new clutch is so pretty! Have a wonderful weekend!

    Doused In Pink

  6. Oh I love all this pink, Andrea! That Beach House Cosmo looks so delicious and I love your Rebecca Minkoff clutch! So perfect for spring and yay for the Shopbop sale! Have a fabulous weekend!

    xo, Rachel
    A Blonde's Moment

  7. OH, those pink doors and much beauty! After that pink post on Wednesday, I started eyeing up my bright clothes in my spring and summer rotation...they need to come out of hiding. Have a great weekend

  8. I LOVED that outfit post from Shauna too! So adorable! And I have had my eye on that Rebecca Minkoff clutch-such a great find! Have a wonderful weekend!!

  9. I'm ready for the beach too! I just love all of the pink!

  10. LOVE this esp seeing you this week in a pink sweater! Keep on going with pink! The pink doors are so dreamy!
    Wishing you a great weekend, beautiful!

    xoxo, Vanessa

  11. I need those M&Ms!!! My daughter is obsessed with pink - yesterday when we went to the sandwich shop she told me she wanted a "pink sandwich because it was her favorite" haha!

    Stopping over from the linkup. Would love if you popped by my blog! Have a happy weekend!

  12. That cocktail sounds delicious!!! We had a military vest like that at work and now there are only two left. I was going to buy it, but it was too expensive. I want a vest like that though!! Anyways... I love your pink clutch and all of those pink front doors. Just give me all of the pink really lol. Have a wonderful weekend!! :-)

  13. Oh my I LOVE this post! you know I love me some pink. That clutch is so fantastic. I never use clutches because well I don't get out much. hahaha Hope you have a wonderful weekend Pretty Lady!

  14. Ahh...those pink doors are so fabulous and just make me smile! Glad mine could fit in there too :) Now if only that had been my actual door to my home! (it's actually the front doors of a church!) Have a wonderful weekend, see you next week friend! XO


  15. The peanut butter m&m's are my absolute favorite, and the cute speckled ones are even better! Wouldn't it be so amazing to have a pink door?! Have a wonderful weekend!

  16. I officially want a pink door now. :) Loving everything blush lately!

    Amy Ann
    Straight A Style

  17. Anonymous11.3.16

    What a precious clutch! Come play at the beach with me and bring the goodies for those cute pink drinks. Charleston houses always make me jealous with their pretty pink doors (or the whole pink house!). Doubt my future Mr. will give me a pink door either though ha. Happy weekend, love!

  18. You always have the best outfits!! I want everything from your outfit on Monday. lol So pretty and that cocktail is calling my name! Did you buy the clutch? I'm sure it would go amazing with one of your outfits.

  19. love all the pink i'm seeing heading into spring! great post!

  20. Pink just makes me happy! My front door definitely needs sprucing and the pink is SO tempting but my husband who does not issue many vetoes would certainly do so if it came down to a pink door! Liz at

  21. That vibrant DOOR! I absolutely love your pink blouse and military vest combo. Your posts make my day. I need to start trying these drink suggestions.

  22. Loving all the pink! Those pink beach cosmos need to be made stat! Yay for spring weather, but boooo to all the rain. Hoping you get some much needed sunshine this weekend <3
    Green Fashionista

  23. In PINK edition?!! LOVE it!! What a fabulous post, sweet friend!! I'd love to sample those pretty Beach House Cosmos! Thanks for sharing the recipe!! I hope your weekend is every bit as lovely as you truly are, Andrea!! xo - Brenda // Chatting Over Chocolate

    1. PS: I also meant to mention that PB M&Ms are our favorites too (yet another thing we have in common ;)) and they are so fun in those bright, cheery egg colors! :) We've already gone through a bag at our house! lol.

  24. Oh! I love all the pink!! Those outfits, that cocktail and that clutch are all amazing! Jess at Just Jess

  25. Yes! And I've been dreaming about that poncho from lipgloss and lace for a few days now...

  26. We are looking at a house right now and it has a pink door haha!

  27. I love pink, and I love this post! Now I want a pink front door! And a beach house cosmo! Cute outfits! I love pink with olive!

    Have a fabulous weekend!

  28. I love pink, amazing post!

    Mónica Sors



  29. Ohhhhhhhhh I bet Chris so would not be ok with a pink front door....but I want!!! Hahaha! Love the clutch you scored! It is gorgeous!!! I grabbed a bag of cadbury mini eggs last weekend. They are my favorite holiday candy ever!!! Shhhhh. Have a great weekend!

  30. My favorite Pinkster! I'm sorry I've been MIA lately. We're having that awful flooding and storms that you've probably seen on the news. That's my hometown! Fortunately, God has been good to us and our home has been spared, but I can't say that much for some of our dear friends. Hope you have a wonderful weekend!

  31. I'm pretty sure I loved everyone of your favorites. I would die for a coral front door, but I doubt I can convince my fiancee :) I was looking for another way to wear my favorite military vest, I love how you paired it with blush!

  32. Pink just makes me so happy. All of your outfits this week are so pretty. I love the olive vest over the pink shirt. I would totally have a pink door if I could get away with it. Hope you have the loveliest of weekends!

  33. Oh that Rebecca Minkoff clutch is beautiful! What a great buy in the sale too. Shopbop has the best sales, I get most of my bags from there, haha!

    Away From The Blue Blog

  34. This post is speaking my language! I love pink! And on a front door - adorable! Happy weekend beautiful!

  35. Another pink lover here! Sooo many cute outfits!! I love the pink and military vest but I think my fave is the lace sweatshirt with gingham top. The colors a muted but the texture mixed with the pattern is perfection!
    Making the Most of Every Day

  36. That cocktail looks delish!! And the pink cluch is amazing!! Love all your outfits! Heading to Target to find that ruffle top...and hope it's still available in a few weeks after my shop free!! LOL have an awesome weekend!

  37. Love this post because I love pink so much! Those beach house cosmos sound so delicious, and peanut butter m&ms's are seriously the best! That clutch is so adorable too! I hope that you're having a great weekend!

  38. Oh, those M&M's look so good!! And I love the pink doors although my hubby wouldn't go for it either! Pink is one of my favorite colors, too.

  39. I think you and I are soul sisters. LOVE everything in this post. LIKE, LOVE :) :) :) Hope you're enjoying the weekend!!!

  40. Those pink doors! I wish I could paint my door pink!
    Stylin In St. Louis

  41. A pink door would be so cute :)

  42. Let's just hang out together and drink cocktails . . . and you can help me pick out new clothes! Ha! And peanut butter M&M's are my jam . . . so good!

  43. I LOVE pink and that purse is GORGEOUS!!!

    Simply Shaunacey


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